14 Best WordPress Quiz Plugins for Engaging Users on Your Site

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In 2013, the most read article in The New York Times was a quiz. Since then, interactive content, particularly content powered by WordPress Quiz Plugins, has continued to rise in popularity.

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Interactive content (and quizzes in particular) offers plenty of benefits to site owners. They can boost user engagement on a website, increase time spent on the page, generate lots of shares and referral traffic, and offer valuable insight into your audience.

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With a quiz plugin, you can easily create and add quizzes to your WordPress website. The WordPress plugins below will help you create mobile-friendly and visually-rich quizzes in no time.

The 14 Best WordPress Quiz Plugins

1. Quiz And Survey Master

Quiz and Survey Master is the top-rated free WordPress quiz plugin. You can use it to create different types of quizzes, including multiple choice, true and false, open answer questions, multiple responses with checkboxes, drop-down, and fill-in-the-blank. You can customize the text blocks the submit button and generate personalized text for your visitors using template variables.

There are dozens of settings and customization options. You can configure the quiz with an incorrect/correct system, a points-based system, or not. You can use all questions or have only a few selected at random. You can set the number of questions per page or have all questions on one page. You can ask for contact information at the beginning or end of the quiz. Finally, you can configure the plugin to email the user with their results.

Best WordPress Quiz Plugins: Quiz and Survey Master

What we like:

  • Various question types — multiple choice, open answer, fill in the blank, etc.
  • Post-quiz emails
  • Customizable results pages
  • App integrations

2. LearnPress

LearnPress is one of the most popular free learning management system (LMS) plugins. In addition to helping you organize courses, manage enrollments, and offer certificates and badges, LearnPress makes it easy to create quizzes so you can provide students with interactive learning experiences on your site. These quizzes can feature many different types of questions and are timed.

LearnPress also offers a premium Random Quiz add-on, which will shuffle the questions in a quiz. That way, students get different questions from their peers or when they retake a quiz.

Best WordPress Quiz Plugins: LearnPress

What we like:

  • Online course creation and management
  • Free and premium add-ons
  • Exporting and importing courses
  • Frequent program updates

3. WordPress Viral Quiz Plugin

WordPress Viral Quiz plugin is a premium and fully responsive plugin designed to help you build Buzzfeed-like quizzes. You can create two types of web responsive quizzes — personality or trivia.

This plugin also offers powerful marketing features to help you convert visitors into leads, boost revenue, and improve the chances that your quizzes go viral. For example, you can require users to either input their email addresses or share the quiz to see their results. You can also display ads around each quiz.

Best WordPress Quiz Plugins: WordPress Viral Quiz Pluginwp quiz plugin_2

What we like:

  • Quiz monetization
  • Customizable CSS themes
  • App integrations
  • Available in 10+ languages

4. Formidable Forms 

Formidable Forms offers a powerful and straightforward drag-and-drop form builder you can use to create quizzes.

If you are concerned with having too many WordPress plugins on your site, Formidable Forms can be an excellent solution to consolidate your form and quiz-making needs into one place.

WordPress quiz plugins: Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms comes with valuable templates, reporting features, and integrations with all your favorite CRMs, automation solutions, email marketing platforms, and more.

As for their quiz maker, it includes features like automatic scoring for education-centric tests, and quiz outcomes for people who want to create a personality or viral/BuzzFeed-style quiz. 

What we like:

  • “All-in-one” forms and quiz solution

  • Various types of quizzes are available

  • Conditional logic to change the quiz depending on the respondent’s answers

  • Quiz form templates are readily available

5. WP Quiz

WP Quiz is another highly-rated premium plugin that makes it easy to create and add interactive quizzes to your website. With WP Quiz, you can create trivia and personality quizzes, surveys, online exams, and interactive list posts. You can even turn your website into a full-fledged viral quiz site.

