Are you stressed enough?

I'd guess that you've never heard anyone utter that phrase. Almost everyone is on the hunt for ways to avoid or better manage the amount of pressure they experience

But what if I told you that introducing a little stress into your routine might make you more productive?

According to Yerkes-Dodson Law, increased mental arousal can actually help improve performance, but only to a certain degree. This positive form of stress is known as eustress -- as opposed to distress -- and it marks the highest peak in the human performance curve. However, most people struggle to achieve a balance of this good stress, leaving them feeling either under-stimulated or distressed.

Want to learn how to better measure and manage workplace stress? Check out the infograpic from Bryan College for more detailed research, as well advice on how to leverage positive stress in the workplace.

Infographic on the positive form of stress known as eustress.

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Originally published Mar 29, 2016 6:00:00 AM, updated January 29 2018