7 Best WordPress Auction Plugins for 2022

Jamie Juviler
Jamie Juviler


After being around for over two decades, online auctions remain popular with online shoppers. Despite experiencing a dip since 2018, the popular auction site eBay reports 159 million currently active buyers. That’s a lot of bidding.

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If you want to run a bidding website of your own, or to connect your eBay account to a separate website of yours, you can do so with WordPress, specifically WordPress plugins. With a WordPress auction plugin, you can turn your WordPress or WooCommerce website into an auction site and let visitors bid on items you put up, or create auctions themselves.

The right plugin for you will depend on your budget, whether or not you use WooCommerce, and whether you want to host your auctions on your website or another site like eBay. In this post, we’ve found seven excellent WordPress/WooCommerce auction plugins to help you sell your unique and valuable items from your dashboard.

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1. Ultimate WordPress Auction

product page for the wordpress auction plugin ultimate wordpress auction

Best for: WordPress or WooCommerce auction websites.

Ultimate WordPress Auction is the go-to choice for many WordPress or WooCommerce auction site owners, allowing users to easily add auctions functionality to their pages without a complex setup. You can make auctions right away, and everything is tied together with a clean and simple interface.

The plugin provides the essentials for an effective auction website — you can place an auction feed page with updates from live auctions, manage bidding times and limits, start and end live auctions, send email alerts to bidders, and display countdown timers for auctions.

With the free version of Ultimate WordPress Auction, users can take payments with PayPal. Upgrading to the paid version of the plugin enables Stripe payments. Paid plans also let visitors create their own auctions, allow for different types of auctions beyond basic, and several other features that make it more flexible and easier to use. There are three premium options: Starter ($79 per year), Business ($119 per year), and Unlimited ($199 per year).

2. WP Auctions

product page for the wordpress auction plugin wp auctions

Best for: WordPress auction websites

WP Auctions is a similarly easy and capable auction plugin for WordPress. With it, admins can place live auctions on their website and toggle all relevant settings to ensure every auction runs smoothly.

Auctions appear in an AJAX module, which means that live updates will show to visitors without needing to refresh the page. This module may be placed in the body of a post or page, and you can add a contact field and let users register on your site before placing bids.

WP Auctions also offers a pro version for $89 per year with various enhancements, including auctions for registered users only, two additional bidding types, a “buy it now” option, multiple images per auction, and a WYSIWYG editor.

While relatively simple, WP Auctions gets the job done: You’ll be able to place live auctions on your website, collect payments, and manage each auction how you want.

3. Auction Nudge

product page for the wordpress auction plugin auction nudge

Best for: eBay users who want to display their items in WordPress

Auction Nudge is the first tool we’re mentioning that brings your eBay profile over to your WordPress site. Display your live eBay auctions on your WordPress pages and posts, and watch as the plugin updates your display automatically as your bids go up.

This free plugin is great for creating a dedicated auction site, or for enhancing an existing WordPress site with your eBay offerings. In addition to the products you’re selling, you can also display other profile information like your feedback rating and previous eBay activity. Everything is quick to set up and easily configurable.

Note that Auction Nudge doesn’t let you host auctions on your WordPress website. All auction functionality is handled by eBay — your website simply displays it. However, there is a healthy amount of customization allowed given the lack of a price tag for this plugin. You can use themes for your auction modules, adjust sorting order and filtering options, and more.

4. YITH Auctions for WooCommerce

demo for the wordpress auction plugin YITH Auctions for WooCommerce

Best for: WooCommerce auction sites

With the YITH Auctions for WooCommerce plugin, you’ll be able to build a powerful auction destination on top of your existing WooCommerce website. Built by popular WooCommerce plugin developer YITH, this plugin will blend seamlessly with your site and integrate with minimal work on your end.

Like other plugins we’ve mentioned, YITH Auctions for WooCommerce enables you to set up individual auctions on your bidding website. With each auction, you have control over settings like starting price, increment amount, and reserve price. There’s also a “buy it now” option so visitors can instantly purchase the item for its retail value.

Priced at $149.99 per year, this plugin is among the most expensive on our list, but its wealth of premium features might make it worth the price. These features include multi-vendor capabilities (allowing visitors to run their own auctions), both automatic and manual bidding, fees to participate in auctions, and engaging visual layouts including several countdown options.

5. WooCommerce Simple Auctions

demo for the wordpress auction plugin WooCommerce Simple Auctions

Best for: WooCommerce auction sites

WooCommerce users looking for something cheaper and a bit more dialed-back should try WooCommerce Simple Auctions. While less feature-rich, this affordable plugin can help you run effective options on your WooCommerce setup. Setup is simple, with minimal time from installation to your first bidders.

WooCommerce Simple Auctions offers essential auction functionality like email notifications, setting start and end times, and the ability to toggle details displayed on the front end of your auction website. Auction info is updated live on the page, and there are a variety of shortcodes to place your auction widgets almost anywhere in your theme.

You can buy WooCommerce Simple Auctions for $29 and extend support to a year for an additional $9. An extended license is also available for $175.

6. Auctions Made Easy for WooCommerce

demo for the wordpress auction plugin auctions made easy

Best for: WooCommerce auction sites

Available on the WooCommerce marketplace, the Auctions Made Easy plugin is another tool for converting any WooCommerce site into a bidding hub. This premium plugin is available as a subscription for $79 per year, putting it in the mid-range for premium WooCommerce auction plugins.

For your subscription, you’ll have access to a variety of different auction types including simple auctions, reverse auctions, proxy auctions, and unique auctions. You’re allowed to run as many auctions as you want and can easily manage them all from your WordPress dashboard. Visitors will have an easy time keeping track of their bids and collecting their rewards as well. Auctions Made Easy allows for a variety of payment gateways allowing more flexibility for customers.

To sum up, this plugin is a solid compromise between basic and advanced auction website plugins. However, it’s still intended for serious auction websites that can earn enough to cover the recurring fee.

7. WP-Lister

product page for the wordpress auction plugin wp lister

Best for: eBay users who want to display their items on a WooCommerce site

Our last featured plugin was made for dual WooCommerce/eBay users — it lets you connect your accounts from both services, then list your WooCommerce products on your eBay store simultaneously.

While you can’t run auctions on WooCommerce with this plugin, you can use eBay to conduct your auctions and show these auctions on a WordPress site. You’ll also be able to display listing profiles and product variations, and use either a simple template or an advanced template with HTML and CSS.

WP-Lister Lite is the free version of this plugin, but there’s also a premium version for $149 per year. The pro version lets you create orders in WooCommerce, upload product images to eBay, and access other advanced eBay features from inside the plugin.

Add auctions to any WordPress or WooCommerce site.

Auctions are one of those website features that can be deceptively complex, especially when trying to implement them yourself. However, a WordPress plugin can handle the majority of the work, leaving just the essential settings up to you.

Choosing the perfect auction plugin may take some further research, but most plugins we recommend have free versions or demos worth trying before buying. Then, once you’ve installed and activated your plugin, post your items and watch the bids come in.

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