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With more than 2 million site owners making use of Divi themes, it’s no surprise that there have been plenty of incredible websites designed with the second most popular theme in the United States. The sheer variety of templates available, often called ‘Divi themes,’ guarantees that you’ll find one suitable for your company’s website needs. However, with so many Divi WordPress themes available, it’s understandable if you need some guidance on how to begin. 

Grow Your Business With HubSpot's Tools for WordPress WebsitesToday, we’ll walk you through our favorite uses of Divi themes on WordPress websites

Why are Divi themes so popular? 

We’ve already done a deep dive into why Divi is one of the most beloved WordPress themes available, but let’s quickly recap why it is an exceptional choice for those seeking a flexible, aesthetically pleasing theme. 

There’s a lot of pressure associated with picking a theme for your WordPress website — and picking it wrong could mean endless troubles for your site. Divi is a sound option for technical and aesthetic reasons. Driving its popularity is Divi’s large template selection and advanced features, including a built-in split testing system, as well as its built-in page builder. And did we mention it features more than 200 elements and 2000 layouts? 

Another signature feature is that Divi themes boast the Divi Builder, which offers more functionality and flexibility than the default Gutenberg editor. This is because the Divi builder allows you to customize the entirety of your site, from headers to footers and sidebars. This is more advanced and enables further customization than only content areas. Therefore, you can create a truly one-of-a-kind site your visitors will love. 

Need proof? Then let’s take a look at some of the best websites built with Divi and other WordPress plugins.

25 Examples of Websites Built with Divi Themes 

Ready to dive into our favorite examples of sites created with Divi themes? We sure are! This collection contains a wide range of business niches to showcase Divi's flexibility. Regardless of what type of site you are building, one of the Divi WordPress themes is sure to fit your unique needs. 

1. Baitic

First up is Baitic, a technology company that utilizes the Divi theme to deliver a sleek, sophisticated website experience for users. This website features the company's signature color palette, allowing it to stay true to the organization's brand identity. Baitic's website reveals that with Divi, you can create a graphic, illustrated site or lean into one that includes photographs. Baitic also makes use of the Divi theme's animations, motion effects, dynamic assets, and, notably, the form builder. 

While this website is simple, it provides you with everything you need to know as a visitor. Towards the bottom of the homepage, you can find the business's location and a phone number you can use to get in touch. We love that visitors end their scroll of the website landing on this information.

Pro tip: If you opt for the Divi theme, then you can easily install the HubSpot WordPress plugin and begin using HubSpot email marketing, CRM, forms, popups, and live chat on your WordPress website.

2. Buy from Tasmania

Buy from Tasmania is an online marketplace created with both the Divi theme and the powerful WooCommerce plugin. It sells goods and services from locally-owned family businesses in Tasmania. By doing so, it fosters a community where members are able to share local knowledge, recipes, and more. 

Buy from Tasmania features unique, aesthetically appealing product grids so that visitors can easily browse or find specific items they're looking for and complete their purchase. Plus, there's a category-based navigation bar, several "Shop now" CTA buttons, and a footer that provides ample resources for navigating the site. 

divi themes: Buy from Tasmania site built on Divi

3. 9AM Cinematography

Based out of Mexico City, 9AM Cinematography is an agency designed to help directors of photography in Mexico and Latin America thrive in the advertising and film industries.

Built on Divi, 9AM Cinematography's website lets their work speak for itself. Its homepage is a video background that plays on a loop. We love how this website keeps it sleek and sophisticated. The main focus of the website is the imagery. However, you are also able to access the menu from the moment you land on the site. The horizontal navigation bar offers access to key pages you may seek, as well as the ability to connect on Instagram, thanks to the addition of the well-known logo. 

divi themes: 9AM Cinematography website built on Divi

4. Poppy Carter

For Poppy Carter, a wedding photographer, website function is just as crucial as aesthetic appeal. The photographer makes use of the Divi theme to bring their portfolio site to life. When couples considering hiring Poppy arrive on the website, they're greeted with gorgeous imagery that spans the width of the screen. Within a scroll, Poppy's site features her different specialties (weddings, engagements, etc.), and when you click each word, it takes you to that page.

