5 Gifts on the Marketing Content Creator's Holiday Wish List

Rebecca Corliss
Rebecca Corliss



The Holidays are right around the corner! Thinking of donning your marketing team with new tools to make your company great content ?

Here are a few gift ideas to help content creators make stellar stuff for the Web to bring in more traffic and leads. (And have a little fun while doing it, of course!)

1) For the Opportunistic Videographer : KODAK Zi8 Pocket Video Camera (Amazon Price: $149)

True content creators should always be prepared to capture the moment to be shared on the web! This little guy is small, handy and records in HD. It's great to grab interviews at an event, get quick footage of a speaker. What's great about this specific camera is the audio output. You can attach an external mic for optimal audio quality. 

Sony-Professional-Hi-Def-Camcorder 2) For the Creative Movie Maker : Sony Professional HVR-A1U CMOS High Definition Camcorder (Amazon Price: $2,249)

This camera is great for professional quality video. It's one of the few that records HD footage as well as has a firewire output-- super helpful for livestreaming. Why not use it to record a video podcast, or perhaps make your own music video ?

lifestream-platform 3) For the Real-time Starlet : Livestream.com Premium Channel Plan ($350/month)

Livestream.com is a fantastic service that allows real-time video streaming on the web. The services offers free tools like Procaster . Purchase a Premium Channel as a gift to remove ads and allow streaming in HD. 

nikon-digital-slr-camera 4) For the Rockstar Photographer : Nikon D90 (Amazon Price: $1,035.97)

This is a midrange DSLR camera with the ability to take video. For the photographer pro, it works with multiple lenses including older Nikkor lenses. You can also can take  video. Entry level version is D5000, but you can only use a subset of the lenses. 

apple-macbook-pro 5)  For the Savvy Media Producer : Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch (Amazon Price: $1,429)

Shine up content editing by purchasing an Apple. This computer comes pre-loaded with great content creator tools, like iMovie for easy video editing and GarageBand for fun music mixing and recording. Add on Final Cut Express ($199) for more experienced movie editors who love fancy effects. 

What's on the holiday wish list for your marketing department? What products do you recommend for small and medium businesses taking their first step towards content production? Tell us in the comments.

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