Divi theme is a premium WordPress theme due to its flexibility, versatility, and interactive functionalities. Since it has a wide range of features that make the theme very popular among WordPress users, it's a great theme that many website designers and tech-savvy people are using it to build their websites.

Some of its features include the drag-and-drop design, easy to use modules, and customization options so that people may build their websites easily. It requires only a little knowledge of web design.

One of the outstanding features of the Divi theme is its Builder, the Divi Builder. The Divi Builder with a combination of preset modules makes it possible for people to create fully functional, responsive and SEO friendly websites.

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Here is the collection of websites that have been created with the Divi theme.

Designs With Divi Theme

1. The Global Church Project

The Global Church project is a website created with Divi. It helps Christian leaders and organizations grow by becoming more innovative. It offers resources for churches & pastors, colleges & universities, missions, agencies, individuals, and Christian non-profit organizations.

The global church project website has a beautiful color scheme. Its homepage is linked to the latest videos, subscription options, and more. The blog section of the website is impressive, clean, and straightforward using a plain font.

The Global Church Project

2. Nomad Capitalist

In the Nomad Capitalist website, the Divi theme is used as a corporate theme. Nomad Capitalist helps entrepreneurs find the best international strategies to reduce their taxes live across the world and create wealth. Using the Divi theme, it demonstrates its strategies very clearly.

It offers three simple steps to build wealth and freedom websites that are business optimization, Citizenship planning and better investing. The website uses steadily defined sections, testimonials, and pop-up functionality. Nomad Capitalist website help online entrepreneurs stay on top of their financial situation.

Nomad Capitalist

3. Art and Craft Film

The Art and Craft Film website was designed to promote documentary films and is another important example of Divi’s versatility that demonstrates how it can be used in any industry. This website uses a simple design with a Fullscreen image and a carousel in all the places to watch the movie featured. There is another carousel at the bottom of the page, and it is linked to the partners.

Art and Craft Film

4. Findability Science

Findability Science is a good website of the Divi theme, the theme attracts and serves many industries such as healthcare, agriculture, human resources, manufacturing, retail, and more. It allows you to see live demos to benefit customers. and uses the parallax effect with dynamic results.

With the feature of Fullscreen background video, the Findability Science website surely makes a memorable impression. Though it is a consulting firm, it also specializes in Findability which gives real-world metrics to the customers. The website taps with IBM and delivers unmatched solutions to solve critical issues.  It offers the highest accuracy of predictions from Big Data analytics.

Findability Science

5. Devlin Photos

Devlin Photos is a popular photography website created by Divi theme that proves how the themes showscases work in an impressive way. The owner of the site is Lisa Devlin a wedding photographer from the UK.

The designs of the website are extraordinary with images of different sizes put together to create stunning results. On the homepage of the site, there are embedded video and image sliders that make the site very stylish and dynamic.

Devlin Photos

6. Slavi Photography

Slavi Photography is one of the best example websites using Divi theme. Slavi Photography is Canada-based photography specializing in fine arts and boudoir portraits. It includes Boudoir, family, business, and wedding portraits.

The collection of portraits in this will last for years and generations. It has products such as albums, fine art canvases, and digital photos available. There is no doubt that fine art photography is worth the investment. The Divi theme adds a beautiful custom background image that complements the site’s elegant color scheme.

Slavi Photography

7. Fashion or Famine

The Divi features large images and stylish typography on the Fashion and Famine website, which shows that we don't need to use Divi’s many advanced design modules to build an excellent website.

Instead, it uses more minimalist designs on this website. Fashion or Famine is a vintage store where we can shop and has various sections like clothes, accessories, blogs, and more. It has features such as liquor store vintage, eastside, vans & stance, lace up & Levi’s, summer, in short, Hip-hip-hoodie to summer, super sizzlers ahead, vintage stripes, essential vintage, and a sneak peek feature.

Fashion or Famine

8. M for Montreal

M for Montreal is a music convention and festival that takes place every year and showcases around local and international venues across Montreal. Topmost music industry professionals mingle with fans and artists at the most vibrant music events of the season.

It creates long-lasting business relationships that will certainly lead to business. The mission of this website is to make a meeting place for industry professionals and artists from across the world. It generates opportunities for businesses people and careers for them.

Compared to other sites featured in this collection, M for Montreal has a clever design to organize the website.

M for Montreal

9. Masons Bar and Bistro

Masons Bar and Bistro is a back to back restaurant website that uses images prominently with a full-width homepage to accompany smart image grids, plus it includes nice parallax effects that define the headers of each section.

The Masons Bar and Bistro has features such as a map, plus menu, and contact form functionalities. The website has sections like pub, dining, rooms, and contact page.

Masons Bar and Bistro

10. Share Vancouver Island

Share Vancouver Island is a paradise with a taste of refined civilization. It's built to spread the stunning Vancouver Island. As you can see, the site is full of heavy images, showcasing the Island’s natural beauty.

