Use the Web to Optimize Your Offline Events [Marketing Cast]

Magdalena Georgieva
Magdalena Georgieva



When organizing offline events—whether they are conferences, user groups or tradeshows—you should be thinking about ways to leverage these opportunities through the Web. In this episode of the Weekly Marketing Cast , David Meerman Scott talks about ways in which the Internet can complement your offline efforts.

Make People Feel Prepared Before the Event Takes Place

If you are organizing a conference, share with your audience what is expecting them at the event before they attend. Give them an opportunity to learn more about the selected topics and allow them to network with employees and other guests.

Use Real-Time Platforms During the Event

Create a collaborative space where people can share real-time multimedia contributions like quick updates, photos and videos. For instance, think about creating a Twitter hashtag that will enable attendees to communicate with one another as the event occurs. As David explains, this real-time interaction will allow them to "become a part of the event."

Post Archived Materials After the Event

After the event takes place, post online some of the materials used—photos, videos and presentations. (For instance, after HubSpot's first user group conference , we uploaded selected archives and shared them with our guests and other interested audiences.) In this way, you are serving three segments—those who attended, those who wanted to attend but couldn't, and those who would like to attend next time. By archiving the event materials online, you are indirectly promoting similar events that will occur in the future. As David notes, "the search engine optimization of doing some of these things helps out really well for promoting next year's conference."

In what other ways have you used the Web to make the most of your offline events?

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