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Jessica Meher
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And equally tiresome, having to share presentations via bulky attachments and countless versions, which makes presentations awkward to assemble and distribute. Then there’s the lack of interactivity. Today’s world is social and hands-on, but traditional presentations are typically a one-way monolog.

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Online Presentations

In sales and marketing, presentations are where the message hits the market. If you fall short there, you'll stall at the goal line. This is why creating a great presentation is so important.

It’s with welcome relief that web-based presentations now zip around on blogs, websites, Twitter, Facebook, mobile devices, and even Google’s organic search results. Online presentations are more interactive and media-rich and can ignite a conversation with your audience.

I’ve recently come across SlideRocket’s online presentation program and found some amazing presentations to share with you. These presentations demonstration the use of slick graphics, real-time Twitter feeds, embedded video clips, and registration forms for lead generation (all great for inbound marketing!).

1. Clean Pitch to the Enterprise

Trademark Interactive helps companies improve their pay-per-click campaigns using sophisticated algorithms to control bidding. In this presentation, they’ve boiled down their math to arrive at a critical point that resonates—a 23% improvement—and therein lays the coup. Marketers fall over themselves trying to do 23% better in almost anything.

2. Beautiful Media Barons

TV producers and media companies rely on top-notch presentations to woo the business of prospective advertisers. Discovery Communications, producers of well-known channels including Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, and TLC, set the bar high with outstanding presentations that come to life onscreen, such as this one.
3. Hire Me

When was the last time you saw a cover letter packaged up as an online presentation? This presentation shows creative initiative and instantly separates the author from the crowd. It goes without saying that this applicant got the interview. Get ready to see more of these—both cover letters and “presumes.”
4. Dramastic

Translation? Dramastic means dramatic, fantastic, and even a little bit of drastic. So here they are— Dramastic Presentations of the Decade. From climate change to Google search to credit crisis to tweeting from outer space, there’s a presentation for everything.
5. Dear Impassioned Traveler

It’s true; you don’t need a giant designer’s budget to create a presentation that turns heads. Tread Light Travels is an up and coming travel agency offering unique tour programs in Brazil. Their passion and expertise comes through clearly in this presentation, not to mention the great color scheme and effective use of voice-over that leave a lasting impression.
6. Lifting the SlideRocket Hood

To stretch your mind a bit, check out the SlideRocket presentation builder overview. On top of being an excellent presentation in its own right, these slides lift the hood on powerful features not typically associated with presentations, including presentation analytics, live Twitter feeds, lead generation forms, collaboration, web meetings and a gaggle of other innovative capabilities.
7. Presentation News Release

It's always great to link great content with your press releases, and a "presentation news release" may just fit the bill for you. With pleasing music and slide transitions, this presentation no doubt was a boost for Rumblefish.

There’s no better time to reinvent your presentations and captivate your audience.

What ideas have these presentations sparked for the creation of your own marketing presentations?

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