The Resources You Need to Get Started With Business Blogging [In Under 100 Words]

get-started-bloggingIf you don't know what business blogging is get an introduction here. Ready to start writing? Cool, let's go!

Start by selecting strong topics and keywords. If you're getting writer's block, this Mad Lib-style blogging template should help. (Or, just flip through this SlideShare about getting over writer's block.)

If you still feel uneasy, give yourself a gutcheck against these 15 common business blogging mistakes.

Once you pass the test, top your post off with a killer title.

Since soon you'll be a blogging machine, things could get a little hectic -- schedule your content out with this editorial calendar.

Phew. 100 words on the dot! Hope this helps you (or someone you love) get started with business blogging. Oh, and before it's too late ... Happy Shark Week ;-)

Image credit: USFWS Headquarters

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