40 Real Estate Slogans to Inspire Your Own

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Meg Prater


Real estate is a crowded field. In fact, the number of National Association of Realtors members has grown from 999,824 realtors in 2012 to 1,559,537 realtors in 2021. While the industry is booming, there’s more competition for clients.

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Your brokerage or personal brand needs to rise above the noise to win clients and close more deals. To do this, a great slogan is the perfect place to start. Feeling stuck? We’ve gathered 40 of our favorite taglines so you can add more spark to your head-turning idea.

Whether you’re starting a real estate business or want to give your brand a refresh, you’ll find inspiration for your real estate slogan below.

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Real Estate Taglines

1. "We Are Where You Want to Live." Douglas Elliman

Real estate slogan from Douglas Elliman.

Image Source

You pay realtors because they have lots of reach, and the Elliman team wants you to know they’re everywhere. No matter where you want to live, they can help.

Pro tip: Your slogan should reinforce your specialty. In this case, Elliman focuses on their wide range of regions.

2. "Make Yourself at Home." Corcoran Group

This New York, Hamptons, and South Florida brokerage recently unveiled its simple, new slogan. We can fast-forward our thinking past the open houses, packing, and moving trucks straight to the good stuff: being home.

Pro tip: “Make yourself at home” is a familiar phrase. By using something simple and intimate, the Corcoran Group sets the tone for the buying experience.

3. "The #1 Sales Team in Los Angeles By Transaction Volume." Pardee Properties

This slogan packs a punch. It shows that Pardee Properties understands the Los Angeles real estate market. Adding "by transaction volume" even makes it punchier. It proves they know how to close high-transaction home deals.

What we love: This slogan lets home sellers know they’re in good hands. Pardee Properties has a history of making sales.

4. "Search. See. Love." Long and Foster

Real estate slogan from Long and Foster.

Image Source

Long and Foster just outlined what the home buying process should be. But by stripping away the tough parts so many of us dread, they’ve done the unthinkable: make home buying sound fun.

Pro tip: These three words are simple, catchy, and punchy. When it comes to slogans, less is more.

5. "Find Homes First. Tour Homes Fast." Redfin

Slogans ought to deliver on their promise, and Redfin hits the mark with this one. Their website allows users to find homes of their choice easily and quickly arrange for tours. With their slogan, Redfin clearly states they’re ready to meet the needs of the modern buyer.

What we love: Buying a home is a slow process. By focusing on speed, Redfin stands out.

6. "Nooklyn is How People Find and Share Apartments." Nooklyn.com

Real estate slogan from Nooklyn.

Image Source

Whether buying or renting, finding the right place to live is a personal and unique experience. This trendy company helps New Yorkers search for apartments, find roommates, apply, and pay.

The idea of finding a nook of your own is one that many of us can relate to, and Nooklyn is smart to use it to their advantage.

What we love: Just by reading the slogan, you know Nooklyn focuses on renting — not buying.

7. "Search Real Estate for Sale." Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate

Better Homes & Gardens is upfront with what they do and this is evident in its slogan: They sell real estate. No buying. No renting.

Pro tip: Use your slogan to define the boundaries and limitations of what you do. This will attract the most qualified customers for your service.

8. "Find Your Place." Compass

Real estate slogan from Compass.

Image Source

Compass beautifully ties its brand name to its slogan. I mean, what do we use compasses for if not to find a place we’re going to?

What we love: People’s identities and homes are intertwined. Compass lets clients know they’ll find the right place.

9. "See the Story You’re Building." New Story

This charity pioneers solutions to address global homelessness. The key to this slogan is that home is so much more than a building. It’s a place to feel safe, connected, and at rest. The slogan also ties in nicely with the company’s name with the repeated use of “story.”

Pro tip: Your slogan should complement the name of your business. Make sure the two go hand in hand.

10. "Luxury Homes from Manhattan to Monaco, Experience the World's Most Desired Real Estate." Christie’s International Real Estate

Real estate slogan from Christie’s International Real Estate.

Image Source

Christie’s International Real Estate uses its slogan to address its customers and exclude those who aren’t a fit. Including "from Manhattan to Monaco" shows they can get you a home somewhere luxurious.

Pro tip: If your real estate business focuses on luxury properties, your slogan should reflect your target audience. This will attract qualified buyers and turn away people who aren’t a fit.

11. "We Love it Here and You Will Too." The Boutique Real Estate Group

The slogan speaks directly to audiences who cherish luxury. Everyone loves luxury. So it makes sense to have a slogan that’s a mirror of what the company represents.

What we love: Home should be a place you love. The Boutique Real Estate Group uses its slogan to reinforce this idea.

12. "Your Next Home is Here." Coldwell Banker

Real estate slogan from Coldwell Banker.

Image Source

For many of us, buying a home is a dream — and one that’s not easily attainable. Coldwell Banker’s slogan welcomes those of all budgets, promising to help them achieve their dreams and find their home.

Pro tip: Buying a home can be intimidating. A great slogan puts buyers at ease and makes the process feel attainable.

