How to Create a Winning Resume in 2020 [New Data]

Michael Tomaszewski
Michael Tomaszewski



I'm willing to bet we've all heard a few hard-and-fast rules when it comes to creating a resume.

Keep it to one page, for instance — or No need to include a summary or objective on your resume.

Surprisingly, I've come to find out that both of those are incorrect, as reported by new data from Zety. (FYI, to boost your chances of scoring an interview, Zety found you should actually use a two-page resume, especially if you're an experienced professional.)

Zety — a resume builder and a career blog — analyzed 133,000 real-life job applications created in their resume builder to compile this comprehensive resume analysis.

Which is likely exactly what job seekers need in these trying times.

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Take a look at the results of their comprehensive study, below, to compare your resume with real-life competitors, see what you should improve, and spot any missed opportunities. 

perfect resume
resume sections
TOP 10 HARD skills
TOP 10 SOFT skills

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