If you are looking for the best niche-targeted WordPress themes, then this post is exactly what you're looking for.

A website offers a unique approach for small or medium-sized business owners to reach out to their customers. It helps to create online conversions and great opportunities for business persons, bloggers, and webmasters to establish an online branding opportunity.

However, when it comes to customization, there are unlimited possibilities with the WordPress CMS system. The advancement of WordPress software now makes it easier to modify anything according to personal user expectations.

That’s why all niche-targeted WordPress themes don’t have customization features that are limited to any specific business.

Here, we've compiled a list of twenty best WordPress themes that are extremely niche-focused. The real sense of this article is to notify the audience, all listed themes are suitable for a respective business niche.

Though they don't oblige, each theme is subjected to the limitation of any given business. Given WordPress themes have a lot of customization options to explore and modify according to your business requirements.

So, let’s take a look at 20 niche-oriented WordPress themes we've selected. If you like any of the themes mentioned, you can leave a comment for us below.

1. WordPress Theme For Home Decors & Interior Designers

If you are specialized in home decorating or interior designing, then this may be a perfect theme for your business. It reflects the feeling of a personalized, decorated home.

There are many wonderful features given to create a website based on interior design, including extraordinary photo blogging features, different page layouts, and widget-ized areas such as sidebar and footer.

Most of the theme's customization options are packed in the options panel, which means you don’t need to go there unless you'd like to make your own custom changes while updating your business website.

Home Decor WordPress Theme

2. WordPress Theme For Motivational Speakers & Gurus

Motivation is an amazing, responsive WordPress theme tailored to the requisites of motivational and inspirational speakers. Speakers need an authoritative template for their websites, especially when used to encourage people.

Its features include stylish four column footer, widgeti-zed section on the homepage, and other tailor-made sections. The easy-to-customize theme module creates a great demand to use this WordPress theme.

The theme looks awesome in the mobile version of your website and gives a real fast and sleek experience.

Motivation WordPress theme

3. Brewery Shop WordPress Theme

Do you run a Brewery or Wine shop?

Beer House WordPress theme may be your first choice with its super sleek, elegant theme that includes a lot of pre-built customized sections.

The same theme has an outstanding performance on mobile phones, iPad, iPhone, and tablets.

Its highlights are a slider with a ken burns effect, business introduction area, and colorful social media icons. You can see a demo of this theme to explore all its features.

Brewery Shop WordPress Theme

4. WordPress Theme for Gardening & Lawn Care Service Providers

This is a top-notch WordPress theme for Green Businesses and particularly tailored to the lawn care service providers and gardening based business!

This modern one page WordPress theme that architectures have used to attract the eyeballs of their audience from header to the footer for some time. You can get a better solution for your business representation and all requisites through the Green Lawn WP theme.

Its highlights include a thorough contact page section with Google location features, blog page layout, gallery section and featured area to show your services.

Moreover, quick navigation, faster browsing experience, compatibility with portable devices, easy-to-surf modules are other add-ons you'll get with this theme.

Lawn Care WordPress Theme

5. Carpenter WordPress Theme

The Carpentro theme is adaptive for all carpentry businesses, whether you own a small carpentry shop or furniture store. The theme’s homepage has an integrated lead capture form to store sales inquiries and client information.

It has pre-built sections such as a three-column featured area to show your wooden artwork or any other specialty of your carpentry business. A peak responsive layout is there and tested with different mobile devices and tablets.

You can check the mobility of this WordPress theme by watching a demo on your mobile phones.

Carpenter WordPress Theme

6. WordPress Theme for Interior and Exterior Painters

Painting is a creative job, and if professionally done there are sufficient market spaces for business. Today, many painting contractors are looking for an online presence.

Thanks to the Eco Painting WordPress theme, creating a competitive business website has never been an easier task.

With powerful SEO options and clean coded layouts, you can target various keywords in search engines to help boost your online leads and conversions.

Painter WordPress Theme


7. Dance Studios & Dance School WordPress Theme

The PRO Dancer WordPress theme is designed to dazzle the eyes of dance enthusiasts. However, this theme is highly useful for dance studios, dance communities, and dance instructors. The theme has various options for business taglines and descriptions.

There are many tremendous features to unleash the power of Pro Dancer WordPress themes such as custom blocks and columns for dancing courses, dancing specialty, new batches, dance teachers, etc.

There are unlimited options to utilize your content in these featured areas. The theme has overall flexible features in terms of customization. From the blogging feature to the widget section, the theme has an array of useful modules to turn this theme into a user-friendly website.

Dance School WordPress Theme


8. WordPress Theme for Logistic Services

Logistic is a powerful one-page styled theme designed specifically for a logistic business such as packers & movers or truck transportation services. If you are seeking a theme that gives you both professionalism and style, the Logistic theme is undoubtedly the first option for your business.

This theme has featured areas for logistics services, where you can explore logistic management starting from the packing moving to the delivery of goods.

A mind-blowing video box is inserted to utilize a business website for user interaction in the form of videos. There are various other features in this theme to explore that you can visualize thoroughly with a simple navigation.

