Green Websites: 23 of our Favorites in 2023

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Madison Zoey Vettorino
Madison Zoey Vettorino


We love a good black-and-white website, but sometimes, adding a pop of color is an excellent way to make your site stand out. By checking out these green websites, you can get a healthy dose of inspiration for making your website more engaging.

Green websites: laptop with mug adjacent to it against a neutral background with pops of orange and yellow

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Here are 23 of the best green websites to help you get in the creative zone.

The 23 Best Green Websites

1. Meraki

green websites: meraki website with dark green background and light green text reading 'forward thinking content creation'There's a lot to love about Meraki's website. The company uses a lime green font against a deeper background to create contrast. As you move your mouse around on the homepage, images of the organization's past work pop up in a lively, visually compelling manner. The hamburger menu is tucked in the corner, allowing the company name to take center stage.

2. Wise Design

green websites wise design website features lime green background and dark green font reading wise design Wise Design also demonstrates how aesthetically pleasing green websites can be. The central focus of the homepage is gigantic, blocky letters in deep green reading 'Wise Design.' Though the background is also green, there's enough contrast to make it readable. As you scroll throughout the site, pops of the background hue of green make an appearance, contributing to a highly cohesive user experience.

3. Vestiaire Collective

green websites: vestiaire collective impact report shows lime green background and googly eyes all around Vestiaire Collective leans into the green look with its gorgeous site. When visitors land on the site, green sweeps across their screen. While the background cover shifts to something more neutral after the first portion of the landing page, consistent neon green pops throughout establish the branding.

4. Drew Minns Portfolio Site

green websites drew minns portfolio site with lime green background Drew Minns does an excellent job showing how visually appealing green websites can be. Though the shade is bright, there's sufficient contrast against the text, so Minns' words stand out. This portfolio is also a great reminder that your font should be more than an afterthought  — the font Minns selected indeed is, which is to the website's benefit.

5. ZAK Studio

green websites ZAK studio shows lime green background ZAK Studio is on our list of best green websites thanks to its attention-grabbing design. When you land on the site, your mouse turns into a tiny lime-green circle. A video plays on a loop in the background to establish the studio's vibe. The studio's mission statement against a bright green background is below the fold.

6. Bambuk Studio

green websites bambuk studio image shows panda bear against green earthy background Bambuk Studio employs the color green creatively. We love how the site has a graphic for visitors to look at while they wait for it to load. Then, the studio builds off of that graphic. Parallax scrolling brings this site to life, and a green dot mouse hover adds continuity to the user's experience.

7. Ecoist Cars

green websites ecoist shows green background with tian in large white font and a green car Ecoist Cars' website shines with the help of a green background. Not only is this on-brand for the organization, but it's also visually engaging. When you land on the site, you see an all-green background and a car, which sharply contrasts with the white font. Considering this brand sells environmentally friendly vehicles, using the color green feels intuitive.

8. Wogan Coffee

green websites wogan coffee shows information about coffee source and text informing readers that the coffee is not bad for the earth Like Ecoist Cars, the Wogan Coffee website exemplifies how you can use color to tell your company's story. Wogan and Ecoist provide planet-friendly goods, so they utilize a green website to convey this more effortlessly. Wogan uses multiple hues of green while maintaining significant contrast. We also love how this site uses abstract, fluid shapes that delight visitors.

9. Cloverly

green websites: cloverly Cloverly is another environmentally-minded website that uses green to get its point across. The exact shade of green used in the background when you land on the homepage is added throughout. These touches make a more cohesive experience. Other highlights of this site include how it features its blog on the homepage, offers a centrally placed contact button, and has a robust footer .

10. Code Craftsman

green websites code craftsman The Code Craftsman website has less green than some other sites on this list, but what it does packs a punch. As you can see with the Code Craftsman site, not all green websites, feature a background with the color. Instead, you can add touches throughout for a similar effect if you'd prefer to keep the background neutral.

