I probably don’t have to go into great detail selling you on email templates. The value proposition is rather straightforward: Saving the best versions of the emails you write all the time saves you an incredible amount of time and energy. 

I've found email templates particularly valuable when used in Salesforce where your templates automatically integrate with your leads and are auto-logged in the CRM. What’s more, templates can be shared team-wide on Salesforce.

Managers, this allows you to maintain the highest performing email templates consistent and influence your team’s connect-rate to make sure the right points are getting across. It’s also a great way for reps to share what’s working with each another. 

Today, I wanted to share a handy step-by-step tutorial on how to create Salesforce email templates. I'll then share my latest tactic for taking this process to a whole new level with HubSpot Sales

How To Setup Salesforce Email Templates

1. Navigate to "Setup" at the top right of your Salesforce account.


2. Select "Create or edit an email template" from the second module.


3. Click "New Template."

Depending on the size of your sales team, there may already be some publicly available templates under the "Unified Public Email Templates" folder.


4. Select "Text" for template type.

Sales emails are best received through plain text -- anything else makes it look like a marketing email. 


5. Create your email template.

Creating your template takes a few additional steps. 

  1. Select a folder: Your "Personal Email Templates" will only be accessible through your Salesforce account, whereas saving your template in the "Unified Public Email Templates" folder will allow reps across your company to use them. 
  2. Describe the template: The name of your template will help you easily locate it in the future. Be sure to encode it to be in your timezone, and add a description if you feel necessary.
  3. Write the copy: Now add in your email content. If you're looking for some expert crafted email templates, we have nine Salesforce-optimized templates available for free here


You'll notice specific Salesforce ID's in the copy of the above template, such as {Lead.FirstName}. Salesforce provides a series of merge fields you can use to automatically customize your templates based on the lead intelligence you or your marketing team has gathered about a contact. The free templates we mentioned above have these fields already embedded in them.

Within Salesforce, simply select field type, choose a resulting field from the dropdown menu, and then copy the merge field value that results into your email. 

Bonus: Use Salesforce email templates right in Gmail or Outlook.

We’ve been using Salesforce email templates for years in the HubSpot Sales Lab, but I've personally been a huge advocate of using my Gmail account. Now our Sidekick product team has made my life easier by integrating the two!

We built a plug-in that lets you use your Salesforce email templates right from Gmail or Outlook. Whether you already rely heavily on the Salesforce platform, or are new to email templates altogether, it’s easy to get started using Salesforce email templates right from Gmail or Outlook. Here's a quick glimpse of how this works in Gmail:


Want more email templates? Check out these cold email templates that one 16 new B2B customers.

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Originally published Feb 18, 2014 8:00:00 AM, updated April 18 2018


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