13. "#1 Real Estate Team in the Nation for the Second Year in a Row." The Jills Zeder Group

This slogan is a heavy-hitting social proof that obliterates every objection that Jills Zeder’s prospects may have. Awards or ratings from a recognizable body like the Wall Street Journal make for a fine slogan.

Pro tip: Social proof is powerful. Use your past success to propel your business forward.

14. "Life is Rich." Town and Country Real Estate, The Hamptons

Want to immediately dissuade unqualified buyers from engaging with your business? Use a tagline with a clear nod to your focus on high price points. It’s bold, upfront, and sure to turn the right heads.

What we love: The Hamptons are both expensive and luxurious. This tagline speaks directly to the target audience for this area.

15. "Live Where You Love." Colin Whitenack

real estate slogans, colin whitenack

Image Source

One visit to their website and it’s clear that Colin Whitenack has a knack for quality. The logo is bold and catchy. This slogan signals that you’ll love where you’ll live once you work with this company.

What we love: There are many steps to buying a house. However, with Colin Whitenack, the process will be worth it. You won’t just own a property; you’re also buying a place that you’ll love.

16. "Where Clients Are Like Family, Come Join Our Family." The Archibeque Group

Real estate slogan from The Archibeque Group

Image Source

Want customers to understand your business values instantly? Put them in your slogan. That’s what The Archibeque Group did. By defining what they’re about, they immediately communicate what their customers can expect and invite prospects to join.

What we love: Home buyers want real estate agents that are invested in their success. The Archibeque Group reassures clients that they’re in good hands.

17. "Top Ranked Manhattan Real Estate Broker." Noble Black

When you’ve done over $3 billion in individual sales, include it in your slogan. Don’t want to feel like you’re boasting? That’s also fine. Just tell your audience that you’re among the top-ranked brokers in your area, like Noble Black does.

What we love: You want a broker who knows your market inside and out. Noble Black’s slogan assures that you’ve already found an expert.

18. "Let Our Family Bring You Home." William Raveis Real Estate

Real estate slogan from William Raveis Real Estate.

Image Source

Over time, family-owned companies can outperform larger companies. So, William Raveis is smart to tap into our innate preference for family-owned businesses by leading with it in their slogan.

What we love: When making a major investment, service is important. William Raveis Real Estate has a slogan that ensures a great experience.

19. "A Partnership You Can Trust." Kerwin + Associates

Kerwin sells to high net-worth clients, so trust is a crucial factor for social proof. Communicating this in the slogan is a great first step. Complimenting the slogan with excellent testimonials is next and Kerwin’s does that.

What we love: With Kerwin + Associates, you have a partner. This lets buyers know that they’re not alone.

20. "The Evolution of Luxury Starts Here." Aaron Kirman

Real estate slogan from Aaron Kirman.

Image Source

Aaron hits on the aspirational side of what rich home enthusiasts want: something luxurious. You also don’t need to scroll deep into the website to see the slogan shining all through the web design.

Pro tip: Make sure your slogan aligns with your product. For high-priced businesses, reinforce the importance of luxury.

21. "Longevity is No Accident." Nourmand & Associates

Nourmand and Associates have been in the real estate business for over 45 years. They must be doing everything right to last this long in the industry, making the slogan to be the best fit for their company.

Pro tip: The history of your business can be a valuable selling point. If your business has experience, consider highlighting it in your slogan.

22. "Don’t Settle for Average." Century21

You’ll certainly know what quality looks like when you’ve been in the real estate industry for over 50 years. That's the Century21 story. They know what’s excellent, average, and bad, and they want customers to settle only for the best.

What we love: No one wants to settle when picking a home. Century21 reminds you that you won’t have to.

23. "Find a Home that Suits Your Lifestyle." Sotheby's Realty

Real estate slogan from Sotheby’s Realty.

Image Source

With 25,000 sales associates, $204 billion in annual sales, and operations in 81 countries, there’s no way you won’t find an exceptional home that suits your lifestyle with Sotheby’s realty.

Their slogan also communicates their ability to help each client find the home which will be a perfect fit for them.

What we love: Everyone has a different idea of a perfect home. Sotheby’s Realty assures that you’ll find exactly what you want.

24. "A Smart Move." EXIT Realty

Real estate slogan from EXIT Realty.

Image Source

This slogan is perfect in two ways. First, if you want to leave your home or buy a new one, hiring an EXIT agent is a smart move. Second, the slogan implies you’re making a smart move by selling or buying a house … and that the moving process will be smooth with EXIT!

What we love: This slogan makes use of a common phrase. This clever tagline pulls buyers in.

25. "A Better Way to Buy New York City Real Estate." Elika Real Estate

Elika Real Estate gets many things right with this slogan. It’s niched to a specific city. It’s niched to home buyers. It’s straightforward. All perfect ingredients for a memorable slogan, don’t you think?

Pro tip: If you're focusing on a specific geographic area, mention the region in your slogan.

26. "Integrity. Intelligence. Innovation." Coldwell Banker Warburg

Image Source

Coldwell Banker Warburg brilliantly uses alliteration to make this slogan simple and memorable. They also arrange their values in order of decreasing importance to customers as integrity comes first and innovation comes last.

