How Google Constantly Changes its Search Algorithms for the Better [Video]

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Pamela Vaughan
Pamela Vaughan



numbersThe inner-workings of search engines are a mystery to most. Let's face it, Google's and other search engines' algorithms for ranking search results are pretty darn intricate. Because of this intricacy, marketers new to search engine optimization are often left feeling overwhelmed by the concept. This results in marketers' hesitance to start optimizing their websites, and worse, sometimes leads to the hiring of inexperienced SEO 'experts' who steer them in the wrong direction or charge them a ton of money for unsubstantial results.

At HubSpot, we understand the importance of SEO for inbound marketing, and we want other marketers to 'get it' as well. So when we stumbled across this video from Google about how the search engine giant is constantly working to improve its search algorithms, we thought it was definitely worth a share. Check out the video below for a behind-the-scenes look at how Google is constantly changing its algorithms...for the better.

Marketing Takeaway

Every year, Google implements more than 500 improvements to its search algorithms, but the bottom line is, marketers don't need to know every little detail. Knowing the basics of SEO is enough to get you started on a strategy to optimize your website content and start generating more organic traffic and leads for your website.

Once you get started, then you can pay more attention to new developments in search so you're constantly improving and optimizing your SEO strategies for maximum results.

Are you taking advantage of SEO as part of your inbound marketing strategy?

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