promoted_pins_pinterest-1Brand pinaholics, rejoice! Today, Pinterest announced two updates to get a little friendlier with brands. Soon, all brands will have access to a brand new analytics dashboard and the ability to use Promoted Pins. 

Yep, that means if you're one of those marketers who's obsessed with squeezing value out of Pinterest, this is your lucky day. This update could help you amplify your efforts and actually know if those efforts are paying off. 

The updates are fairly straightforward, but we'll give you the rundown on it all in the post below. The main takeaway you need to know is that both of these features are only available to those of us with business accounts on Pinterest. (And if you need help setting one of those up or converting your personal Pinterest page to a business account, you can get it here.) 

So without further ado, let's get to what the new releases are.

Promoted Pins for Almost All

Pinterest has been testing out Promoted Pins slowly -- but today, they're starting to open it up to all U.S. businesses. At the moment, these CPC ads appear in search and category feeds, not people's homepage feed. If you fit the criteria and want to try these out, you can sign up for the test here. Pinterest will then get in touch with you to get started. 


There's no indication in Pinterest's announcement post that all brands that apply will be picked or that they're considering rolling this out to businesses outside the U.S. (sorry, folks), but if you are one of the lucky ones chosen, you could start promoting your business on Pinterest fairly soon. If you want to learn more about Promoted Pins, you can check out

Now, on to the second part of the update.

New Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest also gave us a sneak peek of a new analytics tool. Supposedly, now you will be able to see how pins you create are doing -- which ones are driving impressions, clicks, and repins -- in addition to getting information on what people are already pinning from your website. Here's a screenshot of what the new analytics will look like:


I couldn't grab screenshots of the old analytics and compare them to the new analytics -- there's some endless loop of redirects happening on Pinterest's website -- but word on the street is the new analytics are going to be awesome compared to the old analytics. For now, we'll take Pinterest's word for it ... and continue to use our marketing software's analytics to see how Pinterest is driving traffic, leads, and customers, to our website. 

Though Pinterest announced the update today, it's possible that we all have to wait some time to get the updated Pinterest analytics. Pinterest's launch post says, "We’re rolling it out slowly to make sure everything works, but all business accounts should get access soon." 

So soon could be mean sometime in the next week or two ... or the equivalent of a parent giving a child an update on arrival time mid-way through a 10-hour road trip. I guess we'll wait and see. 

That's pretty much it, folks. Like I said, these features aren't revolutionary, but having them at your disposal could help you make your Pinterest presence even better for your followers and your business.

Are you going to try out these new features? 

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Originally published Jun 5, 2014 12:40:00 PM, updated July 28 2017


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