Elements of Modern Web Design, the Best LinkedIn Groups for Marketers, and More in HubSpot Content This Week

learningSo much to learn, so little time to do so.

Have you ever felt like you can't keep up with all of the new marketing tips, tricks, and trends that keep popping up on the interwebs? In this age of information overload, sifting through the noise to find the signals that matter to you (and your business) can be a challenge.

As modern marketers, we're constantly on a quest for more knowledge. If the G.I. Joes have taught me anything, it's that knowing is half the battle. When we're armed with the best information possible, it becomes easier for us to make good decisions and to execute effective marketing plans. 

So, how can you cut through the noise and find fresh, educational content that will help YOU become a better marketer? Easy! Just check out these roundup posts every Sunday :)

20 LinkedIn Groups Every Marketer Should Join

Here's another solution for keeping your finger on the pulse of the marketing world: Take part in the best marketing conversations happening on LinkedIn. Not sure where to find these conversations? In this new post, we highlight 20 of the best LinkedIn Groups for marketers.

The 7 Elements of Modern Web Design

Whether you're planning on designing a new site, are redesigning your current site, or just want to understand the latest and greatest web design trends, this new post has got you covered. Learn about seven important elements of modern web design -- from unique typography, to hover effects, to responsive images.

Google Algorithm Update Makes Authorship WAY More Competitive

Linking your content to your Google+ profile (i.e. setting up Google Authorship) has been touted as a best SEO practice for some time now. Recently, however, Google tweaked its algorithm and reduced the amount of Google authorship snippets showing up in search results. Get the full scoop in this new post from our new Insiders section.

The Resources You Need to Run an Inbound Marketing Campaign

Putting together a successful inbound marketing campaign is a lot like cooking a delicious dish. In addition to having the requisite marketing/cooking knowledge, you need to use fresh, high-quality ingredients to achieve the best results. Here are 7 free inbound marketing "ingredients" you can start using right now.

7 Times You'll Kick Yourself for Not Learning HTML

HubSpot's VP of Content, Joe Chernov, recently predicted that marketing departments will become more like engineering departments in 2014. In order for that to happen, of course, marketers will need to beef up (or, ya know, establish) their coding skills. In this new post, we highlight seven cases in which knowing some basic coding can come in handy.

My 9 Self-Proclaimed Rules of Inbound Selling

Question: Are you interested in learning how you can apply the "inbound" philosophy to sales? Then this new post from our Sales section is for you. Follow-up question: Do you want to see a GIF of HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan dancing on stage? Then this post is definitely for you.

P&G's Olympic Effort: A Video About Moms and Athletes

A great strategy for gaining new marketing knowledge is to regularly observe -- and absorb -- the great content that other marketers are producing. In Dan Lyons' latest post on our Opinion section, he examines P&G's new Winter Olympics-themed "Pick Them Back Up" video, which has been tugging at heartstrings across the country.

What was the most interesting thing you learned this week on Inbound Hub? What do you want to see more of? Leave your feedback in the comments!

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