10-secrets-to-metrics-based-coaching-4Earlier this week, I took the Dreamforce stage to discuss metrics-driven coaching with my partner in HubSpot crime, Mike Volpe. Today, I'd like to share our presentation with all of you.

The SlideShare below presents our slides from the conference on the topic of metrics based coaching. If you have any followup questions, comment below and we'd be happy to discuss. 

Secret #1: Align Coaching and Management Style to Culture (Click to Tweet!)

Secret #2: Align Team's to the Buyer's Journey (Click to Tweet!)

Secret #3: Manage by Metrics: Track Results, Not Activity (Click to Tweet!)

Secret #4: Use "Speed Bumps" to Ensure Recognition (Click to Tweet!)

Secret #5: Track Progress Daily and Publicly (Click to Tweet!)

Secret #6: Incorporate Metrics Into Every Stage of Scaling Your Sales Team (Click to Tweet!)

Secret #7: Hold the Entire Sales Organization Accountable to a Metrics-driven Coaching Model (Click to Tweet!)

Secret #8: Use Metrics to Diagnose the Priority Skill Development for Each Sales Person (Click to Tweet!)

Secret #9: Seek More Clarify by Peeling Back the Onion with More Metrics (Click to Tweet!)

Secret #10: Co-create the Coaching Plan With the Sales Person (Click to Tweet!)

Originally published Nov 22, 2013 9:06:00 AM, updated November 22 2013


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