21 Best Narrow Niche Business WordPress Themes

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Clint Fontanella
Clint Fontanella


Most business owners recognize they need to build a website to promote their brand and products. That’s why they turn to hosting providers, like WordPress, for the tools required to create a functional, lead-generating website.


However, when it comes to customization, there are unlimited possibilities with the WordPress CMS system. Fortunately, WordPress themes now makes it easy to modify every element on your webpage and tailor your website to your personal expectations.

Here, we've compiled a list of the best WordPress themes that are extremely niche-focused. Each theme is intended for a specific industry and has features that appeal to that industry's target audience.

Read on for a list of the best niche-focused WordPress themes available this year.

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Best Narrow Niche Business WordPress Themes

1. Lawnella 

Industry: Gardening & Landscaping

Lawnella is a bestselling theme with a 5-star rating specifically for businesses specializing in gardening, landscaping, construction, florists, lawn care, and other related services. The one-click installation makes it easy to start customizing the demo right away for your needs so you can spend less time building your website and more time building your business.

The theme comes with features necessary for this type of business sector, such as a portfolio to showcase your work, testimonials, a blog, appointment scheduler, pricing and team info, service coverage area, and more.

Price: $39 


2. Home Decoro

Industry: Home Decor & Interior Design

If you specialize in home decorating or interior design, then this may be the perfect theme for your business. 

Some key features include extraordinary photo blogging features, different page layouts, and widget-ized areas such as sidebar and footer. It also has a responsive slider so you can showcase all of your work on mobile-friendly layout. 

And, most of the theme's customization options are packed in the options panel, which means you don’t need edit them unless you'd like to make your own custom changes while updating your website.

Price: $79

Home Decoro- WordPress theme

3. Motivation

Industry: Motivational Speaking

Motivation is a responsive WordPress theme tailored to the requisites of motivational and inspirational speakers. These businesses need an authoritative template for their websites, especially when encouraging people to attend their classes and speaking sessions.

This theme's features include a stylish, four-column footer, a widgeti-zed section on the homepage, and other tailor-made sections. Additionally, the easy-to-customize theme module makes this an ideal WordPress theme for those looking to showcase their creativity.

Price: $79


4. Pints & Crafts

Industry: Brewery, Distillery, & Winery

If you own a brewery, distillery, or wine shop, you may need a website that can both educate customers about your products and sell them as well. This WordPress theme not only offers page-building tools and customization options, but it also has ecommerce features that are compatible with WooCommerce, too. 

Pints & Crafts also includes an event-booking feature, so customers can use software like OpenTable to book reservations at your restaurant or taproom.  And, the theme is mobile responsive, so reservations can easily be made on the go.

Price: $69

Pints & Crafts WordpRess Theme

5. Green Lawn

Industry: Gardening & Landscaping

As a landscaping or gardening business, you may offer a variety of services to your customers. To effectively promote your business, you'll need a WordPress theme with a sticky header menu that allows users to quickly navigate between pages. The Green Lawn WordPress theme not only offers this feature, but others that can make your site even more user-friendly. 

For example, it includes a thorough contact page section with Google location features, blog page layout, gallery section and featured area to showcase your services. It also has a fast browsing experience and is compatible with most mobile devices. 

Price: $79

Green Lawn WordPress Themes

6. Craftio

Industry: Carpentry

Craftio is a unique WordPress theme designed for carpenters. It's mobile responsive and has been tested on most handheld devices. 

It offers a team page, so you can introduce your employees before customers reach out to your business. This helps you build trust with your target audience before your employees enter your customers' homes. 

There's also a testimonial page which is important for carpenters to have. When it comes to hiring a carpenter, customers need to trust that the job will be done well. This testimonial page allows businesses to promote their services using positive feedback from previous customers.  

Price: $49

Craftio- Wordpress theme for carpenters

7. EcoPainting

Industry: Painting Services

Painting is another creative business niche that requires a website with responsive layouts and visually-stunning page elements. The EcoPainting theme not only includes a large, homepage image slider, but also a three-column feature area, which puts your business's services front and center on your website.

Additionally, aside from showcasing your company's services, EcoPainting is also an SEO-friendly WordPress theme. With powerful SEO options and clean coded layouts, you can target various keywords and boost your presence on search engines.

