You Oughta Know Inbound Marketing

Mike Volpe
Mike Volpe



"Oughta Know Inbound Marketing"
By HubSpot's Rebecca Corliss

If I make one more call
I might go punch a wall.
No one understands
That this doesn't work.

They hang up cause I'm a creep.
The mail I send they don't read.
They always find a way to
Ignore me.
I'm interrupting their lives
So they threaten me with knives.
I didn't think that marketing was like torture.

Cause the calls, direct mail
TV ads, they all fail.
And they aren't getting me anywhere. They don't work.
And every time I try to sell
'Didja know that I'm told I should go to hell?
Then I cry. Then I cry.
And you wonder why.

I want leads
To come to me.
Fix our SEO
Get some inbound links.
Let's get blogging.
Why don't we just use inbound marketing?
You. You. You. Oughta know.

Get my page rank up.
Tag my content.
Fix my landing page.
Let them come to me.

Now I can blog, I can tweet
Publish things you will read.
Won't have to bug you in the middle of dinner.
Google me organically
Search results one two and three.
You need my products? Uh huh. Yeah you'll find me.

Cause the calls, direct mail
TV ads, they all failed.
And they weren't getting me anywhere. They don't work.
And every time I tried to sell
'Didja know I was told I should go to hell.
Then I cried. Then I cried.
And you wondered why.

Now my leads
They come to me
Fixed our SEO
Got some inbound links
Now we're blogging
Thank god now we use inbound marketing.
You. You. You. Oughta know.

Remix Your Own "Oughta Know Inbound Marketing"

Here are all the component pieces of the song and video, all are yours to use however you like.  If you make your own video and put it on YouTube, leave us a link in the comments below.  Maybe we'll give out prizes or something if a lot of people do it and we see something creative and fun.  (You should be able to download each file by right-clicking on it.)

MP3 Audio of the entire song (4MB)

MP3 Audio of just the lyrics (4MB)

MP3 Audio of just the music (4MB)

MP3 Audio of just the drums (4MB)

MP3 Audio of just the bass guitar (4MB)

MOV Video of the entire song (60MB)

Just to be clear, the song, the audio tracks and the video are all licensed under Creative Commons, Share Alike and are Podsafe. So take it and re-mix it, and share it!

Creative Commons License  Oughta Know Inbound Marketing by Rebecca Corliss of HubSpot is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License


Rebecca Corliss (@repcor): Lyrics and Vocals
David Fisher (@tibbon): Accompaniment and Music Recording
Mike Volpe (@mvolpe): Mean Boss Dude in video
Ellie Mirman (@ellieeille): Marketer in video
Pamela Seiple (@pamelump): Marketer in video
Rick Burnes(@rickburnes): Marketer in video
Aaron White (@aaronwhite): Marketer in video
James Vaughan (@J_Vaughan): Marketer in video

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