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Given its impact on Google search , it's been hard for marketers to ignore Google+ as a social media player. That being said, the social network still left something to be desired. Am I right?

Well it looks like Google+ is changing for the better, with The Next Web reporting that Google+ Business Pages now have the ability to interact with all Google+ users, regardless of whether users have added the business page to one of their Circles. Further more, Google has also indicated that a new Google+ analytics platform is on its way, slated to be launched "in the coming weeks."

Let's dive into what these changes mean for the social media marketer ...

Google+ Enables More Engagement Opportunities for Business Pages

Prior to this Google+ update, business pages weren't able to +1, share, or comment on posts from users unless those users had already added the page to one of their Circles. With this restriction eliminated, Google+ Business Pages will now have the ability to interact and engage with any and all Google+ users, opening up more engagement opportunities for marketers, and possibly increasing the chances that users will add businesses pages to their Circles.

While there has been no official announcement from Google on this new update, the folks over at The Next Web tested it out for themselves with success.


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For marketers trying to expand their reach and generate more leads from Google+ , more opportunities to interact and engage with users who aren't already following them is sure to be a powerful new feature. For example, if we at HubSpot noticed that a user was posting about looking for help figuring out how to improve their on-page SEO, we could now pipe in and offer a link to our on-page SEO template .

Google to Launch Dedicated Google+ Analytics Tool

While Google+ has remained quiet about its first update, the social network has officially indicated that Google+ analytics is coming soon, as documented on its Google+ for business "Measure" page :


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Once Google+'s analytics tool is available, page administrators will have access to data such as which users are interacting with their page (and how), the demographics of those users, and information about users' social activities including +1's, shares, and comments.

Say it with me, marketers: "It's about time."

While we'll have to wait and see just how robust these analytics will be, for marketers who should always be analyzing their social media activities, anything is always better than nothing. Coupled with their closed-loop marketing analytics , marketers should have much greater insight into how effective their Google+ efforts are, and be able to drill down into the individual types of content and updates that resonate (and what doesn't) with their Google+ audiences.

Are you looking forward to having access to dedicated Google+ analytics? How will you leverage the new ability to interact with all Google+ users? 

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Originally published Dec 28, 2012 12:00:00 PM, updated July 28 2017


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