The Sales Blitz: How it Works and What It Can Do for Your Team

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Tristen Taylor


In business, you may have thought that marketing is solely responsible for attracting customers. But what if we told you that sales can work together with your marketing team to boost your customer base? This is where the sales blitz comes into play.

sales blitz

Through a sales blitz, your team can accelerate the time needed to convert leads into customers by adopting a tailored strategy. In this blog post, we'll dive into what a sales blitz is, why they're important, and provide you with tips on how to not only conduct a successful sales blitz — but also how to make the most of this opportunity. So, let's get started.

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what is a sales blitz

During this period, sales teams typically work together to reach prospects and customers via phone, email, social media, webinars, and other channels.

The Importance of Sales Blitz

Sales blitzes are important because they allow sales teams to gain and close more deals quickly. Here are a few reasons why sales blitzes are critical for businesses:

  • Generate Leads: Sales blitzes allow sales reps to reach out to many potential customers quickly. This increased activity can lead to more leads generated, which can be followed up on after the Blitz is over.
  • Create Urgency: Sales blitzes create a sense of urgency among potential customers, as they know that the offer or promotion is only available for a limited time. This urgency can encourage customers to take action quickly and make a purchase.
  • Test Messaging and Tactics: Sales blitzes help sales teams to test new messaging and tactics. If a particular message or approach is not resonating with customers, the team can pivot quickly and try something else.
  • Boost Sales Momentum: Achieving quick wins during a sales blitz can build momentum for the longer-term sales strategy. This momentum can help sales teams stay motivated and focused on achieving their goals.

How to Create a Sales Blitz Strategy

Creating a sales blitz strategy requires careful planning and coordination between sales teams and other departments within the organization. Here are the steps to follow when creating a sales blitz strategy.

1. Define your team goals and objectives.

The first step in creating a sales blitz strategy is to define its goals and objectives. Are you looking to generate leads, close deals, or increase revenue? Once you have defined your goals, you can determine the tactics and messaging to help you achieve them.

2. Identify your target audience.

The next step is to identify the target audience for the Blitz. Your team should answer these questions to better understand the prospects they're trying to reach in the campaign:

  • What regions are you targeting?
  • Do you have a specific buyer persona you're trying to cater to?
  • Which channel do they prefer to reach your business?
  • What are their pain points and needs?

Understanding your target audience will help you create messaging and offers that resonate with them, which is vital for a time-sensitive campaign.

3. Develop the right messaging, content, and offers.

Once you have identified your target audience, you can develop messaging and offers that appeal to them. Ensure your messaging is clear and concise and that your offers are compelling and time-bound.

Your team should have a dedicated landing page for prospects to RSVP and learn more about the sales blitz to build interest and get them excited. Additionally, you should have content pieces leading up to the sales blitz campaign that builds hype about your brand, such as:

4. Train your sales reps for the campaign.

Sales reps need training on the messaging and tactics for a blitz. Make sure they have the right tools and resources, and that they understand the goals and objectives of the blitz. A centralized training on how the campaign will work ensures prospects have a coherent understanding of its purpose and a smooth experience.

5. Coordinate with your marketing team.

Marketing can play a critical role in supporting a sales blitz. Coordinate with your marketing team to ensure that messaging and offers are consistent across all channels and that the Blitz promotion is effective.

You want to avoid sharing incorrect messaging or overpromising an offer that doesn't align with the current company branding. Your marketing team should have tools and style guides for you to follow for smooth execution.

6. Track sales blitz results.

Finally, it's important to track the results of your sales blitz. Use analytics tools to measure the success of the Blitz and identify areas for improvement before you launch your next sales blitz.

Sales Blitz Ideas

Now that you understand a sales blitz and how to create a strategy for one, let's look at some ideas for making your own.

Flash Sale: Offer a time-limited discount or promotion to create urgency among potential customers

Host a Webinar: A webinar can effectively educate potential customers about your products or services.

Launch a New Product: Launching a new product during a sales blitz can create excitement and build anticipation for the new offering.

Free Giveaways: Offer a chance to win a valuable prize for registering to attend a sales blitz or offering small swag bags for conference attendees.

Run Your Own Sales Blitz

Running a sales blitz can be a game-changer. A blitz can deliver quick and tangible results by leveraging your sales team and working closely with marketing. It's up to you to take the next steps and implement what you have learned. And if you do, you may find that it's a powerful tool your business can use to take your sales game to the next level.

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