A Visual Guide to Telling Compelling Stories for Your Brand [Infographic]

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Lindsay Kolowich Cox
Lindsay Kolowich Cox



Great storytelling is a great differentiator.

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Imagine you're walking down the snack aisle at a grocery store. How do you make sense of the hundreds of choices on either side of you? What's going to be on your mind when you decide what to buy? Perhaps you choose one product over another because that company donates a percentage of their proceeds to a great cause. Or maybe you choose it because it has more protein -- and you were just reading this article about how protein helps boost concentration, and you've been having trouble concentrating at work recently.

People like making decisions quickly, and it'll be easier for them to choose your stuff if your message resonates with them. After all, content helps people travel through the inbound marketing methodology so that, someday, they might buy something from your company and spread your company's story with others.

But, as you may have noticed, a lot of people are trying to tell stories these days. How are you going to set yours part from the pack? And where on earth do you begin creating compelling stories for your brand?

To answer these questions (and many, many more), ReferralCandy created the infographic below. Check it out to learn why storytelling works, what it'll do for your brand, and how to find and tell your own story. Near the end, you'll find examples of storytelling that worked from brands like Ray Ban and Patagonia. Now, go ahead and dig in.

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