network-businessWhen you follow a brand on LinkedIn, are you interested in every product they sell? Probably not -- chances are, you're interested in one aspect of the brand or its products, but you decide to put up with the irrelevant information in your news feed just because the payoff when you receive relevant content is worth it. 

Fast-forward to a few months down the road. You're annoyed because you're receiving the 1,000th irrelevant post in your news feed. You've had enough. You go to unfollow that brand right this instant.

That's an all-to-common occurrence on LinkedIn. Even if marketers used LinkedIn's post targeting feature to make certain content and topics available to people in their news feed, people could still see untargeted messages on the company's page. Not quite the most personalized and interesting experience for your followers. 

So you can understand how pumped we are to hear that LinkedIn rolled out a brand new feature that solves these problems. This morning, LinkedIn introduced "Showcase Pages" for brands -- basically, a niche Company Page that your followers can opt in to learn more about a certain product or sub-brand. 

If you're interested in creating a Showcase Page for your company, know that each company can create up to 10 Showcase Pages -- and it's all freeYou should be able to create one for your page over the next few days -- LinkedIn is slowly rolling them out to all users. And once your page is all set up, you can track its success with LinkedIn's built-in analytics program.

Bonus: These new Pages are also gorgeous. Here's what they look like:


And in case you forgot, here's what a typical Company Page looks like for comparison: 


So these features are all exciting and wonderful, but what does this new feature really mean for marketers? Should you really jump on this new feature right now?

Showcase Pages = Company Pages on Inbound Overdrive

This feature is a great improvement for brands with distinct and very different buyer personas that require fairly different content strategies. It's really an extension of the rest of your inbound efforts -- with Showcase Pages, superfans can opt in to certain products or sectors of your business.

More relevant opt-in choices for your subscribers means more relevant content in their news feed, which means potentially higher engagement metrics down the road. Solving for the needs of your customer and your business? Yeah, we're okay with any features that help accomplish both.

The only worry we see on the horizon is that maintaining these Showcase Pages could be hard -- you're already stretched thin across several different social networks, so adding another profile page to the mix might not be easy. Hopefully, LinkedIn will make it easy for third-party social media tools to publish to Showcase Pages -- and make it much easier for you to organize and schedule content. 

It's important to note here that not all brands will need Showcase Pages. Sometimes, simple is better. If you have one or two audiences with similar behaviors and interests, it's probably best to stick with a Company Page. It'll be better for your audience and better for your business to not overcomplicate your marketing message. But, if you have very distinct and separate products with separate audiences, Showcase Pages are a new feature you should definitely think about implementing.

Are you going to create a Showcase Page for your company? Why or why not? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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Originally published Nov 19, 2013 3:00:00 PM, updated February 01 2017


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