25 Webinar Landing Page Examples to Copy in 2022 [+ Design Tips]

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Jamie Juviler
Jamie Juviler


Webinars might have felt like an outdated marketing concept at one point, but they’re having a recent resurgence. A recent survey of 2,000 marketers found that almost all respondents believed webinars were critical in their marketing strategy, and 89% said webinars outperform other channels in creating qualified leads.

person builds a webinar landing page.

To get visitors tuning in to your webinar, you need to craft delightful and effective webinar landing pages that promote registrations. This kind of landing page collects visitor info in exchange for access to an on-demand webinar recording, or to a link for a future webinar broadcast.

In this post, we’ll cover some best practices to follow when creating your webinar landing pages. Then, we’ll check out 25 real examples of webinar landing pages from different industries to inspire yours.

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Webinar Landing Page Design Tips

Webinar landing pages are the same as any other landing page in their ultimate goal: to make a user take a desired action. In this case, the action is registering for a webinar event or getting access to a recorded webinar.

Visitors may also need to create an account to view the webinar, in which case the goal of the landing page is to lead them into the account creation process.

In many ways, building a webinar landing page is like building any other type of landing page, and the same best practices apply. However, webinar pages have their own quirks that you should know about.

Before we get to examples, here are some tips to make your webinar landing pages high-converting:

Craft a headline that converts.

The title of your webinar is arguably the most important part of the page besides your CTA and form. It not only tells visitors what the webinar is about, but can also convince them to watch in the first place.

Make your headline simple but attention-grabbing, something that people will actually want to invest their valuable time in watching. A title shouldn’t be packed with jargon that the average visitor wouldn’t understand — make it approachable to anyone, including beginners to the topic.

Make it look good.

Yes, what “looks good” varies from person to person. But, if you have brand style guidelines, carry those onto your webinar landing pages as well. Oftentimes website owners get lazy on event registration pages in lieu of other, seemingly more important pages. But, if you want these pages to convert better, don’t slack off here.


Good landing page design (and web design in general) is all about removing obstacles to the conversion. This means tossing out anything that visitors don’t need, like links to other pages, extraneous details, and overly long forms. Your landing page accomplishes exactly one thing: convert. It shouldn’t have to do it all.

Place eye-catching CTAs.

Guiding visitors to your CTA is the whole point of the landing page, so it should be plainly visible. If users have to fill out a form, make that stand out from the rest of the content. Buttons should be bright and clear, and their text should concisely state what the user is doing by clicking. If you need some more tips, check out these CTA examples we love.

Also, consider placing multiple CTAs (or one sticky CTA) throughout the page — including one above the fold — so there’s always somewhere for the visitor to click as they scroll.

Pro Tip: If you're using HubSpot's free CMS the CTA tool allows you to make and test CTA buttons, pop-ups, and sticky CTAs. You can also view your clicks and conversions so you can optimize their performance.

Don’t forget the time and date.

Live webinars are events, which means your landing page should list the event date and time. You don’t have to explain where users can access the webinar on the landing page, but make sure it’s clear in your confirmation email what link they need to click at that time.

A/B test your designs.

Landing pages can always be optimized with consistent A/B testing. Never go off your own assumptions. Instead, tweak everything you can and see what results in more conversions. Colors, CTA text, CTA placement, font and text size, and amount of body copy are just a handful of things you can test.

Add engaging visuals.

Whether it’s a headshot of your webinar speaker or a playful illustration, images make your landing page more engaging and prevent them from becoming walls of text. Images featuring people can show how your visitors will feel while or after watching your webinar (ideally, it’s happy).

Make it mobile-friendly.

Half of all global web traffic comes from mobile devices, and your site’s traffic share might look similar. Every page on your site should utilize responsive design that adapts to any sized screen, but landing pages are especially important since they’re often a visitor’s first experience on your site. If your page isn’t mobile-optimized, you’re turning away a huge chunk of potential leads.

For more tips on landing page design, check out our video guide to effective landing pages:

1. Airbnb

webinar landing page examples: airbnb

Image Source

Becoming an Airbnb host is a big step, which is why Airbnb runs an introductory webinar teaching new hosts how to set up a listing.

Why this landing page works:

  • Human touch: The human element obviously plays a big role in the experience of using Airbnb. After all, you’re staying in someone else’s home. On this landing page, the webinar host is established as an experienced and friendly teacher — you’re in good hands.
  • Bright CTA: The “Claim your seat” CTA is clearly visible on the side, along with a guest list. The CTA sticks to the screen as you scroll and always stays in view, so there’s no need to scroll back up or down to find it.

