101 Signs You're an Inbound Marketer

Rebecca Corliss
Rebecca Corliss



Future Inbound MarketerWe inbound marketers need to stick together! Sure, we have our quirky obsessions with data, Excel, content creation, and lead generation. But hey, that's what makes us so darn successful! Read this list, and see if you can relate. If you do, there's a very good chance you're an inbound marketer too!

101 Signs You're an Inbound Marketer

1. You can calculate visitor-to-lead conversion rates in your sleep. (Tweet this!)

2. You dream about Excel. (Tweet this!)

3. You could have a full conversation in acronyms, including CRM, CTR, SEO, and CTA. (Tweet this!)

4. You keep in touch with your mom using a lead nurturing campaign. (Tweet this!)

5. Your salespeople go from asking for more leads to asking for more high quality leads. (Tweet this!)

6. You don’t know whether to laugh or cry when you encounter a website that is built in FLASH. (Tweet this!)

7. You're the mayor of your office (on Foursquare). (Tweet this!)

8. Your dog/cat/bird/hamster is named Godin/Kawasaki/Brogan/Scott. (Tweet this!)

9. Your friends who don’t 'get' inbound marketing think you "do social media" for a living. (Tweet this!)

10. You ward off outbound marketing ghosts and spirits with The New Rules of Marketing and PR.
(Tweet this!)

11. You click "send" on a marketing email, and then obsessively check how many leads came from that send every five minutes. (Tweet this!)

12. Your funnel is so fat, you have to do lead scoring to help your sales team prioritize their time. (Tweet this!)

13. You measure everything. Twice. (Tweet this!)

14. After seeing a couple of data points, you feel an immediate itch to create an infographic. (Tweet this!)

15. You know all about cookie tracking (and it has nothing to do with your two-year-old). (Tweet this!)

16. You know exactly how many visitors, leads, and customers you got from Facebook ... yesterday.
(Tweet this!)

17. Your CEO asks you how you can invest more in marketing, instead of asking you to cut the budget. (Tweet this!)

18. You brainstorm blog post ideas in the shower. (Tweet this!)

19. Even your personal Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts include calls-to-action. (Tweet this!)

20. The funnel is your favorite shape. (Tweet this!)

21. You tell salespeople who cold call you that they should learn about inbound marketing. (Tweet this!)

22. You "like" everything. (Tweet this!)

23. You send out daily emails to your team with graphs and charts. (Tweet this!)

24. NoFollow tags make you cry. (Tweet this!)

25. Your sales team loves you. (Tweet this!)

26. When Twitter goes down, you feel lost. (Tweet this!)

27. To you, "going viral" is a good thing and has nothing to do with zombies. (Tweet this!)

28. You constantly publish blog posts titled, "X Ways to do Y." (Tweet this!)

29. You don't actually like the Grateful Dead's music, but you think their marketing rocks! (Tweet this!)

30. Your email is your to-do list. (Tweet this!)

31. You write blog posts on the fly on your smartphone while traveling. (Tweet this!)

32. You follow more internet marketing celebrities on Twitter than mainstream pop celebrities. (Tweet this!)

33. You use tools to streamline as much of your marketing as possible. (Tweet this!)

34. You have a favorite URL shortener. (Tweet this!)

35. You respond to every request for event sponsorship with … "Well, what if we wrote a guest blog instead?" (Tweet this!)

36. You understand 302 redirects are evil. (Tweet this!)

37. You know the ROI of social media. (Tweet this!)

38. You know search engines can't be gamed, but gosh darn it -- you still try! (Tweet this!)

39. Your Facebook feed is more about work than friends. (Tweet this!)

40. Sometimes #YouThinkInHashtags (Tweet this!)

41. Salesforce integration with everything is a necessity. (Tweet this!)

42. You have multiple monitors to monitor Twitter and Facebook as you work. (Tweet this!)

43. You obsess about the number of business days in a calendar month. (Tweet this!)

44. You’re a little bit embarrassed to even *suggest* increasing your paid search or display ad budget. (Tweet this!)

45. Your emotional attachment to "traffic" is strong enough to make you jump in your car and seek gridlock. (Tweet this!)

