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Here's What a Blog Adds to Your Business

Take a look at the two websites below.

They're both nice-looking. The top one is for the  Green Street Grill , a great restaurant in my neighborhood in Cambridge, MA. The bottom one is for  Craigie on Main , another really nice restaurant nearby.

  green street grill craigie on main  


The sites are a similar collection of menus, operating hours, prices and directions. But there's one big difference: The second site, the Craigie on Main site, has a blog.

Why does a restaurant need a blog?

Take a look at the data below, pulled from HubSpot's  competitive website tracking tool .


  Website Grade  Google Indexed Pages  Alexa Traffic Rank  December Visits 
 56  99  1,493,098  4397
 25  8  3,342,081  329

Because Craigie on Main has a blog, it has more pages for Google to index. Because it has more pages index, it gets found more often, and has higher traffic than Green Street Grill. 

If you want to use the internet to market, you need to be found in search. If you want to be found in search, you need to create content regularly.

It's as simple as that.

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