Price: $79


8. ProDancer

Industry: Dance Studios

The ProDancer WordPress theme is designed to dazzle the eyes of dance enthusiasts. It's designed for every type of dance studio — whether that be a classic dance studio, ballet, contemporary, and more. 

It comes with custom blocks and columns so you can promote each one of your classes in an elegant, creative way. It also has tons of variations and features so you can tailor your site's design to meet your studio's specific needs. 

For example, the header section allows you to insert banner images along with accompanying text. This engages your visitors because it shows them what one of your classes looks like and explains what your company's values, missions, and offers are in an interesting, eye-catching way. 

Price: $79

ProDancer - Wordpress Theme for Dance Studios

9. Logistics Way

Industry: Logistics Services

Logistics Way is one of the best WordPress themes for logistics and transportation services. It's a one-page styled theme that comes with an advanced shipment booking system that makes it easy and simple to take shipping orders. Using the booking form, customers can provide details about their order, get shipping estimates, and make a purchase all in a few moments. 

There's also a Google Map API that provides features similar to what you would receive with a directory WordPress plugin. However, this module calculates how much shipping costs would be based on the directions inputted into the API. That way, customers can see the exact shipping route their order will take and how much shipping will cost if they purchase from your company. 

Price: $97

Logistics Way - Wordpress theme for logistics services

10. Secretive

Industry: Detective & Investigation Services

Secretive is a sleek and simple WordPress theme intended for detective and investigation services. It's suitable for businesses that want a website that's easy to manage and don't want to spend all of their time building webpages. That's why this theme has an implement options panel that controls over 90% of its customization.

Everything is installed with a tabbed form under the theme options panel. You'll just need to insert your images and content with the respective options.

Price: $79

Secretive - WordPress Theme for detectives


11. Fitno

Industry: Fitness

Fitno is a stylish WordPress theme for fitness clubs, yoga studios, and gyms. The theme includes options for online booking and registration, and you can collect online payments with its PayPal integrated system.

Additionally, if your gym or fitness club has a blog, the Fitno WordPress theme is optimized for blogging, so you can show your latest blog posts in a tabbed form with amazing visual effects on the homepage. There are also different blog post formats you can use including gallery, image, quote, video, link, and standard.

Price: $79

Fitno - WordPress theme for gyms

12. Flooro

Industry: Flooring & Roofing Services

Flooro is a clean and responsive WordPress theme that's framed for businesses in the flooring and roofing industries. Its major features include single-click installation, an appealing image slider with moving effects, responsive layout, and pre-built custom sections.

Flooro's image slider stands out from other themes mentioned on this list because it uses a "Ken Burns" image slider that gives visitors a wider view of your images. You can also display taglines and describe individual images, grabbing your audience's attention with a combination of visual and text elements. 

This theme also comes with eight different color styling options. So, you can customize the theme to match your branding and personal preferences. 

Price: $79

Flooro - WordPress theme for flooring and roofing

13. Track Camp

Industry: Camping & Hiking

Does your brand deal in the great outdoors? 

Then this WordPress theme may be the right match for your business. Its features include beautiful icons in the featured service area, gallery page section with category filters, beautiful social icons, and ultimate customization resources.

This theme is also great for those who may not have as much experience designing a website. Its customization options such as text, images, and colors, are all located under the WordPress dashboard. So, you don't have to search around to find the elements you want to change. All of the options you need are right there in front of you in the centralized dashboard. 

Price: $79

TrackCamp - WordPRess Theme for Camping and Hiking

14. Paint Shooter

Industry: Paintball

Paint Shooter is a great example of a narrow niche WordPress theme. It's crafted specifically for paintball courses, clubs, and other businesses related to the sport.

This theme includes a hexagonal image portfolio, a four-column feature area, and a widget-ized sidebar and footer. It also comes with quick navigation, social icons, and eight different color styling options. 

Lastly, this theme includes a blogging feature as well. So, you can tell your customers all about the different products, events, and promotions that your business offers. 

Price: $79

PaintShooter - WordPress theme for paintball

15. Evento

Industry: Event Planning

Evento is one of the best WordPress themes available for planning events. From birthdays to corporate parties, this theme has everything you need to promote an individual event or to create a website for your event-planning company. 

