Top 5 Inbound Marketing Articles to Start the Week: Convert Traffic to Sales

Pamela Vaughan
Pamela Vaughan



traffic Generating traffic to your website and blog is all well and good, but if you're a B2B company, chances are traffic isn't enough. In your case, turning traffic into leads and ultimately sales is where it's at.

In this week's top inbound marketing article, Chris Brogan shares some simple steps you can take to turn the traffic you're getting into coveted leads and sales.

1. How to Convert Traffic to a Sale

Author: Chris Brogan on

If you're looking to get the most of the traffic coming to your business blog, Brogan's article can help by highlighting some preparations you should make.

His tips include creating simple calls-to-action, weaving your offer into the article more than once (and making it obvious), using graphical buttons, taking more than one approach, considering disabling comments, and not overselling.

Marketing Takeaway: Convert traffic to leads and sales by optimizing your blog for lead generation.

2. How to Use Social Media Monitoring Tools for Outreach Marketing

Author: Joe Hall on Search Engine Land

The topic of this Search Engine Land article is outreach marketing, or as Hall puts it, "the practice of seeking out individuals or organizations that have a shared interest in what you or your company has to offer."

Hall mainly discusses ways in which you can utilize social media monitoring tools to help with outreach marketing. He walks readers through the importance of choosing the right keywords and audience. In addition, he emphasizes that engagement is at the core of outreach marketing and can make or break a campaign.

Marketing Takeaway: If you're thinking of doing an outreach marketing campaign, take advantage of social media monitoring tools to facilitate engagement.

3. Top 10 Facebook Pages and Why They’re Successful

Author: Amy Porterfield on Social Media Examiner

Are you looking to improve your Facebook presence ? Why not take a look at some Fan Pages of brands that are doing it right?

This Social Media Examiner article highlights 10 examples of successful Facebook Pages and discusses why they're successful. These examples will help you understand what a great Page looks like and how you can adopt similar techniques to increase your own Page's success. Among top company Pages mentioned are Red Bull, Coca-Cola, and Oreo.

Marketing Takeaway: Learn by example!

4. Five Things to Consider Before Starting an SEO Campaign

Author: Kevin Gibbons on the Econsultancy blog

So you've made the decision to dedicate more time to search engine optimization . Good for you -- SEO is a great way to generate quality, organic traffic to your website! Before you get going, consider these tips from the Econsultancy blog for managing your SEO team, whether it's in-house or based in an agency:

  1. Manage your expectations.
  2. Set goals.
  3. Brace yourself for the long haul.
  4. Involve your staff.
  5. Be prepared to get involved.

Marketing Takeaway: While SEO can produce great results , be prepared to dedicate time and effort to its ongoing maintenance.

5. Avoid Blogger Burnout: 5 Tips to Save Your Sanity

Author: Georgina Laidlaw on ProBlogger

As any seasoned blogger knows, it takes time to go from new blog to successful blog . So how do you stay sane and motivated to keep pumping out posts when the rewards seem few and far between? This ProBlogger article just might speak to you.

Laidlaw lays out some of her best suggestions for avoiding blogger burnout, which include doing what you love, taking it one step at a time, planning (and planning ... and planning), allowing for downtime, and realizing that everyone has bad days.

Marketing Takeaway: Like any great successful venture, results don't always come instantly. Keep at it, and your blog will eventually help achieve your business marketing goals.

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