HubSpot TV Episode #15- November 14, 2008

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  1. Twitter: JenHarris09 what's the best way besides alltop & twellow to find influencers in a particular verticle?
  2. Twitter: cselland @mvolpe you should continue the [social media] ROI discussion - great discussion on your blog post this morning


Shiba Puppy Cam - 9 hours, 2.5 million views -
  • Takeaway: Puppies are cute! And... streaming is sometimes about building viewership over a long time period, and it is less about what actually is happening, and more about what you think might happen.

@MarsPheonix -

  • Takeaway: Think about using Twitter in interesting ways for your business and adding personality to your products.

Fortune 500 Doesn't Get SEO -

  • "72% of Fortune 500 companies have very low or non-existent visibility for their most advertised keywords"
  • Takeaway: Small and medium sized companies have an opportunity to outperform the big slow Fortune 500 with inbound marketing - in this case, SEO
LinkedIn Launches Events -
  • Finally!
  • Takeaway: Post all your business events - webinars, seminars, receptions, etc.
Flickr reaches 3 Billion photos -
  • They reached 2 billion photos a year ago. They're well behind Facebook, with 10 billion. And they're falling further behind - a year ago Facebook had just 4.1 billion photos.
What The F**K is Social Media - 
  • @mzkagan's presentation on slideshare about what the f**k social media is
  • Takeaway: Don't let the train leave without you. Get involved now!
Google Flu Trends, released this week, is (a) very interesting: , and (b) a classic piece of inbound marketing:
  • Takeaway: If you have great data, share it and use it to bring people to your business.
Order a Pizza on Facebook:
  • Pizza Hut reached $1 Billion in sales online, in large part due to their Facebook app
  • Takeaway: Figure out where you audience is and be there!
ROI of Social Media Debate

Marketing Tip of the Week - Post your events in LinkedIn

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Originally published Nov 15, 2008 5:29:00 PM, updated July 04 2013