Best WordPress Quiz Plugins: WP Quiz

To build your email list, you can require users to provide their email addresses before starting a quiz or getting their results. Or you can direct users to share the quiz before getting their results to improve the chances of it going viral. Or, to monetize your site, you can require users to pay to see their results.

You can also require users to log in or create an account to see their results, which is ideal if you want to create a membership site on WordPress.

What we like:

  • Email address collection
  • Page-reload feature
  • Intuitive UI
  • Image/Video support

6. Interact

Best WordPress Quiz Plugins: Interact

Interact is a WordPress quiz plugin that looks to take the hard work out of creating a quiz. In five simple steps, you can:

  1. Choose the conversion-focused template that best fits your goals.
  2. Style your quiz to match your brand.
  3. Integrate your quiz with your marketing platforms.
  4. Embed your quiz into your website.
  5. Evaluate your data and analytics.

Throughout this process, WordPress users can also take advantage of Interact’s partnership with Unsplash to populate your quizzes with stock images. Additionally, the plugin offers several integrations and automations with platforms like Drip, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Hubspot, and Slack.

What we like:

  • GDPR compliant
  • Mobile responsive
  • Multiple quiz types
  • App integrations

7. Modal Survey

Modal Survey is a premium plugin that creates quizzes, polls, and displays the results in animated charts and graphs.

Best WordPress Quiz Plugins: Modal Survey

This plugin is mobile-friendly and highly customizable. For example, when creating a quiz or another type of interactive content, you can customize the font size, padding, border, background, font, and color. In addition, you can add parallax effects to a quiz, set an expiration time, create a custom message to appear at the end, and more.

Another unique feature of the Modal Survey is that you can set different user interactions to trigger the quiz or survey. For example, you can configure the quiz to pop up only when a visitor clicks on a link or scrolls to the bottom of the page. You could even configure the plugin to gate content on your site so that a visitor has to fill out a quiz or questionnaire to see specific content.

What we like:

  • Unlimited quizzes and questions
  • GDPR compliant
  • Various result displays
  • Customizable rating system

8. Poll, Survey & Quiz by OpinionStage

Opinion Stage is a free poll, survey, and quiz maker plugin for WordPress. With this free plugin, you can create anything from opinion polls to feedback surveys to Buzzfeed-style quizzes to contact forms from scratch or using hundreds of optimized templates.

Once you install Opinion Stage, you’ll see five Gutenberg blocks specifically designed for these different content types, including polls, surveys, trivia quizzes, personality quizzes, and classic forms. Best WordPress Quiz Plugins: Poll Survey and Quiz by OpenStage

You can customize the look and feel of your polls, surveys, and quizzes by selecting a color theme, font, and font size. If you want to completely match the design of your site and know how to code, you can use the CSS override feature.

What we like:

  • Integrated images and videos
  • Advanced analytics dashboard
  • Social media integrations
  • Branching logic

9. Quiz Maker

Quiz Maker is a free plugin that enables you to create advanced quizzes and exams in a few easy steps. You can choose any of the seven questions, including questions to answer with a text, number, or date; true-or-false questions; yes-or-no questions; multiple-choice questions with a checkbox, radio button, or dropdown; and more.

The quiz also offers dozens of settings for customizing your quizzes. You can randomize the questions and answers. You can create a question bank of up to 100 questions, then set the plugin to select 20 questions for a quiz randomly. You can schedule your quizzes, so they’re only available to users at a certain time. You can include an answer and explanation for each question that will display once the user submits their response. Finally, you can specify a passing score for a quiz and show different messages to users who passed and those who failed — and more.

In addition to the Quiz Maker, this plugin provider also offers a free poll maker plugin and survey maker plugin. There's also a photo gallery plugin, a popup box, and a FAQ builder.

Best WordPress Quiz Plugins: Quiz Maker

What we like:

  • Free and premium quiz demos
  • Live preview
  • Quiz user restriction
  • RTL language support

10. HD Quiz

HD Quiz is a free and easy-to-use plugin for creating quizzes for a WordPress site. This mobile-friendly plugin allows you to create unlimited quizzes, set a featured image and tooltip for every question, provide images or animated GIFs as answers, and include Facebook and Twitter share buttons.