2. Slack

webinar landing page examples: slack

Image Source

Slack hosts webinars to teach users how to use the platform more efficiently as well as introduce new product features. Each of its webinar landing pages follows a basic format designed to get users registering as fast as possible.

Why this landing page works:

  • Modern design: Just looking at the visuals of the landing page, Slack goes above and beyond what most companies put into their page design patterns. The look is clean and effective, and each page even has its own image that you’ll remember.
  • To-the-point copy: Slack doesn’t waste any time communicating who this webinar is for, how long it is, and why you should take it.

3. Wix

webinar landing page examples: wix

Image Source

Website building platform Wix offers live and recorded webinar courses for beginner website owners. Users can learn how to run an online store, optimize for SEO, or, as shown in the example above, leverage Facebook and Instagram in their marketing efforts.

Why this landing page works:

  • Short form: Design forms that ask visitors for only what you absolutely need. This way, filling out the forms is less work and users feel like they don’t need to give as much away for access to your content.
  • Above-the-fold content: Everything users need to know about the event and sign up fits on the page without the need to scroll. Again, the less work users need to do, the better.

4. Hootsuite

webinar landing page examples: hootsuite

Image Source

As a leading social media management platform, Hootsuite makes webinars headed by content strategists and aimed at digital marketers, including this one based around social shopping experiences.

Why this landing page works:

  • Urgency: The copy on the page prompts sign-ups by creating urgency: You need a social storefront in a post-pandemic world.
  • Engaging visuals: The landing page sports a unique and creative featured image to pique visitors’ interest.

5. UXPin

webinar landing page examples: uxpin

Image Source

Product design platform UXPin offers educational content through UXPin Studio, which includes recorded webinars on UX strategy, techniques, and best practices.

Why this landing page works:

  • Clear benefits: To a new reader, it’s obvious how this webinar is of value to them and why they’d want to go with this teacher in particular.
  • Minimal info required: A user only needs to provide their email address to access this webinar, the bare minimum information a landing page can ask for. The goal here is presumably to win users over with great webinar content so they’ll be receptive to promotional email follow-ups.

6. Calendly

webinar landing page examples: calendly

Image Source

Why this landing page works:

  • Short and simple: Calendly’s page doesn’t overwhelm with information. It provides need-to-know info and a short signup form while keeping everything visually cohesive and on-brand.
  • Multiple CTAs: In addition to the signup form, the landing page also promotes Calendly’s software itself to capture any potential visitors ready to talk to sales.

7. WordPress

webinar landing page examples: wordpress

Image Source

WordPress has basic webinars available for getting started with the free content management system. Its landing page aims to appeal to WordPress beginners. It also captures long-tail question keywords with an FAQ area.

Why this landing page works:

  • Consolidated information: This landing page contains more content than the average landing page, but limits its length by putting some text inside expandable FAQ modules on the right. This way, if visitors just have a quick question or two they want answered, they don’t need to register and can get building more quickly.
  • Multiple CTAs: CTA buttons appear at the top and bottom of the page to capture registrations with minimal scrolling needed.

8. BrightEdge

webinar landing page examples: brightedge

Image Source

BrightEdge is another platform that offers short webinar classes on the side. As an SEO tool, it shares the knowledge of its employees through on-demand webinars to anyone willing to give an email address.

Why this landing page works:

  • Friendly faces: It’s usually a good idea to include high-quality headshots of your speakers (along with their role and company) to build a bit of extra trust with visitors, so they know who they’ll be hearing from.
  • Immediacy: This landing page stresses that the course can be viewed immediately, on-demand. The “Watch Now” CTAs encourage visitors to complete the form and start learning right away.

9. The Women In Technology World Series

webinar landing page examples: the women in technology world series

Image Source

The Women In Technology Online Festival explores emerging trends in tech and helps women develop skills and forge careers in this growing sector. The event is packed with webinars, each with a dedicated landing page.

Why this landing page works:

  • Minimal navigation: There are very few navigational elements to take you off the page. While navigation is certainly important on any webpage, it’s often kept off of landing pages to reduce distractions.
  • In-depth bios: Speaker bios are presented, but intentionally placed below the primary page CTA to reduce barriers to signup.

10. Duolingo

webinar landing page examples: duolingo

Image Source

Duolingo is best known for its mobile learning app, but you might not know that it also offers online webinar classes. Duolingo Events sets users up with teachers and facilitates learning in a more classroom-like environment.

Why this landing page works:

  • Consistent interface: It’s common for webinar landing pages to abandon their wider company branding, but Duolingo events keeps its signature font, button design, and even icons intact so visitors know it's a legitimate learning option.
  • Additional CTAs: The page also includes other CTAs linking out to events by the same host, encouraging learners to sign up for multiple classes at a time.