We love the horizontal menu on the top of the main page and particularly love how there are testimonials featured on the homepage. When you get to the footer, you have the ability to contact Poppy, learn more about her, discover additional testimonials, or connect on social. This wide range of options reduces friction. 

divi themes: poppy carter 5. Whyfi

Whyfi is an independent strategic branding and digital agency based in Bengaluru. With the brand slogan "Get Spotted," it makes sense that Whyfi's website is so eye-catching. With a vibrant color scheme, bold typography, and vertical headers, Whyfi's website stands out from other agency websites built on Divi. This site demonstrates how you can use Divi to build a site that reflects your unique branding.

Divi themes: Whyfi agency website built with Divi

6. Strides

Next up is Strides, a website creation and management agency. There are a few reasons this iteration of the Divi theme stands out to us. First, it features excellent white space. Second, the addition of parallax scrolling adds a sense of dimension and energy to the website. 

Another reason we love Strides is that it keeps it simple — you won't find an excess of unhelpful information on the site, but rather the barebones knowledge you need to make your decision regarding working with the company. 

7. Devlin Photos

Yes, you can build a photography website using Divi themes! In fact, Devlin Photos is one of the best examples of a photography site built with Divi. 

The homepage has a unique grid layout featuring overlapping images, a video, an image slider, and some text, including a customer testimonial and word from the photographer. Most of the pages, including the "Lisa" and "Story" pages, have the same layout. You can easily navigate to these pages or anywhere else on the site by clicking on the links in the vertical navigation menu. Plus, it beautifully balances imagery and whitespace

Divi themes: Devlin Photos website built with Divi theme

8. Nomad Capitalist

Nomad Capitalist provides entrepreneurs with legal strategies to reduce their tax bill, grow wealth overseas, and become global citizens.

Built on Divi, the Nomad Capitalist website is primarily designed to build trust with prospective clients and convert them into existing clients. With these goals in mind, the homepage includes several About sections, a Team section, a testimonials slider, multiple images, as well as a video of the founder of Nomad Capitalist, strategically placed and colorful CTA buttons, and an email opt-in form. We also love how the footer includes a variety of links to help you navigate the site more easily. 

divi themes: Nomad Capitalist website built with Divi theme

9. Art and Craft

Art and Craft is a child theme that demonstrates that you can customize your Divi themes to meet your needs. The website, created to promote the film Art and Craft about one of the most prolific art forgers in U.S. history, stands out thanks to its simplicity. Plus, it's on-brand — a hallmark of a successful website.

Another important example of Divi's versatility, this multi-page website contains all the information you'd need or want about the film. By checking out the site, you can learn what it's about, where to watch it, and how critics reviewed it. Each page has the same layout: There's a sticky menu, a full-screen background image with a text overlay, and a carousel at the bottom of the page. A parallax scrolling effect is also applied to give the illusion of depth. Art and Craft reinforces the idea that your site doesn't have to be complex to be effective. 

art and craft: divi themes

10. Natural Chef Mallorca

Natural Chef Mallorca is yet another example of an exceptional, visually engaging website that harnesses the power of Divi themes. This light and airy website features everything you could need to know about two private chefs. Within one scroll, you can read a robust bio to learn more about them and decide if you want to learn more about their services. We love the whitespace, easy-to-navigate horizontal menu. 

One of the best features of the Natural Chef Mallorca website is the slider on the website, which showcases images of the chefs' previous creations. Because enjoying food is so visual, it makes sense that these chefs made it a central focus of their website. 

11. Veronica Ariel

Veronica Ariel is a Chicago-based fashion designer. The Veronica Ariel / I AM SOCIALITE boutique website uses the Divi theme to create a visual online experience, highlighting the style and visual aesthetic of their products.

