Episode #38 - May 1st, 2009



  • @bradfordCoffey - Should I do PPC on a phrase I rank on the 1st page for organically?
  • Sue Blaney from www.pleasestoptherollercoaster.com - My ebook is getting good traction internationally, what can I do to help it gain more traction in the US?

Doing it Right


Inbound Marketing Summit Recap

Internet Profit in Developing Nations

  • In Developing Countries, Web Grows Without Profit
  • Web companies that rely on advertising are enjoying some of their most vibrant growth in developing countries. But those are also the same places where it can be the most expensive to operate...
  • There may be 1.6 billion people in the world with Internet access, but fewer than half of them have incomes high enough to interest major advertisers
  • Marketing Takeaway: Remember that the web is global even if your business isn't.

Ahhh-Choo! Marketing and the Flu

Facebook Votes & Stats

Forrester Predicts Growth for Social Media, but expects Search Marketing to Stay Dominant

  • Forrester Predicts Huge Growth for Social Media Marketing
  • Forrester predicts growth across all areas of online advertising
  • 34% growth for social media
  • Still expects search marketing to be more than 55% of online ad spending
  • Marketing Takeaway: Invest in all aspects of inbound marketing, not just the sexy stuff.

60% of people who sign up for Twitter don't come back the next month

Marketing Tip of the Week

  • It's ok to attract some of the wrong people, especially if you can easily separate the ones you want to sell to from the ones you don't want to sell to.

Forum Fodder

  • Jennifer Turelli - Should we add our company to Wikipedia? Does that lend any SEO credit?
  • No follow links & Tough review process
  • Add content to other relevant wikipedia pages
  • Bad ettiquite

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