The website is clean and well organized and presents everything a tourist needs to know about the place. It includes some gorgeous gallery images and includes wonderful features such as the Vancouver Island map, the ability to share photos on Instagram, and more.

Share Vancouver Island

11. Timeline Missions

Timeline Missions is one of the best websites created using the Divi theme. It's an international company having award winning cinematographers, photographers, directors, producers, and professional athletes.

Timeline missions produce feature films, documentaries, and digital advertising for a huge range of clients. The Divi theme gives stunning images and galleries to attract clients from all around the world.

Divi’s Fullscreen background image and dynamic parallax effects make a website, a perfect showcase for the team's missions. Divi theme specializes in unbelievable snow-based action films.

Timeline Missions

12. Blog Genesis

Blog Genesis proves how the Divi Builder can be used as a blogging theme. It gives its best features and the design of the homepage almost doubles up as a landing page.

The site provides information on how to start a blog, how to build your email list, blogger toolbox, and more. You can get weekly tips to build and grow your blog. The owner of the site uses Divi’s beautiful branded thumbnail images along with a simple sidebar with lots of white space. It also has a well-designed footer area and stylish form.

Blog Genesis

13. Dan Carr Photography

Dan Carr Photography is a visually stunning photography website created by the Divi theme. Divi provides completely different looking photography websites, proving that it can be used in many different ways.

It contains various sessions like a commercial, editorial & events, fine art prints, and photograph education. Dan Carr Photography adopts an impressive Fullscreen photo with additional images displayed in an organized grid form.

The website uses several Divi theme modules and features such as parallax effect, grid blog posts, image gallery, and more.

Dan Carr Photography

14. Goodwings

Goodwings is a good example website of the Divi theme, it's fantastic to travel agency services that allow you to book a tailor made journey, international departure, and domestic arrival.

Goodwings travel agency uses Divi theme templates, and sliders for booking and experiences shared by the clients, friends, and family. The website features a blog with clean, organized, boxed blog posts.

The homepage of the website includes a stylish full-width image, customer testimonials, and a convenient contact form.


15. Samui Garden Villa

Samui Garden Villa is a luxury villa in Thailand, and with the usage of Divi theme, it is equipped with warm and precious materials with an authentic Thai touch.

It uses the Divi custom booking system to make bookings and even has an events calendar, which is helpful to know the rates, timing, and schedule of the villa. It has a beautiful choice of images, parallax effects, and color schemes. Samui Garden villa integrates with a fully functional booking solution through Flipkey.

Samui Garden Villa

16. Dokkoon Shop

Dokkoon Shop is an eCommerce store from Chiang Mai, Thailand and is a maker of beautiful, hand-crafted teak products such as sculptures, clocks, and candle holders. It is a wholesale supplier of teak wood products and offers a range of teak products and customization options.

Dokkoon shop products are displayed on the homepage of the website with a special section dedicated to that. It is the best example of how a Divi built eCommerce store looks and behaves.

Dokkoon Shop

17. How to Beast

The How to Beast website builds confidence in yourself and transforms your body faster than you'd ever imagined. With its choice of bold title font and simple design, the website proved its versatility. Of course, the website is aimed at men who want to bulk up and become more confident.

The website features a simple email opt-in form on the top page of the site, which keeps perfectly with the rest of the site’s aspects. The blog inside the website looks professional with its clean design, organized sidebars, and small thumbnails.

How to Beast

18. Sweet Cecily’s

Sweet Cecily’s sells natural skincare products which are handmade, free from SLS and parabens, and has never tested on animals. Sweet Cecily’s is a wonderful Divi-WooCommerce combo selling website.

The store section of the website is beautiful and very easy to navigate, and these qualities make it easy to browse products. The website features a masonry style blog that looks simply striking. The Divi theme of the site uses a branded custom background image and a beautiful black and white gold color scheme.

Sweet Cecily’s

19. Heidi Brockmann

Heidi Brockmann is a body and mind nourishment coach website. There are beautiful websites made using Divi theme, Heidi Brockmann is a fantastic internet site that provides soft colors, elegant fonts, and original images that suit the brand name and the background of the website.

The most important thing in the Heidi Brockmann website is that it contains a stylish blog section featuring large boxed thumbnails. Divi’s templates, sliders, custom backgrounds are well suited for this website.

Heidi Brockmann

20. Sushi a la Maison

Sushi a La Maison is an impressive French sushi restaurant. Divi theme has proved to build impressive restaurant sites by integrating a table booking solution which helps in running the business.

The website looks impressive with features such as bold image slider, distinct social media icons, and links to the restaurant’s in-house product range. Divi makes it ideal by providing flexible layouts, almost all unlimited customization options, and content modules.

Sushi a la Maison

The Divi theme paired with the Divi Builder is an amazing WordPress resource to create amazing websites. If you’re an agency, you can take its subscription and use it to create websites of your own.

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Originally published Jan 1, 2020 2:19:00 PM, updated January 28 2020