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If you're a fan of LinkedIn's product tab targeting on your LinkedIn company page, then you're absolutely going to love this. Yesterday, Business Insider reported that LinkedIn will be rolling out two new features for company pages, 'Targeted Updates' and 'Follower Statistics.' While the new features are currently only available to early release partners such as AT&T, Samsung Mobile, Dell, and Microsoft, we caught up with our contacts at LinkedIn to grab some screenshots, and here's what we marketers can look forward to when LinkedIn releases the features to all company page administrators, coming soon.

Targeted Updates

Targeted Updates enable page admins to target their company status updates to specific followers so they can deliver the most relevant content to the most appropriate audiences. Companies can segment by the following variables:

  • Company Size
  • Industry
  • Job Function
  • Seniority
  • Geography
  • Including/excluding company employees
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While targeted updates will be displayed only on the LinkedIn homepages of the followers you target, all status updates you publish will be visible to anyone who visits your LinkedIn company page, regardless of whether those visitors were included in the initial targeting criteria.

In addition, 24 hours after you post an update, admins will be able to view post metrics such as number of followers targeted, impressions, clicks, shares, and engagement as well as be able to review that post's original targeting criteria, as pictured here:

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For a video of how the new Targeted Updates features work, see LinkedIn's overview below:

Follower Statistics

If you watched the video, you'll notice that Targeted Updates aren't the only exciting feature coming to your LinkedIn page. Soon, you'll be able to access a brand new tab on your page called Follower Statistics, which will add a welcome new layer of reporting to the Page Statistics that were already available to you.

Follower Statistics provides insights about follower demographics, engagement levels, update impressions, total following, recent followers, and number of new followers month-to-month.

(Note: The data pictured in the screenshot below is sample data, not actual LinkedIn company page data.)

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Why Take Advantage of LinkedIn's New Features?

Segmentation, targeting, personalization -- these are all concepts that, when executed effectively, can deliver much better results no matter what marketing channel you're using. LinkedIn's new updates not only allow you to leverage these concepts in your LinkedIn marketing strategy, but they also provide you with the reporting and data necessary to make better targeting decisions.

In fact, according to an internal LinkedIn study, examples have shown a 66%+ increase in audience engagement as the result of targeted updates. That's huge!

Smart LinkedIn marketers should leverage the new Follower Statistics to inform their status update targeting choices in order to cater messaging to the appropriate groups of followers they attract on LinkedIn. For example, if you notice that you have a significant following of users representing a specific demographic, create targeted updates that appeal to the problems/needs/interests of that particular group, and adjust your targeting variables to include only that segment. Then track whether your efforts contribute to increased engagement in terms of clicks, likes, comments, and shares. More robust targeting and reporting capabilities will lead to smarter marketing decisions -- and better results!

What do you think of LinkedIn's new features? Are you looking forward to the rollout?

Originally published Apr 11, 2012 4:30:00 PM, updated July 28 2017


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