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How to Use Online Video for marketing Research company eMarketer predicts that by the year 2013, 85% of Internet users (or 188 million people) will consume online video.

How to Use Online Video for marketing

Marketers can use video to generate traffic to their websites, build brand buzz, collect inbound links (which can help SEO), and build social media presence and reach. 

To help you take advantage of video, we've created a step-by-step eBook that walks you through the entire video creation process: How to Use Online Video for Marketing.

Download the free eBook.

Here are a handful of tips that are included inside the eBook:

  • Driving Business: Determine your video's call-to-action when writing your video script.
  • Filming Technique: To show the perspective of a person listening to another person, use an Over Shoulder shot. To get this shot, put the corner of the camera directly behind the shoulder of the person listening.
  • Video Editing: A video that begins suddenly (or loudly) can be jarring. Add video transitions like fade-ins and fade-outs between clips to add professional polish.
  • Lighting Technique: Avoid recording a scene with a window in the background. This will cause your subjects to be dark and difficult to see.
  • Promoting: Send traffic to your YouTube video immediately after publishing. YouTube rewards videos that receive a surge of traffic within the first 48-hours of being live by recommending the video to more viewers.

The eBook also includes a Video Equipment List full of suggested beginner and intermediate cameras, audio equipment, editing programs and measurement tools.

Download the 18-page eBook.

This eBook is a great guide to learning how to create video from a business perspective. Use it to create great new video masterpieces that drive traffic, leads and business.

Want more? You can download additional resources on how to use video for business in our Online Video Marketing Kit .

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