Do you know how many people visit your WordPress website daily, weekly, or even yearly? If so, how do you know for sure your data is accurate?

Website traffic is one of the most fundamental KPIs every team that manages a website should be tracking. The number of people visiting your website tells you whether your online presence is growing and it can help demonstrate the success of a marketing campaign, press release, or launch of a new section on your site. Driving traffic to your WordPress site can also help your business secure advertising placements and sponsorships with other companies.

To reap the benefits above, you can't simply guess at these numbers. It's imperative that your traffic numbers are measured accurately and consistently over time. That means you'll want to choose a reliable tool that you can access easily within your WordPress dashboard and that can scale with your website as it grows. 

For this post, we looked for WordPress plugins that report quality data and provide data visualization tools so you can easily analyze your traffic and make critical business decisions with it. Here are the best plugins we've found to help you check traffic from your WordPress dashboard.

Measure your performance with HubSpot's free WordPress plugin

Before we dive into these plugins, keep in mind that there are a number of factors that influence the traffic coming to your website. Whether it's the content quality, website structure, or page load time, these tools will give you the visual data to improve your website.

1. HubSpot WordPress Plugin

HubSpot WordPress Plugin is a free tool that helps you grow your email list, manage your contacts, and send marketing emails. It comes with built-in analytics for you to identify which traffic sources are driving the most conversions.

HubSpot WordPress Plugin dashboard showing WordPress site trafficImage Source

The dashboard serves as a central hub for your marketing analytics. You’ll learn which forms, popups, and live chat modules get the most submissions. The best part is that no coding skills are required, and the HubSpot Academy offers free online training to help you improve your website traffic.

2. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress connects to your website using the latest Google Analytics tracking code. It offers in-depth reports for you to analyze the performance of each post or page on your website.

Google Analytics dashboard plugin showing traffic overviewYou’ll have access to real-time reports that show visits to your website, acquisition channels, and traffic sources. With this plugin, you can use custom dimensions to track authors, publication year, categories, and user engagement. Plus, you can set permissions based on user roles to control who sees specific reports on your team.

3. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a little different from the other plugins. While it doesn’t allow you to check your traffic from your WordPress dashboard, the tool does help you optimize your website for SEO. It analyzes the readability of your content and gives you complete control of WordPress breadcrumbs.

Yoast SEO plugins readability analysis

Image Source

With the premium version, your visitors can avoid 404 page errors with the help of the tools’ redirect manager. The focus keyword export feature also downloads an overview of all your implemented focus keywords and pinpoints to pages that need more optimization.

4. Visitor Traffic Real Time Statistics

Visitor Traffic Real Time Statistics is another useful WordPress plugin to track traffic from your WordPress dashboard. You’ll get in-depth reports of visitors’ behavior including the types of browsers and operating systems they use to visit your website. You also can analyze search queries and redirects from popular search engines, like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo.

Visitor Traffic Real Time Statistics wordpress traffic plugin

Upgrading to the Pro version gives you access to more features. You can see how many people are viewing your website in real time, view an interactive Google map of visitors’ locations, and analyze a time graph to view the daily visitors per hour. 

5.  Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg not only tracks your traffic, it also generates a heatmap of your site to show you exactly where users are on your webpages, where they're clicking, scrolling, and typing. This plugin can provide you with insight that quantitative data alone just can't do.

With this plugin, you can identify areas of your site that need to be improved to generate more clicks and conversions. You'll also be able to leverage areas of your website that are working well and apply those tactics to other pages. 

6. WP Statistics

WP Statistics lets you securely analyze your traffic data. Rather than sending the data from one application to another, the plugin records the information in your server. You can examine visitor data records, including the referring site, browser, and search engine. Preset dashboards provide the top 10 countries with the most visitors and the top 10 most-visited pages. 

wp statistics plugin for WordPress traffic

The plugin offers premium add-ons. You can upgrade to see real-time stats, create mini charts, and add conditions to change your content based on your analytics.

7. Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

Touted as the most popular analytics dashboard plugin for WordPress, MonsterInsights's Google Analytics enables all advanced Google analytics tracking features without the need for a WordPress developer. In just a few clicks of your mouse, you'll have a Google Analytics Dashboard that shows you only the analytics reports that matter.

Some of the reports included with this plugin are audience, behavior, and content reports. If you need more granular data, you can set up a custom dimensions report that can help you determine what time to post content, which authors on your site are writing content that is meeting your goals, and even how well your WordPress SEO efforts are paying off. 

Googl Analytics Dashboard by MonsyerInsights

8. JetPack

The widely-popular WordPress plugin JetPack is more than a website traffic tool. In addition to having a robust analytics functionality, JetPack comes equipped with security, performance, marketing, and design capabilities just to name a few. It's rare to find an all-in-one plugin that doesn't reduce your website to sluggish speeds — JetPack was built to leverage the power of AMP, a tool that helps optimize your site on mobile devices.

What we love about the JetPack plugin is that it shows you your website traffic, pinpoints where you can improve, and then provides you with the tools to tweak and tailor your site.

JetPack WordPress Traffic Plugin

9. Clicky Analytics

You won't need a developer to get your Clicky website analytics dashboard up and running in WordPress. This plugin is simple, but effective. It  gives site admins access to basic statistics, cache clearing, and tracking for video, email, and webpage content.

Clicky Analytics plugin showing traffic overview in WordPress dashboardUsers rave about the spy function in the Clicky plugin that allows you to see traffic in real-time the moment a URL goes live. If you're looking for a WordPress traffic plugin without the extra bells and whistles, this one is perfect for you.

All Your Website Traffic in One Dashboard

Eliminate the stress of having multiple browser tabs open to check your website traffic. You can measure your traffic accurately and consistently right in WordPress. Streamline your workflow by installing one of these plugins to view your traffic data in a single WordPress dashboard.

Use HubSpot tools on your WordPress website and connect the two platforms  without dealing with code. Click here to learn more.

 Use HubSpot tools on your WordPress website and connect the two platforms  without dealing with code. Click here to learn more.

Originally published Mar 21, 2021 7:00:00 AM, updated April 15 2021


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