The homepage features a wide hero image followed by tiled images of featured products. In addition, the site includes an ecommerce store with sleek and attractive product pages that function well on both mobile and desktop. Then, when you shop the collection, you are brought to a sleek page where you can shop all of Veronica's creations. 

DIVI THEMES: veronica ariel clothing boutique example divi site

12. White Gorilla

White Gorilla is a UK-based digital agency that offers a wide variety of services, including UX/UI, graphic design, social media, copywriting, mobile apps, and ecommerce. The website features bold typography, scroll animation, and lots of white space. This example shows that you don't need to use Divi's advanced design modules to build an excellent website.

Instead, you can use a minimalist and flat design like White Gorilla's to showcase only the most important information to prospective and existing clients. White Gorilla, for example, includes About, Team, Services, and Contact sections as well as a portfolio grid with CTA buttons interspersed throughout.

The footer is also a favorite of ours, as it features all must-know information, including addresses of the business, a phone number to get in touch, and an email address. 

White Gorilla website built with Divi themes

13. Peace of Mind Dental

Another potential use for Divi themes? Healthcare websites. Just check out Peace of Mind Dental's site for an example of how effective this theme can be in a healthcare setting. Instantly when you land on the site, you are able to see important information, including hours of operation, location, and contact. 

When you scroll down, you'll also notice a section that provides additional information about the organization. There's a contrast between the background white and the blue element containing copy, allowing it to stand out. This iteration of the Divi theme balances professionalism while not coming across too clinical. 

divi themes: peace of mind

14. Green Peas for Breakfast

If you're looking for a version of the Divi themes full of personality, look no further than Green Peas for Breakfast. This creative design website provides visitors with a clear example of what the creator can do — from copywriting to web and print design to illustration. 

This graphic, quirky website demonstrates how leaning into your branding is crucial when building your website. As a result, Green Peas for Breakfast has established itself as one of the most unforgettable websites on our list. We love the pop of color, a grid of examples of past work as you scroll down, and the hamburger that expands to reveal a small but mighty menu.

divi themes: green peas for breakfast 15. Music Masters

Next up is Music Masters, a non-profit that helps bring the joy of music to everyone. We love how the title is the central focus of the homepage and how there is a clear call to action directly underneath. The video shown behind the text also tells a powerful story. 

As you scroll down, there's additional information about the website's mission. You can also learn more about what applies to you and specify whether you are a teacher or a school looking to get involved. The footer includes well-recognized social media logos so you can connect with the organization elsewhere. 

divi themes: music masters 16. Timeline Missions

Timeline Missions is one of the best websites created using the Divi theme. An international company of award-winning cinematographers, photographers, directors, producers, and professional athletes, Timeline Missions produces feature films, documentaries, TV, print, and digital advertising for a wide range of clients.

With the Divi theme and builder, Timeline Missions built a website with stunning images, parallax sections, and icons to attract clients worldwide. We love how digestible this site is thanks to its formatting and how much ground it covers. If you are a potential client and have a question, chances are you can find the answer on the site. 

divi themes: Timeline Missions website built with Divi theme

17. Blog Genesis

Blog Genesis is yet another example of how flexible Divi themes are. When you land on the Blog Genesis homepage, you are greeted with a choose-your-own-adventure for your blogging journey. The site asks you if you have a blog or if you're looking to get started and takes you to different places accordingly. We also love how a central CTA for this blog is to sign up for the newsletter, which appears on the homepage when you scroll down.

Or you may choose to click on one of the trending or top posts in the website footer. If you don't find what you're looking for on the homepage, you can always click on one of the navigation links from the sticky menu. Notice that no matter what a visitor clicks on, they either browse the site content or take a conversion action.

divi themes: blog genesis

18. Dajo Creative

Dajo Creative demonstrates again how you can elevate Divi themes to make them applicable to your unique needs. When you land on the website, you are met with an image of a pickle jar. As you scroll, however, parallax effects come into play, helping to tell the brand's compelling story. 

