PR Agencies That Survive Will Be Inbound Marketing Agencies

Rick Burnes
Rick Burnes



In a post earlier this year, Paul Roetzer explained what he called, the Dawn of the Inbound Marketing Agency : "'wired PR firms,' 'digital PR firms' and 'Internet PR firms,' will redefine the industry, and, in the process, give birth to a new category of agency - the inbound marketing agency."

Paul, who runs  PR 20/20  and is a HubSpot friend and  partner , was in Cambridge last week. I had a chance to sit down with him to hear more about his inbound marketing agency vision.

The full video from our conversation is below. Here are a few of the highlights:

On the social media success of Carrara Companies, a PR 20/20 client that sells cleaning and restoration services:  "What will a cleaning and restoration company do on social media? ... in their case they have expertise in all kinds of areas. Mold removal, what to do after a fire, carpet cleaning ... all that content can position them as experts."

On a real estate client featured in The Cleveland Plain Dealer:  "That client paid $99 for us to write a blog post. It was then covered in, generated an inbound link and made the front page of the business section the next day. That's why we say, traditional PR and online PR, there is no difference any more. Agencies that are only doing traditional are missing tons of opportunities."




Here are a few of the sites Paul mentioned during our conversation:

The Avenue District

Article about The Avenue District on

Carrara Companies ( cleaning and restoration services )

Also, I continued the conversation about The Avenue District  on my personal blog yesterday .


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