11. Compare the Gardeners

compare the gardeners green websites Up next on our list of the best green websites is Compare the Gardeners. The font and the 'create account' button in the top right corner are green, though different hues. There are also pops of green in the animated graphic on this homepage. We love how this site employs parallax scrolling for a more engaging experience.

12. ADV2

green websites ADV2 ADV2 is another compelling example of making green websites while keeping them relatively minimalistic. Though the background is neutral, powerful green elements are throughout the website, such as buttons and section backgrounds.

13. Tiger Marketing

green websites tiger marketing Tiger Marketing has one of the most creative green websites on this list. As you hover over the rainforest graphic on the homepage, it moves with your mouse, drawing the visitor's attention.

Additionally, this site demonstrates how committing to your branding and going all out can be a huge win — you probably wouldn't expect to see rainforest animals on a marketing website. Still, it works, thanks to Tiger Marketing's commitment to branding.

14. Tyrannosaurus Tech

tyrannosaurus tech green websites Similar to Code Craftsman, this website doesn't have too much green. Instead, it relies on those delightful pops of color. As you scroll down, you're invited to sign up for the brand's newsletter, which is set against an image with a wash of green over it. Because this contrasts with the black background you see on the rest of the site, it stands out.

15. Bold by Nature

green websites bold by nature Next is Bold by Nature. The brand's website leans into the nature theme with a dark, forest-green background. There are also pops of lighter green throughout the site, such as in promotional images and with buttons. The font is another strength of this website, as it stands out without detracting attention from other crucial elements.

16. Static App

green websites static app Static App has a gorgeous green website. Green is woven throughout the graphic, which greets you when you land on the homepage. We also love the clever addition of one green word in the header font. Scrolling down on the homepage, you'll notice that the primary highlight color is green, with hints throughout.

17. Bateaux Verts

green websites bateaux verts There's a lot that this website does well, from having a colorful green background that draws attention to adding moving imagery which maintains viewer interest. Once you scroll down on the homepage, you find green throughout the site, such as in the background of a section or the footer. This is an effective way for the brand to make the website cohesive.

18. Olio Albori

green websites olio albori The Olio Albori website is one of the best green websites because it's unique, stays true to the brand story, and makes excellent use of the color. This company's site features graphic touches throughout, an elegant font, and a scrapbook-style theme. We especially love the soft lines and curves throughout, as well as in the footer.

19. Off the Record

green websites: off the record Off the Record uses a bold but not overpowering shade of green on its homepage and footer. The footer is highly comprehensive with page options, which is effective especially considering the nature of the website. The text font is also a strong choice, as it's unique but still readable.

20. Meyers and Associates

green websites meyers and associates Meyers and Associates' site features several shades of green throughout, which is why it's so effective. From bright lime to deep emerald, the branding is visually appealing, a must-have for an architecture firm. When you move your mouse over certain elements, there's an animation element, also a wise addition.

21. Pixelfish

green websites pixelfish with green background and dark blue shapes adjacent to text Pixelfish is another example of how you can make an effective green website with a less-is-more approach. When you arrive on the site, you are greeted with a green background and a dark blue moving graphic. Then, as you scroll down, green leaves center stage as other colors get a chance to shine.

22. The Salt

green websites the salt homepage features green and a circle with black and white imagery The Salt has an engaging green website that invites visitors into the company's world. When you land on the site, the loading screen features a neutral background and green font. After the site loads, a black-and-white image appears as the background with a green overlay.

23. Etherfuse

green websites etherfuse Last is Etherfuse. This is one of the best green websites because it is unique. The menu hides as a hamburger in the center of the page, which we don't see often. Additionally, the pixelated image moves as you drag your mouse around the homepage. This site also implements parallax scrolling to create a more engaging user experience. We love the touches of lime throughout the site.

Get inspired by the best green websites.

Now that you have an inside look into the best green websites, are you inspired to create your own? Remember to keep it cohesive with your branding and, most importantly, have fun with adding color. 

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