13 Interesting Ways to Use Video in Your Marketing


Business owners and entrepreneurs are busy people; they often lack the time to read through marketing materials. So how do you get them to pay attention to your info? For many, the answer has become video.

Short videos are easy and personable -- just the thing to encourage sales. So we asked 13 successful founders how they were incorporating video into their marketing efforts, and why it was working.

1) Answering Questions During the Sales Process

We've had success recording short (two minute) videos for leads interested in joining a program during its launch period. When they send in a question, record your answer and send it back within an hour. It works because it's personal, energetic and goes a step above your average canned response. Conversions always spike when we implement this strategy.

Kelly Azevedo, She's Got Systems

2) Coffee Chats With Our Founders

We send a large number of emails as part of our year-end push. But email can feel impersonal, no matter how much personality you use. So our excellent community manager decided to create a video "Coffee Chat" with the founders. She asked us questions and we replied as though we were having a business chat over coffee. This video went out with our year-end sales push and made a real impact.

Mitch Gordon, Go Overseas

3) Personal Touches in Email

We include private, personal video touches in our email. It makes the conversation more personal and memorable. It also shows the prospect that we're tailoring our marketing to an almost personalized level and shows them that we understand who they are and what they need.

Brennan White, Cortex

4) Livestreams and Hangouts

We've been doing television broadcast quality livestreams and hangouts for our community. People are always impressed by what we do live and the effort we put into these videos. Video marketing can be powerful, but more brands are using video now, so you need to do something that stands out. As video only grows in popularity, your laptop's built-in webcam just might not cut it. Invest in quality.

Natalie MacNeil, She Takes on the World

5) Mini Commercials for Live Events

We have a high-conversion "mini commercial" for our Off The Charts live event, where we have event attendees tell the camera why they loved it. This works because it shows what kind of person comes to the event, builds social proof and shows the vibe of our event. Not to mention that it demonstrates the caliber of speakers and attendees! It's short and compelling, with music, too.

Nathalie Lussier, Nathalie Lussier Media Inc.

6) Walkthroughs for Integrations

Our time tracking software has no native task management tools of its own, but integrates with most project management tools like Asana, Trello, etc. By having walkthrough videos for all the integrations, we also have a partnership sales kit prepared for our companies that shows them we're committed to creating value for both of us by helping users understand how to use our products together.

Jared Brown, Hubstaff

7) Personalized Video Campaigns

We built a platform to allow us to personalize videos at scale and it has been a huge success for our marketing efforts. We can now run campaigns using marketing automation software and email personalized videos to thousands of leads. The video includes the person's name, title and photo, and the response rate is huge. One campaign had a 268 percent increase in engagement.

Andrew Angus, Switch Video

8) Elevator Pitches

At Killer Infographics, we drink our own kool-aid (so to speak). We create animated videos for a variety of clients to help pitch their service or product, and finally did so for ourselves with our homepage video. Our conversion rate skyrocketed from 3 percent to 15 percent in a matter of days. When you have a niche product, a great way to show it off is through an elevator pitch video on your homepage.

Amy Balliett, Killer Infographics

9) Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are simple, fun ways to explain your product or service. Instead of hiring a bunch of actors and choreographing a video shoot, a well-thought-out script can be quickly transformed into a creative story through animated videos. Focus on identifying the problem, providing the solution, then telling/showing people how they can get more information.

Andy Karuza, SpotSurvey

10) "What to Expect" Cartoon Videos

We have a “day in the life of a franchise owner” video cartoon that we show to all prospective franchisees. We also have a “what to expect on the day of your haul” cartoon video for our customers that they receive when booking an appointment. The videos are affordable, easy to digest and they help create a connection and clarity for both our prospective franchise owners as well as our customers.

Nick Friedman, College Hunks Hauling Junk

11) Sharing Our View From the Field

In every country I work in, I take a few minutes to record a video diary that we can use to give our donors a taste of our operations in the field. This helps people connect with our mission. Also, we are fortunate to have an incredible relationship with the U.S. Air Force, and it helped us create a video promoting awareness of our HALO (Help and Locate Operations) program.

Mina Chang, Linking the World

12) "Thank You" Videos

Thank you emails are nice, but they're not warm and fuzzy. Handwritten notes are also nice, but those take forever. Shooting a "thank you" video allows you to act quickly and warmly. Being able to see and hear a person actually thanking you is more authentic and higher quality.

Adam Stillman, SparkReel

13) Testimonial Videos

Consumers continue to question the integrity of star ratings and web-based reviews for online retailers. Still, this sub group of consumers needs validation to make a purchasing decision. So we regularly ask our customers to post 90-second testimonials on YouTube. Since the videos are shot in their own homes, unscripted and unedited, they're more trustworthy.

Mark Krassner, Knee Walker Central

These answers were provided by members of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, YEC recently launched StartupCollective, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses.