The Must-Have Components of a Modern Sales & Marketing Machine [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Pamela Vaughan
Pamela Vaughan



sales and marketing alignment hs and sfdc introductory3

How powerful is your sales and marketing machine? If you're like most businesses, chances are, that machine could be a bit stronger. That's why HubSpot and have been teaming up to emphasize the power of social enterprises using inbound marketing to create powerful sales and marketing machines.

Think about it -- the core of inbound marketing is making marketing that people love, or marketing to people the way they want to be marketed to. Social enterprises, or companies leveraging social, mobile, and open cloud technologies to revolutionize their relationships with their customers, build customer profiles to better understand their customers' interests and needs. When combined, the result is a powerful machine that thrives by getting to know your best leads and customers inside and out, and marketing and selling to them on their terms.

What's why we worked with Salesforce on the following infographic to explain how these pieces fit together to enhance a business' sales and marketing machine. For a better look at this horizontally aligned infographic, click on the image to enlarge to learn more about why your business should build a sales and marketing machine of the future by practicing inbound marketing, creating customer profiles, building better employee collaboration, and driving social ROI. And to learn more about how to create a more closely aligned sales and marketing machine, check out our joint webinar with Salesforce, "5 Steps to Establishing an Effective Sales & Marketing Methodology," now available on demand. (Download it Here!) You can also follow the conversation using the hashtag #salesmktg.

(Click the infographic for a full-sized version.)

salesforce hubspot infographic final

How powerful is your sales and marketing machine?

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