Polls and surveys can work wonders regarding increasing user engagement on your WordPress site, and it will help you to know your users better so that you can offer content of their interest.

Though you can run a poll using your social profiles, a Facebook fan page for your brand and other mediums, running a poll on your blog can make a huge difference because a hundred percent of your users get access to the poll and can participate. So the result will be more specific and accurate.

We have seen many pro-bloggers using this feature quite effectively to engage with their users and create a nice community around their blog or online brand.

If you are planning to go in a similar direction, we have collected some of the best WordPress poll plugins which you can use on your blog to create a poll and interact with your users.

These WordPress plugins make the process of creating a poll for your site easy, with these plugins you can manage your polls from the WordPress dashboard and have full control over the entire process.

Poll and Survey Plugins For WordPress

#1 - GetSiteControl

Pop-up surveys are an excellent way to see what your visitors are thinking. They can show you what you're doing right, and they can also reveal what you need to improve.

GetSiteControl makes adding surveys to your site as easy as 1-2-3. You can use this plugin to add opt-in subscribe forms, promotion notifications, and live chat to your site as well. Ultimately, GetSiteControl will help you persuade your visitors to take action before they leave.

GetSiteControl WordPress Plugin

#2 - YOP Poll

YOP Poll plugin helps you to create a beautiful survey on your WordPress blog. You can run multiple polls simultaneously, and it provides you full control over the tool once you activate the plugin.

You can create a new poll or clone an existing poll if you want and you can manage the votes, what details to display and what to keep private from the dashboard.

Though it's a free WordPress plugin, it does provide you a number of amazing options and features which make it a premium quality tool.

YOP Poll Plugin

#3 - WP-Polls

WP-Polls is one of the most popular free WordPress plugins to run polls on your blog. With more than 100,000+ downloads, this plugin stands tall among the survey plugins.

This is a simple but highly customizable plugin via templates and CSS styles to make it your own. And it provides you a number of options to show the poll in a specific post or page as well as in the sidebar, you can use the shortcodes provided by this plugin to place the survey.

WordPress poll plugins

#4 - Opinion Stage

If you need a plugin that allows you to add surveys to your site, then you won't find a better option than Opinion Stage.

Opinion Stage is trusted by lots of large companies, including BBC, Reader's Digest, and Warner Bros., and it has a 4.5 out of 5 rating on WordPress.org. It's easy to see why Opinion Stage is so popular - it's effective, easy to use, and it even has a dashboard that lets you analyze conversion rates and other stats. Go ahead, try it out and see for yourself.

Opinion Stage WordPress Plugin

#5 - Modal Survey

Modal Survey makes it easy to get feedback from the people who visit your site. It allows you to embed surveys in your content, or you can have your surveys displayed as pop-ups. It also gives you many different options for displaying the results of your surveys - you can use a pie chart, a bar chart, a progress bar, and more. When it comes to poll plugins, you just can't do any better than Modal Survey.

Modal Survey WordPress Plugin

#6 - WordPress Survey & Poll

An extremely beautiful and useful WordPress survey plugin which shows poll results in a nice, animated graphical interface. This plugin provides full control over the survey in terms of the content of the poll as well as the look and feel of the survey.

You can easily show the poll anywhere in the site by embedding the survey to any page or post with provided shortcodes.

WordPress Survey & Poll

#7 - Responsive Poll

Responsive Poll is another simple and beautiful WordPress poll plugin, it offers you 7 really attractive animated chart types for displaying voting results. With this plugin, you can insert multiple polls on a single page if you want to show more than one poll.

It is a Bootstrap based plugin with three-layered tight security to protect your site and survey.

Responsive Poll Plugin

#8 - TotalPoll Pro

An extensive poll plugin for WordPress enables you to create great-looking responsive polls on your site. You can place it in the sidebar using the built-in widget or anywhere else using the shortcode.

This plugin offers you 6+ Security (anti-cheating) layers for more credible polls. Sessions, Cookies, IP, IP Range, IP Restriction, Captcha and users only.

It comes with some options to customize the look and feel of the poll and offers you default templates which you can use for your site.

TotalPoll Pro Plugin

#9 - Advanced Polls for WordPress

Another Bootstrap based fully responsive poll plugin for WordPress which provides you the option of multiple answers and choices.

You can show the results in an attractive popup with many graphical figures which will easily catch your user's attention to your surveys.

Advanced Polls for WordPress

#10 - Pollify - Simple Wordpress Poll Widget

A very simple poll widget for WordPress which helps you to create an amazing survey for your WordPress blog. It comes with three-layered security, animated bars, and elegant design.

Pollify Simple Wordpress Poll Widget


Polls and surveys are engaging methods to keep your users on your site and interacting with the theme. They can also help you to reduce the bounce rate of your site to a great extent.

We will be adding more poll plugins to this list. So, do bookmark this list and provide us your feedback using the comment form below.

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Originally published Jul 1, 2017 6:51:09 AM, updated October 18 2019