Unlike Paint Shooter and Flooro, Evento has 12 color styling options and its image slider occupies the full width of the page  — which is perfect for showcasing party images. Plus, the sidebar and four-column footers are fairly flexible, which makes it easy to add and adjust custom widgets.  

Lastly, Evento is cross-browser compatible. So, you can trust that it will work regardless of the web browser your customers are using. 

Price: $79

Evento - WordPress theme for event planning


16. Nature Zoo

Industry: Pet Stores & Services

Nature Zoo is a fast and responsive WordPress theme geared towards pet shops, animal farmers, pet shelters, and pet observatories.

It's completely optimized for any screen size and has a testimonial section where you can highlight positive customer reviews. And, it comes with an image gallery feature, so you can upload countless photos of your furry friends — after all, the internet always needs more cute dog photos. 

This theme also includes a 'Contact Us' page template, a built-in ajax/php contact form, and unlimited levels of dropdown menus. 

Price: $79


NatureZoo - WordPress Theme

17. Wedding DJ

Industry: Disc Jockeys

The Wedding DJ theme is not only intended for disc jockeys, but for party organizers, recording artists, and music bands alike. The theme is a useful resource for creative artists that want to establish themselves online because they can upload and share videos of their work via the custom video boxes provided in the template. The boxes appear on the homepage so visitors can dive right into listening and looking at your creative portfolio as soon as they arrive at your website.

Want to customize more? No problem.

Wedding DJ's shortcodes help you create different colored buttons, two-column text on webpages, and more in just a matter of seconds. There's also custom CSS options so you can personalize your site's appearance exactly to your liking. 

Price: $79


Wedding DJ - WordPress theme for DJs

18. Astro

Industry: Astrology

Astro is a theme designed for astrologers, numerologists, and tarot card readers. These businesses must regularly update their websites with new horoscopes, readings, and news articles to keep their audience informed on an everyday basis. That's why they need a theme like Astro which allows them to add unlimited feature boxes to their webpages. After all, when you're creating and posting new content every day, you need this type of flexibility in your website to keep pace with your content creation strategy. 

The Astro theme also comes with a full-width image slider and CTA, clean and simple navigation menus, and SEO options that eliminate the need for an external WordPress plugin

Price: $79

Astro - WordPress Theme for astrology


19. Cool Camp

Industry: Organize Youth Camps

Cool Camp is an adaptive, one-page theme for summer camps and schools. It's a single-click installation theme with a responsive, mobile-friendly design. It also has a fully widget-ized footer, a custom testimonial box, and over 350 different icons that you can use with the three-column feature area.  

One of its more remarkable features is its gallery layout with category filter facilities. From the slider to the contact section, each navigation option can be accessed with a single click or vertical scrolling.

Price: $79

CoolCamp - WordPress theme for summer camps


20. Drive-A-Way

Industry: Driver's Education

Drive-A-Way is a professional WordPress theme for driving instructors and driver's education schools. It has a custom appointment-booking form along with a payment collection system so you can operate your business entirely through your WordPress website. 

Additional features include a smooth image slider with play and pause buttons, a Google map, a meeting time and location widget, a lead capture form, and a  fluid page layout that's responsive on any screen size.

Price: $79

Drive-A-Way-WordPress theme-for drivers ed

21. Bookkeeper

Industry: Accounting

The BookKeeper WordPress theme is perfect for those involved in accounting or bookkeeping services. Like other themes on this list, Bookkeeper has an attractive image slider with a button that links users to relevant landing pages. Each slide can have it's own image, heading, and call-to-action that promotes a different section of your website. 

Bookkeeper also comes with a variety of SEO options. For instance, you can install Google Analytics and track the traffic performance of individual webpages. You can also track keywords to see where your content is ranking on different search engines. 

Price: $79

Bookkeeper - WordPress theme for bookkeeping

Choosing a WordPress Theme for Your Niche Business

Having the right theme for your website can make all the difference in effectively engaging customers. Fortunately, even if you have a niche business like the ones listed above — there's plenty of WordPress themes available to fit your company's specific needs. Once you install the right one, you're one step closer to creating an attractive, lead-generating website for your business. 

Editor's note: This post was originally published in October 2019 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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