11. Sprout Social

webinar landing page examples: sprout social

Image Source

If you’re looking to grow your social media presence, Sprout Social hosts a couple dozen webinars on the topic. Each webinar landing page gets straight to the point with a clear value proposition and prominent form.

Why this landing page works:

  • Clear form and CTA: This page isn’t afraid to make its sign up form stand out. Placed on the left side, it’s likely the first thing your eye goes to, and we bet that makes a difference in submissions.
  • Related webinars: Below the main form and description, the page includes other relevant webinars you might be interested in. Importantly, these are well below the signup region of the page, and users won’t see them unless they keep scrolling looking for potentially more info.

12. Google Digital Garage

webinar landing page examples: google digital garage

Image Source

Google Digital Garage is a nonprofit learning platform made to help professionals skill-up in their careers. It offers one-off webinars and recordings, as well as full courses and certifications.

Why this landing page works:

  • Careful CTA language: Before users can actually sign up for the course, they first need to create an account. However, the CTA doesn’t reveal this — when clicked, users are directed to make an account if they’re not already signed in. This makes users more likely to commit to making an account than had the CTA said “Create an account” or something similar.
  • Minimal information: Most landing pages on the Google Digital Garage website are pretty simple and don’t contain much text. This is consistent with Google’s minimal presentation across its other services. It also helps the webinar seem more beginner-friendly and low-commitment.


webinar landing page examples: inbound

Image Source

Every year, INBOUND brings in thousands of digital marketer, salespeople, and success specialists together from around the world to learn from the best in their industry. For the past several years, INBOUND has transitioned to an online experience with dozens of webinar sessions throughout the week.

Why this landing page works:

  • Color: We love color! And we think we do it pretty well. A vibrant palette captures the eye and draws it toward the button you want users to click. The animated aspect also differentiates this landing page from other event pages you might see.
  • Multiple CTAs: Notice the three different “Register Now” buttons throughout the page, which ensure there’s always one in view.
  • Interaction: Scroll down even farther and you’ll see an interactive slider that you can click and drag. When appropriate, a hint of interaction can make visitors more likely to convert.

14. Canva

webinar landing page examples: canva

Image Source

Like other platforms featured on this list, Canva hosts webinar sessions to help you use it. Some webinars also tackle bigger topics like social media marketing and design thinking.

Why this landing page works:

  • Vibrant colors: We love the photos that Canva uses for its webinar landing pages. Cleary, a lot of thought was put into this seemingly minor detail to make the webinar feel more approachable.
  • Sessions dropdown: This particular webinar is offered at multiple times, and Canva lets you sign up for any of them on one page instead of visiting five different landing pages for five different session times. (Yes, I have seen this before and no, it’s not a good idea.)

15. Interaction Design Foundation

webinar landing page examples: interaction design foundation

Image Source

The Interaction Design Foundation website is a wealth of knowledge for those looking to build skills in UX and UI design. It hosts master classes, courses, and bootcamps helmed by design experts.

Why this landing page works:

  • Urgency: This landing page includes a real-time countdown until the webinar goes live, which creates urgency as the date approaches.
  • Clean, balanced design: Compositionally, the page does a great job of presenting the most important information first, then following up with a description without it seeming like an afterthought. Elements are given plenty of space to prevent the page from looking cluttered.

16. Pew Research Center

webinar landing page examples: pew research center

Image Source

Pew is a nonpartisan research center based out of Washington D.C. that conducts influential research on sociological and demographic trends. It also occasionally hosts webinars on various topics.

Why this landing page works:

  • Knowing its audience: Pew knows that its readers probably want to know a little more about the event in question than your typical landing page viewer, which is why this landing page goes considerably more in-depth than your typical landing page.
  • Responsive design: Every landing page should be responsive, but we give props to this one for being dense but still mobile-friendly when viewed on a smaller screen.

17. Forecast

webinar landing page examples: forecast

Image Source

Forecast is a project operations platform built around AI and hosts a webinar addressing the topic.

Why this landing page works:

  • Humor: The page doesn’t just take a “Busting AI Myths” approach — it goes one step further and adds a joke: “...is it all witchcraft?” To many of us, AI can definitely feel that way, so this touch of humor makes the webinar and subject matter feel more accessible.
  • Animation: There’s a subtle animation effect cueing visitors to scroll down past the fold to fill out the registration form.

18. Mailchimp

webinar landing page examples: mailchimp

Image Source

Mailchimp’s new user onboarding webinars help beginners get up to speed with the tool in a live setting. There’s also an introductory video placed at the top of the landing page explaining the very basics. Then, users have the option to register for more in-depth webinars farther down the page.

