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Typically, ads are designed to spread the word about your business, product, or service. Essentially, ads increase awareness about your offerings. In the world of real estate, ads are a valuable tool to share information about the services you offer or the homes you're trying to sell.

real estate agent lists ads to drive traction

With 44% of home buyers beginning the process by searching the web, online advertising has become even more important.  So, how can you use ads to spread awareness for your business?

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Real Estate Ad

Real estate ads are used to promote realtors and real estate companies. They can come in many forms (e.g., text, image, and video). And they all have the same purpose: to get the word out about your business.

Effective ads, including Facebook ads, should:

  • Be visual
  • Be relevant
  • Include a value proposition
  • Have a clear call-to-action

Here are some of the best real estate ads. Plus, we'll dive into what makes them so special.

Real Estate Ad Examples

1. Facebook Real Estate Ad from Realtor.com

realtor.com Facebook real estate ad

Source: Realtor.com

Why it's effective: This ad's purpose is to share that the realtor is a top real estate agent in the area and a local expert. The visual is clear and clutter free. And the call-to-action is "Let me help find your dream home!"

2. Facebook Real Estate Ad from Zephyr Real Estate

Facebook real estate ad from Zephyr real estate

Source: The Registry

Why it's effective: Real estate agents can even share their listings using Facebook ads. This ad from a Zephyr Real Estate agent shares the listing details, a well-lit photo of the home, and a call-to-action to check out the home.

3. Video Real Estate Ad from Windermere Real Estate

Source: Windermere Real Estate

Windermere Real Estate created cinematic commercials that highlighted their tagline: All in, for you. They highlight how their agents go above and beyond to give their clients the best service.

4. Video Real Estate Ad from Redfin


Why it's effective: Redfin's video ad is short and sweet, and it uses humor to capture the attention of the audience. This advertisement talks about the key highlights of Redfin's services and why people should work with them.

5. Print Real Estate Ad from Corcoran

print real estate ad from corcoran

Source: Corcoran

Why it's effective: Corcoran's Live Who You Are Campaign included a series of high-quality prints. The campaign had its own hashtag, #livewhoyouare, so people could join the conversation.

6. Facebook Real Estate Ad from Flyhomes

Flyhomes Real Estate AdSource: Flyhomes

Why it's effective: This ad speaks to the communication style of millennial homebuyers, who are more likely to want the home buying process to be as streamlined as possible. The highlighted quote leads the reader to believe working with Flyhomes will simplify the home buying process on their behalf.

7. Facebook Real Estate Ad from Compass

Compass Real Estate AdSource: Compass

Why it's effective: Though more general in nature this ad, when served to a user who has expressed interest in buying or renting a home through online activity, can appeal to a wide range of users because of the diverse imagery. It serves as an effective primer ad to get Compass on the radar of users who are in the early stages of considering buying or selling a home.

8. Facebook Real Estate Ad from Reali

Reali Real Estate AdSource: Reali

Why it's effective: Anyone buying a home knows the current market is frustrating to navigate. Reali’s ad touches on this emotion, offering buyers a break from the madness by working with them to find their dream home.

9. Acme Real Estate on Instagram

Acme Real Estate AdSource: Acme Real Estate

Why it's effective: In this listing for a Los Angeles-based duplex, Acme Real Estate created a story for the reader helping them picture what using this space would be like. Using words such as "imagine" or "Picture yourself" can put potential buyers in the frame of mind of wanting to see themselves in the space.

10. Zoom Casa on Instagram

Zoomcasa Real Estate AdSource: Zoom Casa

Why it's effective:  This Instagram post by Zoom Casa highlights positive press the company has received and weaves in storytelling elements by sharing the experiences of a happy customer. Ads like this are effective forms of social proof, which help build trust and credibility with the audience.

With effective real estate ads, you'll be able to reach new contacts and earn more clients. 

FB Ad Examples


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