The Definition of Sales Process [In Under 100 Words]

Emma Brudner
Emma Brudner



If your team doesn't work from a defined sales process, you've probably been told that you should get one. But what is a sales process in the first place? Here's a definition, in under 100 words.

What Is a Sales Process? 

A sales process is a step-by-step plan that details how salespeople convert leads into customers. It explains each action reps should take, and in what order. 

While the specific steps and order differ from organization to organization, all sales processes generally adhere to a common format.

The basic sales process stages are:

  • Source leads
  • Connect
  • Qualify
  • Present/demo
  • Issue proposal
  • Close

Sales experts recommend that team leaders customize their CRM to reflect the organization's unique sales process. Many teams affix numerical probabilities of winning a given deal based on its position in the sales process, which can improve forecast accuracy.  

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