The 10 Best Single Property Websites for Real Estate

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Paige Bennett
Paige Bennett


If you’re a real estate agent who wants to get more eyes on available listings, it might be time to start building single property websites. These websites can show off beautiful properties for sale, share your contact information, and ultimately help generate leads and sales.

But before you start imagining that commission check, you might be wondering how you could possibly have the time or resources to create websites for every single property you're listing. Plus, how will you even attract buyers to your website?

The trick is to work with one of the best single property websites to help you efficiently create sites to display single properties — and once you've landed on the right one for you, follow best practices to make every property website perform its best.

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Many single property websites can automatically distribute their content — like images and descriptions — to real estate listing sites like Zillow or Trulia, allowing agents to reach a wider audience of prospective buyers.

The purpose of the single property website is to fully show off a property and share plenty of details — making it a great option for charming older homes or luxury properties that may have unique or special features you want to showcase to interested buyers.

Best Practices for Creating Single Property Websites

Before you start creating single property websites, you need to acquaint yourself with the site-building process and keep some best practices in mind to make all of your pages perform as well as they can.

1. Add many types of media.

Buying property is a serious business, and buyers want to see as much as possible virtually before they even contact an agent to see the place in person. You’ll want to include galleries of images showcasing every part of the property — from the bathroom to the backyard.

Additionally, videos and 360° virtual tours offer a walkthrough experience that helps buyers further visualize the space. These components are becoming more important in the digital age, where some buyers may decide to buy a house without ever stepping foot on the land.

Don’t forget to include floor plans in the media. This helps buyers get a sense of the size of the property.

2. Optimize for all screen sizes.

Your single property websites should be optimized to look just as good on a mobile device as they do on a desktop computer. Typically, the content management system or theme you choose for your website will determine how optimized it is for various screen sizes — so double check that you choose a platform that will adjust your website to look great on any device.

3. Come up with a memorable domain name.

One of the best options for a single property domain name is the address of the property itself. This is memorable for prospective buyers, plus it’s straightforward and helpful information. Alternatively, if a property is known locally by a certain name — like "The Tower House" — you might choose that as the website domain name.

4. Ensure your contact information is easy to find.

The main purpose of the single property website is to connect with buyers. If your information is hard to find, they might not know how to contact you about touring the place or starting the buying process. Include your contact information at the foot of the website, so it shows up on every page — and create a contact page that is easy to find in the navigation menu.

If you have social media profiles for your real estate business, add easily visible, accessible links to them on your single property website.

5. Include a map with open house information.

Create a page on the website for open house information, including dates, times, and location. To make this even more helpful, you can embed virtual maps to help interested parties find the property.

6. Focus on lead generation.

Include some ways to generate leads on your single property websites. Your contact information and links to social media profiles are ways to get started. You might also consider including a contact form, so users can reach you directly from the website rather than navigating away to email.

1. Rela

single property websites rela

Rela is one of the top websites for single property website creation. Once you enter an address, the technology will pull the property’s information for you. Then, you can upload media and contact information, choose a template, and your website is ready to go. Rela websites can even integrate with video meeting services, so you can schedule meetings with potential clients from anywhere.

What We Like About This Example

We're big fans of this listing's clear navigation menu with an overview, property features, and various types of media. The "Request Info" button is easy to access. The address and price are also easy to see. The design is simple but effective and user-friendly.

2. My Single Property Websites

single property websites my single property websites

My Single Property Websites is a one-stop-shop for both single property websites and accompanying marketing. Once you create a website, the platform syndicates the information to major real estate sites like Zillow, Trulia, and Yahoo Real Estate, plus you can Tweet listings or create email flyers.

What We Like About This Example

In this listing, the address is clear and there’s even an option to check out a print flyer right from the homepage. The site opens to a slideshow with an optional audio tour. You can find details about the property and even the neighborhood in the navigation menu — plus contact information for interested buyers.

3. Listings Unlimited

single property websites listings unlimited

If you want exceptional design combined with lead generation and marketing tools, Listings Unlimited is for you. The platform makes it easy to build multiple single property websites that automatically generate information on each property — including local schools, insight about its neighborhood, and maps. You can add unlimited photos and videos, too.

What We Like About This Example

In this example, there are two navigation menus — one directly beneath a photo of the real estate agent along with social media links and a phone number and one on the right with property details. The front page has a slideshow that can easily go to full-screen mode, and it offers even more information below the images.

