7 Enlightening Infographics About Email Deliverability

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again. It doesn't matter how great your email marketing is if nobody can see it. And getting hundreds of thousands of eyes on your amazing email marketing campaigns begins with email deliverability.

There's actually quite a lot to take into account to ensure your emails actually get delivered to a recipient's inbox. Your list has to be healthy (if you're curious what makes up a healthy email list, take this 5-question test we developed); you need to develop and maintain a high Sender Score; you need to segment your email list like a pro; and the list goes on.

Furthermore, data from ReturnPath's Global Email Deliverability Benchmark Report has confirmed the problem email marketers are facing. Only 76.5% of commercial emails sent reached recipients' inboxes in 2011, and email blocked and flagged as SPAM increased 24%. So what are email marketers to do? Brush up on their SPAM and email deliverability 101, that's what. So we've compiled 7 informative infographics that give a rundown of what SPAM is, why it matters, and how you can ensure your email isn't viewed as SPAM so it gets into inboxes. Be sure to bookmark your favorite ones to help you in your next email marketing campaign!

7 Infographics About Email Deliverability

1) SPAM vs. Whitelist by EmailExpert

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2) How to Improve Email Deliverability by Pure360

improving email deliverability pure360

3) SPAM: More Than an Annoyance? by WebpageFX

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4) History of the SPAM Invasion by Rackspace

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5) What if Facebook Looked Like Your Email SPAM Folder? by Neolane

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6) 10 Steps to Seamless Inbox Delivery by Marketing Technology Blog

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 7) Email Campaign Delivery Checklist by Pure360

email deliverability checklist

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Image credit: Ecstatic Mark