The site has an excellent flow, thanks to elements that help each section stand out. From copy to imagery, Dajo Creative reveals just how compelling making use of Divi elements can be. We especially love how the homepage ends with an invitation to connect and the different ways you can do so. 

divi themes: dajo

19. Southern Bancorp

Yes, Divi themes can even work seamlessly for banks and financial organizations! Southern Bancorp is a financial institution that provides lending services to economically distressed communities in addition to its standard banking offerings. Its site runs on a Divi theme and even includes an online banking portal.

The style is about as professional as it gets, with a multi-color palette, modern font faces, and bold text. You'll also notice the large navigation menu to accommodate a deep level of content for their users. We love how robust the navigation menu is, plus the variety of actions you can take on the footer of the website. 

divi themes: southern bancorp divi theme example

20. Samui Garden Villa

Divi themes are also effective for hotels and hospitality websites. Just take Samui Garden Villa, for example. This luxury villa in Thailand was created with Divi to provide prospective and existing guests with all the information necessary to ensure their trip is successful.

On the Samui Garden Villa website, visitors can explore the Villa's rooms and amenities, check out their seasonal rates, book their stays on Trip Advisor, and make a deposit — all in a few clicks of their mouse. It uses image sliders, parallax effects, and contrasting colors to keep readers engaged as they scroll. We love the array of images this theme uses, not to mention the contact section on the bottom, where the site provides visitors with various tools they can use to get in touch. 

divi themes: Samui Garden Villa website built with Divi theme

21. How to Beast

Next up is How to Beast, a fitness and lifestyle blog built with the help of one of the Divi themes. By combining bold typography, minimalist design, and strategic color, How to Beat makes navigating the site simple. We love how the site creator keeps the blog posts the central focus point of the site. Within one scroll down, you encounter a variety of blog posts and a call to action inviting you to check them out.

Its blog section contains all the functionality a reader would expect. The archive page displays a list of the most recent posts with image thumbnails. Each individual post has a featured image, embedded videos, social media sharing buttons, comments, and a related post widget.

divi themes: How to Beast website built with Divi theme

22. Itemit

This website demonstrates how a lightweight website built with Divi can be incredibly effective. It features dynamic assets, employs the use of the theme builder, and includes filters and effects you can harness on your own Divi website. We love how the CTA buttons match the branding seamlessly and how there are straightforward calls to action. There's even a matching popup that appears on your screen when you land on the homepage. 

itemit: divi themes

23. Raven & Ryegrass

Next up is Raven & Ryegrass, an event services company. The theme employs dynamic assets, the use of the theme builder, parallax features, and even border options. The elegant, regal font allows the content of this website to shine. Additionally, the company successfully extended its branding into the digital realm with the Divi theme on this website. We love how as you scroll down, there are links to other pages on the website. 

24. Sushi à la Maison

With flexible layouts, content modules, and virtually unlimited customization options, Divi theme is a great choice for restaurants like Sushi à la Maison. Sushi à la Maison is a unique sushi restaurant in Canada. Not only does it have two dining counters, but it also offers chef service at home, mystery take-out boxes, and food products.

Designed to inform and convert visitors into customers, the website has two image sliders, social media icons, a video gallery, and lots of CTA buttons. It also has a horizontal navigation header with sub-menus with links to the restaurant's chef service, counter locations, and in-house product range. We love how this website balances aesthetics and functionality — a hallmark feature of sites using Divi themes. 

Sushi a la Maison website built with Divi themes

25. Ranzer Builders

There are a lot of construction themes for WordPress we love, but Divi truly stands out as an excellent option because of how customizable it is. One of our favorite features of this website is how it infuses personality and branding throughout.

Additionally, another standout is an easy-to-follow three-step process outlined on the homepage. When you scroll down you can also check out previous projects the company has completed. 

Building Your Own Divi Website

Now that you're inspired by these amazing sites, it's time to start building your own. The Divi theme, bundled with the Divi Builder, is an excellent option for creating and customizing a WordPress website without coding.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in October 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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