Which of the following two sales pitches do you prefer?

"Our product was voted #1 in customer satisfaction. It is 33% better than service X. It saves time and money."

"Steve at Business Corp. switched to our product from service X about six months ago, and he told me last week that it's saved the company $5,000 and about 10 reporting hours per week. He actually got a promotion for spearheading the transition! And the best part is that his whole staff loves the product."

I'm willing to guess you chose pitch #2 as the more interesting sales presentation. Why? Even though both versions contained the same information, the second used a storytelling framework to deliver the message. And humans are hard-wired to connect with stories, as shown in the following infographic from Ethos3.

While facts and figures are great, there's nothing quite like a customer story to capture buyers' hearts and minds. Check out the image below to dig into the neuroscience of storytelling, and learn how to spin a maximally effective yarn.


HubSpot CRM

Originally published Apr 22, 2016 12:00:00 PM, updated July 28 2017


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