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July 15, 2014

7 Pinnable Pinterest Pins On How to Do Effective Pinterest Marketing

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489041979With over 70 million users on Pinterest, this popular social platform has become a smart way to attract new customers. However, wherever the masses are other businesses are sure to follow.

The question you should be asking yourself is how can I stand out? Use the following actionable tips to create the most pin-worthy pins.

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1) Tell A Story

Before you start engaging with your audience on Pinterest, it is important to understand that social media engagement is an extension of your marketing strategy. As the old adage goes, pictures paint a thousand words. This is especially true when it comes to marketing. Don’t fall prey to becoming ‘just another business’ on just another social channel with just another lackluster pin.

Every pin is an opportunity to tell a story, and as you may well know, storytelling is one of the best ways to differentiate your business. Storytelling is also an influential marketing means of forging a connection, influencing, and relating to your audience.

2) Offer Sneak Peeks

Tap into the ‘thrill of the unknown’. Post pins that pique the interest of your audience such as sneak peeks or visual riddles about your products and services. Compel them to click on that pin, share, and take a second glance.

Tease them about upcoming products and unique services. Think of unconventional ways your products or services are being utilized. Intrigue your audience with mystifying questions motivating them to learn more about the what’s in the photo.

3) Create Boards and Fill in Descriptions

One commonly overlooked step in developing pins is constructing an effective description. This part of a pin helps your content stand out from the overwhelming amount of eye candies on the platform. Your business can offer the best product and have the most visually appealing images, but without a strong description to seal the deal your pin will suffer. Descriptions aid the pin image and together they form a well-rounded Pinterest user experience.

Upon writing the description ask yourself, what copy would scream “click me!” If your pin is instructional, such as a recipe, the description field would be a great place to list the ingredients to entice the viewer to view or share your pin.

4) Know Your Demographic

Sometimes the hardest part of marketing is determining where your target audience is gathering their information. A recent study conducted to evaluate social media demographics revealed that 72% of Pinterest users are women. Pins that speak to females psychographics will outperform those geared towards men. This statistic is extremely helpful for targeting B2C female-based products and services.

Still stuck on how to best address the female audience? Align your boards with the four most popular categories on Pinterest: home, arts and crafts, fashion, and food. These sections will resonate well with the predominantly female audience and help build you Pinterest following.

5) Be Helpful

Upon developing your Pinterest marketing strategy, start by analyzing your buyer persona and what matters most to them. Ask yourself what problems they encounter, how your business can help solve these issues, and the best ways your business can provide solutions.

Create boards that address these questions in order to provide the most useful pins. One helpful tip would be to build a pin that offers helpful step-by-step instructions that your viewer can refer to at a later time.

6) Create Infographics

Looking to share material packed with informative data and factual figures? Pinterest is a great place to distribute educational content, and there’s no better way to display it than an infographic.

Infographics break important information down into visual snippets that are easy for readers to digest. Consider for a moment how viewers engage in the Pinterest platform. Potential customers scroll through pin after pin looking for useful information. Visual content are easier to comprehend, process, and remember. Companies that utilize infographics in their marketing efforts increase traffic by an average of 12% more than those who don’t.

In the world of Pinterest, infographics will help not only increase click through rates but will improve the likelihood of getting pinned for later reference.

7) Pin Your Blog Posts

Another under-utilized pinning method that businesses could implement would be creating pins that publicize blog posts. Pinterest is perceived by its user base as a reliable source of information and is often used as a reference tool.

Since your customers are already on Pinterest, why not push your useful content to their medium of choice? Develop a pin that summarizes your blog post in a captivating way and add it to the appropriate boards for maximum reach. 

Pinterest Pins can help you engage with your target audience in a meaningful way to impart value and gain a following. With these tips, you’re sure to maximize the benefits you can reap from content distribution and get your pins re-pinned. Don’t forget to show your brand’s personality. Get creative and have fun!

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