Foursquare's New Blackberry Application Connects Businesses to More Users

Rebecca Corliss
Rebecca Corliss



Just yesterday, Foursquare , a mobile application used to find and meet up with friends through location updates, launched a new version compatible with the Blackberry

Foursquare is a fun service that makes updating your location into a game by rewarding "mayorship" to those who most frequently "check in" at a specific place (like a store, restaurant or bar). Users can also leave helpful tips, publicly available to other users, about the location and share where they are visiting with Facebook and Twitter. These elements encourage Foursquare users to update often, spreading tool-usage and giving exposure to businesses users are visiting. 

Foursquare's new Blackberry Application opens a window of opportunity to reach an additional audience of smart phone users, specifically employees of businesses who haven't (or don't plan to) transition to the Apple iPhone. According to Forrester, the Blackberry has 2-to-1 advantage over the iPhone , and the Blackberry remains the often-preferred smart phone for businesses with an exchange email server.

So what does this all this mean for businesses? Now is the best time to consider using Foursquare as a new interactive tool for your marketing mix , especially now that the Foursquare userbase will increase due to the new Blackberry option. 

For example, since each user check-in equals free promotion to the user's network, many businesses already utilize Foursquare as a marketing tool. Some businesses reward patrons for checking in to their store or giving free stuff to the store's "mayor". Why not come up with a plan to encourage your customers to update on Foursquare every time they visit you?

Have you adopted Foursquare into your marketing? For Blackberry users, do you plan to start using the application?  


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