What are AI Content Writing Tools? (And Should You Use One?)

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Mohd Wasim Choudhury
Mohd Wasim Choudhury


Going through the title, what questions come to mind? Can AI really help me write content? And do I actually need AI to help me create it?

ai writing generator: image shows person with an at sign and a laptop next to a coffee

It might seem like science fiction, but technology has evolved to the point where it can write pretty convincing copy for you. No matter what type of content you create or what topics you cover, we’ll show you why you should consider AI writing tools in your workflow.

We’ll also cover three AI writing tools on the market that you can try today. Let’s get started.

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AI writing tools are excellent for businesses that conduct content marketing. If you’re constantly producing copy for blog posts, website landing pages, product descriptions, ads, social media posts, video descriptions, and/or emails, AI writing software can help you.

AI writing isn’t a replacement for human writers — at least, not yet. Rather, it’s a productivity tool meant to optimize your work. Next, let’s get into the details of how these tools actually work.

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    How do AI content writing tools work?

    As mentioned, AI assistants generate output based on the user-given input. Sounds like a kind of magic, right? Not quite.

    Over time, AI writing assistants are trained with varying forms of real-life data. As they learn from the given data, they improve at producing natural-sounding output. Since AI tools receive data from human beings, the generated output also turns out to be human-like.

    Similar to how human writers carry out research on existing content to write a new piece of content, AI content tools scan existing content on the web and gather data based on the instructions given by users. They then process data and bring out fresh content as output.

    Click on the playlist above or here to listen to The Business of AI, featuring shows in the HubSpot Podcast Network. 

    What can AI writing tools do?

    According to Salesforce Research’s most recent State of Marketing Study, Marketers’ use of AI soared between 2018 and 2020, jumping from 29% in 2018 to 84% in 2020. So, what’s the reason behind this surge in popularity?

    AI can enhance content writing and marketing campaigns in several ways. Key benefits of AI content tools include:

    • Automating and accelerating content creation
    • Collecting user-generated content
    • Undertaking repetitive and grueling tasks
    • Allowing you to optimize content for search engine
    • Acting as a productivity maximizer, saving time and letting you focus on other tasks
    • Helping you overcome writer’s block

    Before we dive deeper into the benefits of AI writing, now is a good time to clarify that AI assistants aren’t some miracle product. They can’t write entire blog posts for you with the click of a button.

    Rather, these tools require a set of instructions to work properly, and it’s humans that provide these instructions. AI tools still require human input to actually work properly.

    However, when leveraging AI content writing tools, you’ll get certain benefits no matter whichever content assistant you pick. Here are some:

    Generate blog posts with less effort.

    Blog writing is time-consuming for any human writer, but AI assistants can speed up the writing process. An AI assistant can take in human input, like keywords or a section heading, and produce copy that a human writer can adapt to their own tone.

    What’s key here is that AI-generated blog posts should also maintain optimum quality. If an AI content generator minimizes effort and speeds up content creation while maintaining the utmost content quality, it deserves a shot.

    (Psst: Did you know you can slash the amount of time it takes you to create blog posts? Here's how.) 

    Create engaging ads and social media copy.

    The main challenge of copywriters is to produce compelling copy that drives sales and conversions. Writing social media and advertising copy is frictionless for AI content generators that are trained on millions of examples.

    Provide on-page optimization suggestions.

    A good and reliable AI content writing tool doesn’t just write content for you — it can also provide tips for optimizing your content to rank higher in search results. Wondering how? A quality AI content tool also acts as an AI SEO assistant showing you a live score on the status of your page.

    The on-page live score will let you understand the areas of improvement on your page. Then, you can manually fix the issues on your page.

    Generate catchy taglines.

    A tagline or slogan is something businesses use to convey their mission and vision. Every business wants its tagline to stick in the minds of their customers. A top-quality AI content generator has the ability to generate these kinds of taglines for your business with an AI tagline generator.

    Provide ready-made templates.

    Templates are always useful when it comes to AI content creation. Different AI tools have different numbers and types of templates, but premium tools will offer many templates that ease the process of content creation.  