46. You create badges for everything. And you compete for them. (Tweet this!

47. You know what a persona is, and you create content that appeals to that persona. (Tweet this!

48. You always know the event hashtag, and you livetweet from conferences. (Tweet this!)

49. You can type on your smartphone as fast as you can on your computer. (Tweet this!)

50. You take your follower count very seriously. (Tweet this!

51. To you, link love is more romantic than flowers and candy. (Tweet this!)

52. You have your Twitter username on your business cards. (Tweet this!)

53. You know what your prospects' buying cycle looks like. (Tweet this!)

54. You obsess about creating content that appeals to prospects at all stages of their sales cycle.
(Tweet this!)

55. You know 'content marketing' and 'social media marketing' are tips of the inbound marketing iceberg! (Tweet this!

56. You have no shame asking for an inbound link when someone mentions your company in a blog article. (Tweet this!)

57. You fight against killing kittens by not sending spam emails. (Tweet this!

58. Your CEO asks you how you lowered cost-per-lead quarter over quarter. (Tweet this!)

59. You roll your eyes when salespeople tell you they have to attend another trade show. (Tweet this!

60. Your executives understand the importance of blogging, and they make time to do it. (Tweet this!

61. Your company has more "fans" than Justin Bieber. (Tweet this!)

62. You segment your leads via lead source, company size, and hair color. (Tweet this!)

63. You watch YouTube for inspiration. (You swear it's for inspiration!) (Tweet this!)

64. You’ve trained your sales team to use lead intelligence to time their sales calls better. (Tweet this!)

65. Whenever someone asks you a data question, you tell them to build a pivot table. (Tweet this!)

66. Your Website Grade is greater than an 85. (Tweet this!)

67. You have a Salesforce dashboard to monitor all your Salesforce dashboards. (Tweet this!)

68. You know what a marketing SLA is. (Tweet this!

69. At every event, you take photos, videos, and write a wrap-up blog post. (Tweet this!)

70. Your emails to colleagues use bolded phrases, headers bullets, and optimized subject lines.
(Tweet this!)

71. You keep up with what your friends are doing via their blogs. (Tweet this!

72. In casual conversation you've said, "That would make a great ebook," or "I'm doing a webinar on that." (Tweet this!)

73. You Google yourself every day to make sure nothing embarrassing is suddenly ranking for your name. (Tweet this!)

74. You can speak in 140 characters. (Tweet this!)

75. Your blogging software knows which keywords to fight to the death for, and how hard it will be to rank. (Tweet this!)

76. You test EVERYTHING, including layout, button color, subject line, and sender name. EVERYTHING. (Tweet this!)

77. You love reading blog post lists, which is why you've read this far. (Tweet this!

78. You believe that traffic is a useless measure unless you can see how much of it converts into leads. (Tweet this!)

79. You can multitask tweeting, blogging, reporting, and emailing all at once. (Tweet this!)

80. You run three different browsers to manage all of your Google accounts. (Tweet this!)

81. You've been known to save bad marketing automation emails, forward them to friends, and laugh at them. (Tweet this!

82. Your best friend's idea of a practical joke is to start a website to make fun of you. (Tweet this!)

83. You require flexibility to change your landing pages and website content whenever you want.
(Tweet this!

84. You actually KNOW which pages on your website signal the greatest likelihood to buy. (Tweet this!)

85. You've empowered your non-marketing colleagues and customers to evangelize your company on your behalf. (Tweet this!

86. You take Twitpics wherever you go. (Tweet this!

87. You have to force yourself to leave work at the end of the day. (Just one more minute! This post is almost perfect!) (Tweet this!)

88. Your favorite night out is a networking event. (Tweet this!

89. You own an iPhone/iPod, MacBook, AND an iPad. (Tweet this!

90. Email marketing is your best friend and your worst nightmare, all at the same time. (Tweet this!)

91. You're the star contributor to every LinkedIn group you're a part of. (Tweet this!)

92. Long-tail keywords are your best friend. (Tweet this!)

93. All the SWAG you give out has QR codes on it. (Tweet this!

94. Your family has a Google+ Circle, and you plan to use Google Hangout to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. (Tweet this!)

95. You celebrate your Twitter anniversaries. (Tweet this!)

96. You have more landing pages than products. (Tweet this!)

97. Your bookshelf has all 3 versions of The New Rules of Marketing and PR, bookended by Inbound Marketing. (Tweet this!)

98. You regularly have more browser tabs open than a developer or engineer. (Tweet this!)

99. You've taken every FAQ out of your email archives and turned it into a blog post. (Tweet this!)

100. You brainstorm secondary conversion offers at lunch. (Tweet this!)

101. Your business is growing in a downturned economy. (Tweet this!)

What are the signs telling you? Are you an inbound marketer?


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