Logistic WordPress Theme


9. Detectives & Investigators WordPress Theme

Secretive is a fast and sleek website with a clean design that focuses on detective and investigation businesses. The theme is extremely suitable for those who want to manage websites within a fraction of the time with its easy to implement options panel that controls over 90 % of customization.

Everything is installed with a tabbed form under the theme options panel. You'll just need to insert your images and content with the respective options.

Investigators WordPress Theme


10. Fitness Club WordPress Theme

Fitno is a stylish WordPress theme for fitness clubs, yoga clubs, and gyms. The theme is ready for online booking and registration, and you can collect online payments with its PayPal integrated system.

Fitness clubs often love to write blogs on their websites and the Fit WordPress theme is well optimized for blogging, so you can show your latest blog posts in a tabbed form with amazing visual effects on the homepage.

There are different blog post formats you will get including gallery, image, quote, video, link, and standard.

Fitness Club WordPress Theme

11. WordPress Theme For Flooring & Roofing Service Providers

Flooro is a clean, elegant and responsive WordPress theme that is framed for all businesses based on flooring and roofing. The theme has all the essential features required for an ideal business.

Starting from the pre-built sections to the testimonial features, you can your website however you'd like. The gallery section of Floor WordPress theme turns your site into the most memorable flooring business website.

Its major features include single-click installation, appealing image slider with moving effects, responsive layout, and pre-built custom sections.


12. WordPress Theme For Trekking & Camping

Track Camp, as its name suggests, is a WordPress theme built for trekking and hiking camps. The Track Camp WordPress theme is designed in a one-page style.

The sporty style of this theme is totally unforgettable and when it comes to performance, the theme loads faster than you thought was ever, even possible with such good visual effects.

Its features include beautiful icons in the featured service area, gallery page section with category filters, beautiful social icons, and ultimate customization resources.

Trekking WordPress Theme


13. WordPress Theme For Paintball Clubs

Paint Shooter is a great example of a narrow niche WordPress theme. The theme is crafted especially for Paintball clubs. The image thumbnails have outstanding hexagonal shapes in the gallery section.

Paint shooter is also a one-page style WordPress theme that has major features such as responsive design, fast navigation, easy options panel, many featured areas, etc. You can show the contact number and address for your business location next to the column for your contact form.  

WordPress Theme For Paintball Clubs

14. Party Event Planner WordPress Theme

From individual birthday to corporate parties, any type of party organizer or planner can use this WordPress theme. This colorful WordPress theme has rich features to create a professional and glowing party planning website.

The theme has eight color options that are sufficient to create a website with fancy looks. Its image slider occupies the full page width that is perfect for party images. Plus, sidebar and four column footers are completely flexible for adjusting custom widgets.  

Party Event Planner WordPress Theme


15. WordPress Theme For Pet Shops

Nature Zoo is a fast and responsive theme for pet shops, animal farmers, and pet observatories. It is not a bad idea to create a website for your little furry creatures!

The theme is completely optimized for any screen size and has a testimonial section in an outstanding style. Any animal farmer needs a gallery section for animals, featured service areas to display services, blog layout for content marketing and a professional homepage.

WordPress Theme For Pet Shops


16. WordPress Theme For DJ Organizer

The Wedding DJ theme is not only served for Wedding DJ planners, but party organizers, recording artists, and music bands. This mobile-ready theme has a thorough SEO option make your business stand out on search engines.

The theme itself is a useful resource for creative artists to establish themselves online. Now upload or share videos of your latest mixes to custom video boxes.

These boxes will appear on the homepage of the theme and serve your website as an authority when users watch your talent on your page.

WordPress Theme For DJ Organizer

17. Astro - Astrologer WordPress Theme

Astro is an all point perfect theme designed for astrologers, numerologists, and tarot card readers. Now publishing daily horoscopes is easier with custom sections inserted on the homepage.

There are various segments equipped with this theme to serve your astrology services, or layouts can be easily created. Like modern Astrology websites, unlimited featured boxes on the homepage that can be built. The theme has a sleek and fast experience while surfing the site.

Call to buttons and homepage description options are other main features of this WordPress theme.

Astrologer WordPress Theme


18. Summer Camp WordPress Theme

Cool camp is an adaptive one-page theme for summer camp clubs or even other similar businesses such as destination planners. The same visual effects of this theme are compatible with all browsers.

One of its more remarkable features is its gallery layout with category filter facilities. From the slider to the contact section, each navigation can be accessed with a single click or vertical scrolling.

Summer Camp WordPress Theme

19. Driving School WordPress Theme

Drive Away is a professional WordPress theme for driving instructors and small enterprises. Various diversified segments are structured in this theme and plenty of things you can be done with these segments.

If you come across its features, it has all the essential features to establish a superb website. To take a quick view, some features are a smooth image slider with play and pause button, google map, meeting time and location widget, lead capture form, fluid layout for any screen size.

Driving School WordPress Theme


20. WordPress Theme For Accountants 

BookKeeper WordPress theme is perfect for those involved in accounting or bookkeeping. Each and every feature section on the homepage has a precise goal to display content.

The theme appears to be an advanced WordPress theme, but installing, uploading and managing your content is simple and will only take a few minutes of your time to swap your content and get your site ready for its online appearance. Like all the above themes, its responsive and gives a fast experience while surfing your site.

WordPress Theme For Accountants

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