4. Modobay

single property websites modobay

Modobay offers easy-to-implement single property websites thanks to its templates and custom branding options. Each website is automatically optimized for various device screens and search engines. Easily add property features, media, and even virtual tours through Modobay.

What We Like About This Example

In this example, the agent's name, address, price, and main features are all on prominent display. It launches immediately into a virtual tour on the left. A hamburger navigation menu in the upper right corner drops down into options to see a gallery, a map, more information, or a contact page.


lux lvl

Many platforms will work for luxury listings, but LUX LVL specializes specifically in these upscale single property websites. Modern themes let the properties shine, and each website includes data analysis reports so you can track how each single property website is performing. The websites will automatically load information on local schools, the neighborhood, walkability, and more.

What We Like About This Example

In this LUX LVL website example, the site opens to a high-resolution image of the property, which then transitions into a layout of nine rectangles that double as a navigation menu with the address, price, and main features in the center. The design is stylish but highly functional.

6. Crib Flyer

single property websites crib flyer

Crib Flyer works great for showcasing luxury properties. Customize the design with the theme builder, and add in images, floor plans, videos, and property information with a user-friendly interface.

Every website is mobile optimized and includes integration with Google Analytics. Each website also offers tour scheduling, lead generation forms, and social media sharing options.

What We Like About This Example

In the example above, the property website features the name, address, price, and main features front-and-center over a stunning photo of the property. The desktop version includes a form to request more information, while users can easily access straightforward navigation on all devices.

7. Luxury Presence

single property websites luxury presence

Another platform ideal for luxury property listings, Luxury Presence offers cutting-edge single property websites with built-in analytics reports and SEO. Integrate virtual tours, high-definition videos, and high-resolution imagery for every property, and each website is fully responsive, so sites will look great on any device.

What We Like About This Example

The website offers a high-resolution image right off the bat, with the address, a snappy description, the price, square footage, and bedroom and bathroom counts in clear display. Right along the top navigation menu, visitors can also quickly access the agent’s phone number, or visit the dedicated contact page.

8. Holdings Realty

single property websites holdings realty

Holding Realty is a WordPress single property website theme that packs top features and customization into a simple, single template. That means you can create attractive single property websites quickly without mulling over hundreds of design options. The theme works with the Elementor page builder for an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface.

What We Like About This Example

The theme example above has a clear call to action for scheduling showings just below the home price and address. The navigation bar is easy to find — with the contact button standing out from other navigation items.

The top of the page also includes social media links. Below the high-resolution photo, users can scroll down to find more details about the house laid out with simple graphics, plus floor plans, maps, and more.

9. Windsor

single property websites windsor

This WordPress theme works great for any property, but it works especially well for multi-unit properties. It offers more unique designs for the navigation menu that don’t sacrifice usability, and interested buyers can learn more about the entire property or a single unit — including communal amenities or neighborhood highlights.

10. Kastell

single property websites kastell

Kastell is another WordPress theme that offers a clean, modern design that won’t distract visitors from the property listing. There are plenty of customization options — that don't require coding knowledge — to make each website unique.

And the theme includes several different designs that work for either homes or larger apartment complexes. Each design includes straightforward navigation plus helpful features and even premium plugins included with the theme.

Single Property Website Tools

There are many tools, aside from sources like Rela or Modobay, that can make your single property websites stand out.

WordPress Themes

If you’re creating single property websites in WordPress, there are many popular real estate WordPress themes that combine functionality with sleek, user-friendly design.

Some of the top real estate themes include Holdings Realty, Windsor, and Kastell, although there are hundreds of great single property website WordPress themes available.

3D Tours

Single property websites work best if they include 3D tours, so website visitors can get a real feel for the property before they decide to reach out for more information. TourItNow is a tool for creating 3D tours, and they’ll even connect you to a photographer to create the tour or work with your go-to photography team.

Photography and Management

If you need to connect with a photographer or even just manage multiple single property websites, you might consider Aryeo. This tool can help you keep track of listings, work with and pay photographers, run social media ads, and more.

Sell Homes Fast With Single Property Websites

Single property websites can help potential buyers explore specific properties in more detail without the distractions of having other property information crowding the website.

These websites should be easy to create and offer some helpful marketing and analytical reporting tools to help you make the most of the site, and some single property site platforms may even syndicate the property listing to major listing websites.

However you decide to create and market your single property websites, follow these top examples and best practices for the most successful single property websites that ultimately turn into sales for your real estate business.

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