Pro tip: Using alliteration can help your slogan roll off the tongue.

27. "I’ll Sell Your Home Faster & For More Money." HomeSmart

Big promise. Big returns. Big expectations. That’s what the HomeSmart slogan is all about. They tell you what they do and what you can expect using the simplest and most compelling words.

What we love: HomeSmart’s slogan acts as a promise. Clients know exactly what to expect from the business.

28. "Who You Work with Matters." Diana Perry

Let’s face it. It’s not uncommon to find undedicated realtors. Realtors may not communicate well. They are often commission-driven. They take outcomes personally. And their work with customers often ends in sour experiences.

Diana preys on these things that people dislike to create the perfect slogan. Who you work with does matter, especially in real estate.

Pro tip: If you’re a team of one, make sure your role in the selling/buying process is central to your brand.

29. "Annie Gets it Done." Ann Cutbill Lenane

This slogan oozes a can-do attitude of a realtor who fulfills her obligations to you. What’s even more beautiful is the social proof all over the website to support Annie’s bold claim. For instance, Ann is ranked as Elliman’s #1 Manhattan Broker for Transactions.

She has also been voted the Real Estate Board of New York’s Broker of The Year and transacted billions of dollars in sales in Manhattan over her 38-year career.

Pro tip: When building your personal brand and slogan, make sure you have data to back up your claims.

30. "Drive. Heart. Expertise." Neal Ward Properties

Neal Ward properties do an excellent job of summing everything a client wants in three simple words. Clients seek realtors who have a drive to do their job, a heart to put them first, and the expertise to get them the best.

What we love: When searching for a home, clients want to know they’re working with someone knowledgeable who is passionate about finding them a home. Neal Ward Properties shows they can deliver, all in three words.

31. “A Higher Form of Realty.” Saunders & Associates

Image Source

This clever play on words immediately grabs the attention and communicates the excellent service Saunders & Associates promises to provide.

Pro tip: Wordplay is a fun and efficient way to communicate your message to your audience.

32. “Our Client’s Success is Our Success.” Commercial Real Estate

This slogan makes sure clients know the Commercial Real Estate team is on their side. Moreover, Commercial Real Estate’s success lies in helping clients successfully achieve their goal of selling or buying a property.

What we love: Commercial Real Estate reminds customers that they’re truly invested and share their clients’ goals.

33. “The Right Agent Can Lead the Way.” RE/MAX

RE/MAX’s tagline focuses the client’s attention on the crucial role the agent plays in the process of buying and selling property. With the right agent — which RE/MAX will provide — success is guaranteed.

Pro tip: If your real estate business is known for its agents, put them front and center in your slogan.

34. “Follow Your Dream, Home.” Engel & Völkers

Real estate slogan from Engel & Völkers.

Image Source

This slogan combines two common sayings — “Follow your dreams” and “dream home” — to inspire their clients that they can achieve their dream of owning their own home.

Pro tip: For many, buying a home feels aspirational. Your slogan should reflect that this is a wonderful dream they can actually achieve.

35. “Local Expertise. Global Connections.” Neill Bassi

With these two concise sentences, Neill Bassi communicates his expert knowledge of San Francisco to assist clients in his region along with the prestige of his global connections.

What we love: Neill Bassi shows that clients can get the best of both worlds with his business.

36. “Helping Everyone Find Their Place in the World.” Lila Delman

Image Source

Who doesn’t want to find their place in the world? Lila Delman plays on the common theme of finding one’s place metaphorically and applies it to her ability to help everyone find the physical place they can call home.

What we love: Lila Delman shows that she can help clients find both a home and a new piece of their identity. That’s a powerful message!

37. “Live Your Life, I’ve Got This.” Heather McMaster

Heather’s statement is meant to inspire confidence in her clients. She promises to take care of their needs and desires while they can continue living their lives, trusting in her expertise.

What we love: Heather McMaster makes the process of buying a home feel less complicated. You just need to find a place you love; she’ll take care of the rest.

38. “A Fresh Approach to Real Estate.” Judy Citron

Real estate slogan from Judy Citron.

Image Source

Although Judy Citron doesn’t specify what her fresh approach is, many clients who have been burned by past poor experiences with realtors may find this tagline relieving.

What we love: Judy’s visuals also communicate the connection between her last name and her idea of “fresh.”

39. “Find Your Dream Home.” ERA Real Estate

Simple and straightforward, ERA promises to help its clients find their dream homes, something all of us can relate to.

What we love: ERA Real Estate shows that a straightforward slogan can be effective.

40. “Homes Sell Faster When Their Beauty And Quality Are Reflected In MLS.” HomesUSA

Real estate slogan from HomesUSA.

Image Source

HomesUSA helps major homebuilders sell the houses they’ve built. Their slogan appeals to the builder’s pride in the beauty and quality of their work, offering to help them sell faster through their multiple listing service.

What we love: HomesUSA offers a specific service. Readers know the business is an MLS right away.

Picking Your Slogan

Choosing the right slogan for your real estate business can be hard work. Take the time to brainstorm. Once you have a list, ask for feedback and narrow down your options. Soon, you’ll have a tagline you’ll love.

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