HD Quiz also offers multiple question types, basic translation features, and pagination — and it now offers even more features with its recent updates. New features include setting a timer per question (not just for the whole quiz) and the “Select All That Apply” question type.

Best WordPress Quiz Plugins: HD Quiz

What we like:

  • Unlimited quizzes and questions
  • Mobile and touch-friendly
  • Animated GIF support
  • Multiple question types

11. Ari Stream Quiz

Best WordPress Quiz Plugins: Ari Stream Quiz

Ari Stream Quiz is a free WordPress quiz plugin that optimizes your experience while allowing you to maximize page views. With the option to create unlimited quizzes, your users will have multiple types, including personality and trivia quizzes.

In addition, Ari Stream Quiz is compatible with computers, laptops, and mobile devices. This enhances the user experience and makes it easier to share quiz results on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

What we like:

  • Lead capture
  • Multiple language translations
  • Exported results
  • Custom shortcodes

12. Advisor Quiz

Advisor Quiz is a premium WordPress plugin that makes creating and adding quizzes easy. You can choose from three layouts — presentation, image grid, and minimal — and then customize the colors, fonts, icons, and images. You can also add custom CSS and JavaScript to customize your quizzes even more.

What sets Advisor Quiz apart from other plugins on this list is that you can include content or product suggestions alongside quiz results based on the user’s answers. So, for example, you could create a “content filter” quiz type in which the group of questions acts as filters for your content or products.

Best WordPress Quiz Plugins: Advisor Quiz

In other words, the user’s answers will help them find the perfect match for your content or products. This makes Advisor Quiz ideal for ecommerce sites looking to improve their conversion rate.

What we like:

  • Customizable layouts
  • Content suggestions
  • Email capture
  • Ad integration

13. Viral Quiz Maker

Viral Quiz Maker — also known as OnionBuzz for WordPress — is another premium plugin for creating trivia and personality quizzes, ranked lists, flip card trivia, and checklists. It offers several advanced features for engaging users on your site, increasing the chances that your quizzes go viral, and monetizing your site.

With this plugin, you can display a Trivia Leaderboard to encourage users to compete with one another and spend more time on your site. You can add and customize a Mailchimp opt-in form on your site — and even lock quiz results under the form.

Best WordPress Quiz Plugins: Viral Quiz Maker

You can also add social sharing buttons to your quizzes so users share them on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites. You can also place AdSense ads, image banners, or custom code ads on different parts of your site.

What we like:

  • Content filtering
  • Ad integration
  • App integration
  • Responsive design

14. ProProfs Quiz Maker

Whether you want to create secure exams & tests, fun personality & trivia quizzes, or insightful employee assessments, the ProProfs Quiz Maker has dedicated functionalities and settings for any quiz.

For example, ProProfs’ test-making features include 15+ question types, automated grading, question pooling, secure login via virtual classrooms, shuffling questions & answers, adding media to inquiries, and much more.

Best WordPress Quiz Plugins: ProProfs Quiz Maker

ProProfs also provides a huge quiz library with many customizable resources to help make your quizzes. This includes 100+ scored and personality quiz templates, 100+ professionally-designed skill tests for hiring and training, and one million+ ready-to-use questions covering various topics. You can also include your brand logo, custom completion certificates, and social share/embed buttons to boost the quiz’s shareability.

What we like:

  • Customizable completion certificates
  • Multiple languages (70+) capabilities
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • CRM integrations

Quizzing Your Visitors

Adding quizzes and interactive content can improve user engagement on your site. You’ll see the benefits in time spent on page, referral traffic, and web analytics. These plugins can easily create quizzes and add quizzes to your WordPress site. That’ll leave you more time to focus on what questions you want to ask your visitors.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in April 2021 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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