Manual Data Entry Is Sales' Chief CRM Complaint

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Emma Brudner
Emma Brudner



frustrated_sales_repWho misses the days of physical files, paper time cards, handwritten memos, and faxes?

Anyone? Hello? Bueller?

Forgive me for being intentionally facetious -- I think we can all agree that the less manual data entry and processing we do, the better. So it’s no wonder that this is the biggest thorn in sales professionals' sides in regard to their CRM software.

According to HubSpot’s 2014-2015 State of Inbound: Sales Edition report, over 20% of sales professionals cited manual data entry as their top CRM challenge. Other issues included lack of integration with other tools and invalid/incorrect data.

This chart shows all seven challenges, from most to least problematic. 


And the more manual data entry involved, the less satisfied sales is likely to be with their CRM system, according to the report.

“Data entry time negatively correlates to user satisfaction,” the report states. “Practitioners and executives alike prefer time spent selling to time spent on manual tasks that software should help avoid -- particularly after a resource-heavy purchase and integration.”

Do you or your sales force struggle with manual data entry within your CRM system?


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