9 Website Designs that Embrace Valentine's Day [Examples]

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Madison Zoey Vettorino
Madison Zoey Vettorino


If you run an ecommerce website, it's especially critical that you pay attention to upcoming holidays and tailor your website accordingly. The best Valentine's Day website design examples don't just acknowledge the holiday but embrace it by offering visitors tangible steps to purchase gifts for their loved ones.

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If you need Valentine's Day website design inspiration, you are in the right place. This post will showcase nine sites demonstrating what outstanding Valentine's Day website design looks like in practice.

1. The Paper Store

valentine's day website design: the paper store

When visitors arrive on The Paper Store's website, their eyes are immediately drawn to the large central image which advertises the company's Valentine's Day Gift Guide. There's strong color contrast between the white background, and the bright pink image accentuates its importance. Visitors are invited to "Shop the gift guide" with a smartly placed call to action.

Another reason this is a compelling example of Valentine's Day website design that other businesses should take a cue from is that the brand showcases a few offerings on the homepage. This imagery, paired with the call to action, entices visitors to click through and check out what the company offers for Valentine's Day.

When you click through to the gift guide, organized square boxes reveal what you can purchase. Product photography is also a tremendous strength. We also love the conversation heart sketches on the page.

2. Shore Soap Company

valentine's day website design: shore soap company

Next, we have Shore Soap Company, a Rhode Island-based brand that creates coastal-inspired bath and body products. Shore Soap Company's Valentine's Day website design stands out because it's subtle yet cheeky. The copy reads, "Make sure your Valentine's Day doesn't stink," and is a distinct nod to the company's products, pictured.

There's a clear call to action as the brand invites visitors to shop Mermaid Kisses, the advertised scent. The entire banner feels intrinsic to the brand and features beautiful product photography.

3. Anthropologie

valentine's day website design: anthropologie

Another excellent example of a successful Valentine's Day website design is Anthropologie's site. The collection is clearly labeled "The Valentine's Day Shop," and directly underneath, visitors can click on images of products that make great gifts. If you continue to scroll, there's an option to check out gifts based on their price tag, making it easy to find an item priced right.

When you scroll to the bottom, adorable illustrations provide site visitors with options for receiving their items, demonstrating that regardless of how you'd like to pick up or ship your products, there's a way that will work for you. Plus, we love how Anthropologie keeps its Valentine's Day shop top of mind by featuring it on its navigation menu.

4. Godiva

valentine's day website design: Godiva

Another one of our favorite Valentine's Day website design examples is Godiva. This site offers an in-depth look at the brand's products for the holiday. Plus, the larger-than-life imagery gets visitors hungry to make a purchase.

We also love the headline's alliteration — "Sweeten the Season." The homepage features intuitively placed elements, from the banner advertising a sale to imagery underneath inviting visitors to shop for strawberries or a gold gift box.

5. Papier

valentine's day website design: papier

Stationary company Papier does an excellent job presenting its products on its site for Valentine's Day. We love the fonts the company uses in its marketing, plus how cohesive the entire section of the website feels. On the left, a moving image adds visual interest and makes the area more engaging for visitors.

Another of Papier's strengths is product photography, which effectively tells the brand story and demonstrates what the items could look like in your space. It's also clever how the company separates Valentine's Day gifts from cards, so visitors can easily find everything they want without frustratingly searching.

6. Edible Arrangements

valentine's day website design: edible arrangements

Edible Arrangement takes a colorful approach to its Valentine's Day website design. The banner features a bright blue background and vivid product photography, which demonstrates what you can order for your loved one in celebration of the holiday. The copy is simple, advertising a sale that's currently running.

Though this design is relatively simple, it touches on all the essential elements — the products you can send via the site, promotions running, and even how the company will help you make it the "Sweetest Valentine's Day ever."

7. Etsy

valentine's day website design: etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace where artisans and creators can sell their products. The Valentine's Day landing page showcases products sorted by type, such as Valentine's Day Bestsellers, Last Minute Gifts, Custom Portraits, and beyond.

What we love about Etsy's Valentine's Day website design is how you can search exactly what you're looking for in the center of the page. Underneath the search bar, some popular ideas are mentioned so visitors can get inspired. We love the curation of imagery and the excellent white space  balance, making the website visually attractive and functional.

8. MoMA Design Store

valentine's day website design: MoMA design store

Up next is the MoMA Design Store. This landing page presents the company's Valentine's Day gift guide cohesively and authentically. The entire website is minimalistic, and the gift guide landing page is no exception. We love how the company mentions the last day to purchase a gift for it to arrive on time — plus, it's wise to include this upfront so the team doesn't waste hours yielding questions about a delivery time frame.

The selection of products shown in the landing page banner is eclectic, and the entire page has enough white space to feel streamlined and clean.

9. Target

valentine's day website design: target

Last but not least, we have Target. Target's Valentine's Day landing page scores points because of its organization. We love the visually appealing images at the top of the screen, showcasing popular subsections of items consumers may want. Plus, the brand includes a section revolving around recent additions to the Valentine's Day collection, which draws the consumer's attention to what's new.

Another reason this Valentine's Day landing page is so successful is that it categorizes products by price, proving that at Target, you can find something for everyone on your list in your price range. As you scroll down, you can also shop based on the recipient, and the company mentions trending products you might be interested in.

Ideas for Implementing Valentine's Day Website Design on Your Site

Curious how your brand can update its site to be holiday-friendly? Here are a few suggestions for giving your site a makeover for Valentine's Day.

Update your product photography.

One thing plenty of these examples have in common? Exceptional product photography. Give your product photos a facelift and show visitors how giftable they are.

Use Valentine's Day-themed colors on your site.

Even if pink and red aren't your brand's colors, consider temporarily giving your color palette a reboot in preparation for the holiday. Don't worry — you can change it back right after.

Create a landing page or gift guide.

The easier it is for customers to find a curated selection of products suitable for Valentine's Day gifts, the better. Notice how many of our favorite Valentine's Day website design examples include gift guide style landing pages? Bring your site to life for the holiday by creating a Valentine's Day-specific landing page or gift guide.

Make your CTAs holiday-centric on the landing page.

If you make a landing page or gift guide, don't forget to ensure your CTAs are Valentine's Day-centric, too! Think: "Check out our gift guide" or "Shop Valentine's Day stationery."

Use Valentine's Day website design to tell your brand's story.

Now that we've shown you some exceptional examples of Valentine's Day website design, you can build your landing page or homepage that showcases your company's products effortlessly.

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