Why this landing page works:

  • Clear takeaway: The copy at the top of the page promises users a “plan of action” for their first 30 days in the tool. It’s something actionable to help you feel you’re on the right track.
  • Illustrations: Mailchimp’s branding is playful, and these fitting illustrations are further evidence of that. They make the page more fun to read than text alone.

19. Gartner

webinar landing page examples: gartner

Image Source

Tech consulting firm Gartner has insights into the industry that it knows are valuable, and webinars are one way it shares the knowledge. Judging from just how many webinars the company hosts on a monthly basis, it’s clear the marketing team has landing page design down to a science.

Why this landing page works:

  • Segmented signup: To get started with signup, you first provide your email address. Clicking “Continue” reveals the rest of the form, which you’ll be more motivated to fill out now that you’ve done the work of providing an email address. It’s a classic “foot-in-the-door” tactic.
  • Progress bar: The form also shows a progress bar encouraging visitors to complete the entire form. Of course, it would be simpler to just feature a shorter form to generate more signups, but these tricks are the next best thing.

20. Adobe

webinar landing page examples: adobe

Image Source

Adobe offers a mix of live and on-demand webinars for visual creatives across a wide range of topics. Each webinar has its own registration page to get the job done.

Why this landing page works:

  • Form is the focus: This form is relatively long, so the page makes it the main focus and doesn’t waste time with a lengthy description of the event.
  • Link to another webinar: Usually we don’t want to send people away from the landing page before they click submit, but here’s an exception — if there’s a prerequisite that viewers should see first. Here, the landing page non-intrusively links out to a separate webinar in the body copy.

21. The New York Times

webinar landing page examples: new york times

Image Source

The New York Times Learning Network provides resources for classrooms and teachers, including on-demand webinars like the one pictured above.

Why this landing page works:

  • Consistent aesthetic: Here’s another example of how the webinar landing page looks like other pages on the website, like a news article itself.
  • On-brand CTAs: It would probably go against the Times’s style rules to put a big red CTA button at the top of the article. On news sites like this one, that could be viewed as distasteful. Instead, the registration form is linked in the copy, but still prominent enough to easily spot.

22. Nielsen Norman Group

webinar landing page examples: nielsen norman group

Image Source

The Nielsen Norman Group are experts in interaction design and user experience, and offer knowledge through paid, on-demand training webinars.

Why this landing page works:

  • Prominent CTAs: Sometimes, big red buttons are the way to go. Case and point, this landing page. There’s a lot of text to look through here, and making the CTAs stick out makes it easy to skim the page and convert faster.
  • More information provided: Before making a $99 purchase, visitors will likely want to know what they’re getting into. That’s why this page goes more in-depth on the webinar topic than a free on-demand content offer.

23. LinkedIn Learning

webinar landing page examples: linkedin learning

Image Source

Linkedin Learning’s vast network of professional development courses is one of the best educational resources today. Each course page has a lot of information to convey, but manages to pull everything together cohesively.

Why this landing page works:

  • Social proof: Right below the course title is the course rating and number of learners. Social proof can be a powerful means to sway visitors, especially if the signup process is more demanding (e.g., creating an account on a website vs. just providing an email).
  • Clear benefits: Not only will you get knowledge from the course — that’s implied — but you’ll also get a shareable certificate, which could make the difference between someone signing up or heading elsewhere.

24. DesignerUp

webinar landing page examples: designerup

Image Source

DesignerUp helps you make a career transition into the design world. Though its primary focus is its courses, the site offers some free webinars to get you started.

Why this landing page works:

  • Above-the-fold content: The page is arranged in such a way that the webinar title and signup form are always above the fold. Any additional info is relegated to the bottom of the page. Since this landing page targets new visitors and is marketing a low-commitment offer, this is okay to do.

25. Sandler

webinar landing page examples: sandler

Image Source

Sandler is a professional development organization that trains enterprise employees in sales, management, and leadership skills. It also offers dozens of complementary webinars through its blog.

Why this landing page works:

  • Immediate impact: The page hits you with strong, convincing copy and a big CTA right out of the gate. A lot of people won’t feel they need to scroll down. Clicking the CTA brings users to the bottom of the page to complete the signup form.

Win visitors over with a webinar.

If you’re a marketer, you’re no stranger to landing pages. They grow your customer base, increase conversions, and help you rank in search results.

Webinars have been proven effective in converting visitors to customers, and every webinar you run can benefit from a well-crafted landing page. Doing so will help ensure more users sign up for your offer, then come back for more.

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