Prospects Want What They Can't Have: 6 Breakup Emails to Make Response Rates Soar [Free Templates]

Emma Brudner
Emma Brudner



It's a plot rehashed in romantic comedies time and again. What's the best way to capture your paramour's attention? Giving them the cold shoulder, of course. As soon as the object of affection feels the drop in attention, they start scrambling to become the apple of your eye once more. 

This tactic doesn't just work in matters of the heart -- it also applies to business. Salespeople are often regarded as over-eager beaus whose excessive interest is unappealing to prospects. But what happens when the phone stops ringing? Oh, the sting of a lover spurned.

Valentine's Day is over -- now it's time for the breakup. If you've been trying and trying (and trying) to reconnect with a prospect for months on end to no avail, it might just be time for you to break it off. You'll be surprised how the (gentle) threat of a breakup prompts buyers to take to their keyboards. According to Katharine Derum, senior sales manager at HubSpot, breakup emails generate a 33% response rate for her team. 

This SlideShare from Sidekick contains six breakup email templates guaranteed to maximize response rates. Just make sure your buyers know it's not them, it's you ... 


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