The WordPress multisite network is a useful feature offered by the popular content management system. With the multisite network, you can run more than one website using only one WordPress installation.

Although the multisite WordPress feature is not commonly used, it is an extremely powerful feature that can make your life much easier if you need to create a network of sites.

If you have used WordPress for some time, you probably understand the power of WordPress plugins, which enhance the functionality of the CMS.

The multisite network is another step forward as far as the power of WordPress is concerned, and there are several WordPress plugins for multisite networks to create and run multiple sites smoothly.

In this post, we have collected the must-have plugins for multisite networks.

Best WordPress Multisite Plugins

1. Optin Monster

Creating an email list is important for any website because it will help you generate revenue.

For multisite installation, OptinMonster is one of the most widely used WordPress list building plugins and comes with plenty of amazing features.

With this plugin, you can create high-converting email opt-in forms within a couple of minutes.

From a pop-up to in-post placements, the plugin offers many possibilities. As far as the pop-up is concerned, you can take full control over how and when you want to pop-up to appear.

2. User Role Editor

Be it a single blog with the multiple authors or a multisite setup, the User Role Editor plugin is very useful for defining roles to your users and assign capabilities to them.

You can assign roles and capabilities with the click of a button. If you are running a WordPress multisite network, you can easily import user roles from one site and export them to another.

User Role Editor

3. Multisite Toolbar Additions

This is a lightweight plugin that adds a toolbar in the WordPress admin section. This toolbar will be visible and accessible to super admins only.

This plugin comes with several multisite-specific features, such as the options to manage, edit, and upgrade various plugins, themes, and sites.

Multisite Toolbar Additions also offers you the option to create custom navigation for super admins, so they can quickly access the functions they need.

4. WP Security Audit Log

Security is an important factor for any website, and when it comes to multiple sites, it becomes crucial. This security plugin is useful for a single or a multisite WordPress installation.

WP Security Audit Log will identify and notify you of potential security issues with a complete audit of your websites.

The plugin already helps thousands of WordPress administrators, owners, and security professionals ensure the security of their websites and blogs.

WP Security Audit Log

5. Jetpack by

Whether it is a single WordPress website or a multisite WordPress installation, Jetpack is a very handy plugin to have. This plugin offers a collection of different functionalities. From social sharing buttons to website security, this plugin can do it all. The super admin can also handle the plugin activities easily for the entire network.


Managing a network of sites is not easy. It takes time to properly maintain everything for every single site in the network. However, if you know the best tools and plugins available, the process will become a lot easier.

All the multisite WordPress plugins mentioned in this list will help you manage all the details and requirements of multiple websites.

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Originally published Jan 1, 2020 3:12:00 PM, updated January 28 2020