    For example, an AI content assistant might offer a sentence rewriter. Many times, sentences in both long-form and short-form content look dull and poorly structured. A sentence rewriter can entirely change the tone and structure of the content in no time.

    9 AI Content Writing Tools to Try:

    If you look for AI content generator software online, you’ll find a lot of them. I’ve tested a number of AI assistants for both long-form and short-form AI content creation. Out of all of them, only three pass the minimum standard. Let’s check them out.


    GetGenie is an all-in-one AI content writer for WordPress with impressive content creation features. If you’re seeking a free WordPress AI tool for content writing, GetGenie offers both a free version and a paid version. You can generate up to 1500 words with its free version. For anything beyond that, you have to switch to a paid plan.

    website for the AI content writing tool GetGenie

    GetGenie also comes with 30+ templates that you can leverage to create different types of compelling content for your personal and professional projects, and content optimization recommendations for search engines.

    GetGenie easily fulfills the requirements to be rated as a top-grade AI content assistant. It produces all types of content, provides a myriad of templates, and also makes your content SEO-friendly.

    Note: If you're on a budget, be sure to check out our list of free content marketing tools.

    How to Use ChatGPT at Work

    Discover the key to unlocking unparalleled productivity with this ultimate guide to revolutionizing your workflow.

    • 100 ChatGPT Prompts
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      Writesonic is an easy-to-use AI content assistant tool that helps you to the simplify content creation process. They combine the power of artificial intelligence and human creativity, allowing Writesonic to autopilot your content creation process. The AI-powered writing tool is built on GPT-3 model and can help to generate various forms of content like blog posts, articles, landing pages, Facebook ad copy, and more.

      writesonic homepage

      The AI writing tool offers 70+ tools and supports 25+ languages which help to create compelling, SEO-rich, and plagiarism-free content. It also comes with a user-friendly interface which makes the navigation seamless. Writesonic provides a free trial and their paid plan starts at $10/month.


      If you are looking to generate high-quality content with minimum input, Jasper can be a perfect choice. Powered by GPT-3 technology, the AI content generator can generate different types of content, including SEO-friendly blog posts, social media posts, YouTube scripts, and ebooks.

      website for the AI content writing tool Jasper

      Jasper offers a clean and crisp user interface that will make your navigation easy and smooth. Besides, this AI content generator offers some valuable features, including 50+ copywriting templates, 25+ supported languages, and SEO mode.

      Jasper is not the cheapest available AI content tool in the market. But considering the perks you will get, the price is reasonable. There are also Jasper coupon codes that can help reduce cost. The competitive features and premium output make Jasper worth considering. There are tons of Jasper AI reviews available that are worth checking to know more about Jasper's features, pros, and cons, and more.

      Check out what Jasper's VP of Marketing has to say about the AI revolution: 

      Text Cortex

      Text Cortex is a powerful AI assistant with tons of helpful features and capabilities including blog and content creation, grammar and spelling analytics, text summary, and a ton more. Text Cortex was built to help your team and content be productive and accessible across multiple languages including French, German, and more.


      Text Cortex is available for free and includes all of their core features with a daily limit on usage. However, you can also try their Pro plan starting at $19 per month. For power users and bigger campaigns, you can access their Business plan for $49 per month. This gives you access to their ZenoChat feature to create and source your content, add writing personas, and more.


      Writer is a generative AI writing platform built specifically for the needs of businesses and teams. Writer differentiates itself from other AI tools by giving businesses the ability to custom-train the language model on their own provided data and style guidelines. The result is content that’s consistent, on-brand, and tailored to a company’s brand voice. Businesses can create their own custom templates or use one of the 30+ out-of-the-box templates to create blog posts, social copy, research summaries, ads, sales emails, and more.  

      writer ai tool

      Writer’s Team plan starts at $18 per user per month for one to five team members, but you can also try out Writer’s AI content generation capabilities for free and without registration by checking out Ask Writer. Ask Writer can automatically brainstorm ideas, answer questions, and generate drafts, and it can reference any web pages that you give it for context to generate more accurate and relevant content.


