Steve Garfield Explains How to Use Online Video for Marketing

Pamela Vaughan
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Steve Garfield, Inbound Marketing book Steve Garfield is a HubSpot friend and is widely considered one of the Internet's first video bloggers.  He is a sought-after speaker, college lecturer, consultant and published author (among other things) about the subject, so I knew he'd make a great interviewee about how -- and why -- businesses should start  implementing online video into their marketing programs

In a typical content-creator fashion, he recorded his responses on his iPhone as he took a stroll around  Jamaica Pond .  Check out Steve's new book, Get Seen , his video blog at , and follow him on Twitter @stevegarfield .

1. What advice can you offer to businesses who want to begin using video as a new element in their marketing initiatives?

  • "Just do it."
  • Don’t be intimidated by or concerned with the technical issues related to video production.
  • Find someone who is passionate about social media and ask them to spearhead your video marketing initiatives.
2. What would you advise businesses not to do in their online video efforts?

3. What kinds of unique opportunities do you think video offers compared to other sorts of content like blog posts, eBooks, etc? 

  • You can give viewers an inside look at your business
  • Example: the Bui Brothers (photographers in LA), who record video of themselves as they’re doing a photo shoot and post it online, giving prospects a behind-the-scenes look at their business
4. Which companies do you really respect and admire for what they’re doing with video? Are there any specific examples of video projects out there you think businesses can learn a lot from?

5. What lies ahead in the future? What do you think the next big thing will be in the world of online video production?

  • We’ll see even more livestreaming of video (via cell phones, laptops, and other technologies).
  • More self-service Web applications (like Animoto ) will emerge to help people with video editing/production.
6. At HubSpot, we love experimenting with different kinds of potentially viral videos for marketing (e.g. music , comedy , podcasting ). You can find many of them at . I’m going to ask you to put your professor hat on. In your expert opinion, can you grade us how do you think we’re doing, and tell us what can we do to improve?

  • HubSpot's videos are well-produced, have great audio-quality and are funny. They do a great job of getting HubSpot seen.
  • Make some videos that aren’t completely focused on the topic of inbound marketing, but rather have inbound marketing in the punchline.
7. If you weren’t such an awesome video dude, what would you love to do as an alternative profession?

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