      If you are hunting for a budget-friendly and high-quality AI content tool at once, Rytr is the best choice. It has fewer templates than its competitors, but it’s still worth considering due to its low price range.

      website for the AI content writing tool Rytr

      The simplicity and speed in execution Rytr offers is excellent. Like the other AI assistants, you just have to provide brief instructions, and in return Rytr will pump out top-grade content for you in a matter of minutes or seconds.

      Rytr also comes with built-in layouts and outlines for your preferred content. So, you have the option to cherry-pick the one that you like from different variants of layouts and outlines.


      Simplified is a premium AI writing platform. Simplified uses multiple LLMs and then trains these models based on industry and use cases. What makes it a popular tool is its user-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, and 80+ ready to use templates. This tool solves all the pain points of a marketer and content creators.


      simplified ai generator

      It is also packed with features like Article writer, essay writer, sentence expander, paragraph reducer, and many more. It also supports 30+ languages including Korean, Italian, Dutch ,and more. In addition to this, Simplified also supports creating designs, editing and generating videos, planning and scheduling your social media posts. This makes Simplified a go to tool for all the marketers and content creators who want to scale their marketing activities. Simplified's pricing starts from $18/month. 

      Content at Scale

      Content at Scale is a revolutionary AI content generator tool that produces high-quality blogs of up to 2,500 in as little as five minutes. This tool differs from its competition by relying on a method called artificial intelligence optimization (AIO).

      This AIO model involves human intervention to refine AI content and make it appear that it’s been written by a professional writer. As a result, Content at Scale users can create human-like, bulk, and long-form content that passes any AI content detector.

      content at scale ai writing tools

      Users can also take advantage of a user-friendly interface with countless content templates and design options. Other features include a one-click bulk content generator, the ability to create content from videos and podcasts and a white-label option for agencies. 

      Content at Scale’s pricing model also differs slightly from other available options. Users can expect to pay $15-$31 per blog post. But, if you want to try the platform out for yourself, you can pay $24.99 for a paid trial with plans that start at $250.

      HubSpot's Blog Ideas Generator

      HubSpot’s AI topic generator instantly gives many actionable blog post name ideas, but there is more to it.

      Keyword research, AI-generated outlines, and even entire blog posts created and ready to be published in HubSpot CMS. And all this based on the title you chose.

      ai blog topic generator homepage
      All you need to do is writing what your blog post is about then select the different suggestions from the tool, step after step. Real blog magic.

      HubSpot’s Content Assistant 

      Last (but certainly not least!), HubSpot’s content assistant empowers you to generate blog ideas, create outlines, pen prospecting or marketing emails, and transform phases into paragraphs. Eventually, this platform feature will be available within all of HubSpot’s hubs and most tools. The content assistant aims to help streamline the process of making written content such as blog posts, outlines, and emails.

      AI writing generator: hubspot content assistant outline generator example

      Get started with HubSpot's content assistant

      The AI content assistant is an invaluable tool for marketing, sales, and service professionals to help you work smarter, not harder. And by working within HubSpot’s pre-existing hubs and tools, the AI content assistant doesn’t require hours of setup — it’s ready to help you generate quality content when and where you need it. Then, you can share that content within the HubSpot ecosystem seamlessly. That’s it — there’s no awkward, cumbersome copy-and-paste process required. 

      AI Writing Tools: The Key Takeaways

      Top-notch content is integral to fueling your marketing growth. For years, content writers and marketers have been contributing significantly to the growth of businesses. To facilitate their jobs, AI content generators have come to the forefront.

      Importantly, AI content tools are there not to swap human writers. But, they are there to assist them and speed up the entire content creation and marketing process. Give any of these recommended options a shot — they might blow you away.

      Editor's note: This post was originally published in October 2022 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

      How to Use ChatGPT at Work

      Discover the key to unlocking unparalleled productivity with this ultimate guide to revolutionizing your workflow.

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        Discover the key to unlocking unparalleled productivity with this ultimate guide to revolutionizing your workflow.


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