With so many WordPress themes to choose from, it can be hard to find the one that is right for you. It needs to match your brand aesthetic, but it should also be easy to navigate and implement on your website.

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Avada Theme offers all of that —customization, simple navigation, pre-built websites with one-click uploading and more.

One reason why Avada Theme is so appealing is because it's easy enough for beginners to use (with no coding knowledge required) but flexible enough for professionals to customize.

You'll be able to customize your layout and colors, choose from a library of Font Awesome fonts, and upload images to sliders and other graphical elements. To save time, you can also build your WordPress website by starting with one of the templates that they provide and making adjustments from there.

Avada Theme Features

Avada has several features that will allow you to build a website to match your brand. WooCommerce integration means you can offer an online shop, while image sliders create an attractive way to display content. You can start a blog, share event information, or even add Google Maps to help users find your brick-and-mortar location.

Here's a deep dive into some of Avada's most popular features.

Live Editing

Avada provides ultimate design flexibility with its Design Content System. The theme's fusion builder allows you to see your changes instantly with the front-end editor. You'll also have full control of your site from the live editor that allows you to interact with every design element and layout across your site. You can customize each individual page and post using the editor. This allows you to transform your site by taking any ordinary post and recreating a new layout.

Design Elements

There are over 60 design elements with endless combination options to create dynamic, feature-rich content. Avada has you everything you need in the Fusion Library — all you have to do is choose what feature you'd like on your site, click and drag it into place, and customize it to your liking.

You'll have many options among the various demos, pages, posts, portfolios, images, sliders, widgets, and more. You can quickly upload a pre-built website design with one click using the demo importer. Plus, you can uninstall specific elements from your site. Avada is also responsive to any device, so all of your design elements will look great on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.


Avada is fully equipped to help you build an online store or catalog. The theme is integrated with WooCommerce, so you can sell products and services directly from your site.

Avada Theme Examples

To get a good idea of just how versatile, attractive, and functional the Avada theme is, here are several websites in different industries to show you that the sky really is the limit with this theme.

1. Saddleback Rider Training

saddleback rider training homepage - avada theme example with slider image

An attractive slider menu paired with bold fonts adorn the Saddleback Rider Training website. The use of orange and black make the experience dramatic, and the clean full-width sections add a sleek feel to the site.

2. Taktik

taktik homepage - avada theme example with buyer persona choice above the fold

Taktik, a French employment agency, uses the Avada theme in a unique way. At the top of the site, they set up a "create your own adventure" of sorts where the website user can identify themselves based on which scenario best describes them: a job seeker or an employer. By making this selection, they are then served an experience tailored to their unique needs. This interface is served up before the top menu and rest of the homepage, indicating to the reader that Taktik cares about the visitor more than themselves.

3. Manny & Me

manny and me homepage - avada theme example

Manny & Me is a nanny agency that helps families connect with qualified teachers, tutors, and nannies. In this case, Avada is used to lay out bold full-width sections along with clear CTA buttons to guide the user to through the site.

4. Cobham River Lodge

cobham river lodge website - avada theme example

Cobham River Lodge makes full use of Avada's features to break up information visually. The homepage includes accordion FAQ boxes, counter style elements to emphasize statistics, and a large footer for resources and navigation.

5. Russell Brand

russell brand website - avada theme example

Russel Brand's Avada website uses large style graphics and full-width sections in a dark color format. The nav menu is simple text paired with links to social media sites to encourage further connection.

6. Eruption Group

eruption group homepage - avada theme example

Eruption's homepage breaks out of the typical static layout with creative text alignment and vertical graphics. What's most impressive is the use of animated typography on the main headline.

7. Glace Paysanne

glace paysanne homepage - avada theme example

Glace Paysanne is an ice cream and desert company that plays with white space and colorful images and text to highlight their products. Avada is used well with a sticky menu at the top and a button in the top right corner to call the website visitor to action.

8. Goroo

goroo homepage - avada theme example with full-screen image

Goroo makes custom car mats and showcases their product in a full-screen welcome mat. The rest of the homepage uses simple copy paired with lazy load images to provide eye-catching movement. In addition, Goroo doubles down on the gallery type feature to showcase different product options they offer.

9. Emprunte Mon Toutou

emprunte mon toutou website - example of avada theme

This site uses Avada to display a wide banner image at the top which contrasts against the form at the top, which helps tailor content to the user's unique needs. The homepage also uses comparison boxes that highlight their points and illustration to transition into the footer.

10. Panda Paper Roll

panda paper roll homepage - example of avada website

Panda Paper Roll, a paper products company for cash registers and kiosks, uses a number of Avada elements to convey their expertise, including the mileage-style widget for conveying statistics, a social bar above their top menu, and a scrolling client menu.

11. Mass Impressions

mass impressions - example of avada theme with fixed background scrolling

Mass Impressions uses Avada Theme with a fixed background, alternating between a two-column layout and full-width layout. The navy color with salmon accents makes for a striking look.

12. Moni Design

Moni Design homepage - Avada WordPress theme example

Moni Design is a graphic design and internet marketing agency. The Avada theme allows Moni Design to clearly organize its layout. The site features a video background with parallax scrolling to capture users' attention. Avada's new footer builder feature is on display here, too — Moni Design is wisely using the footer to provide links to all of its social media links.

13. Spohn Design

The Spohn Design homepage - Avada theme example

Spohn Design is a boutique graphic design firm. They use the Avada theme to create a clean, eye-catching home page with simple, clear navigation. Users get the wow-factor from the image banner, but the theme's style isn't overly complex or overwhelming.

14. Heavenly Blooms

Heavenly Blooms homepage - avada theme example

Heavenly Blooms is a floral arrangement company. As you scroll down the front page, you'll notice parallax scrolling in full effect. Avada's photo gallery elements come into play, too, and make it easy for the company to show off its work.

15. Green Leaf Cleaners

The Green Leaf Cleaners website - avada theme example

Green Leaf Cleaners is an eco-friendly cleaning company. The Avada theme makes this simple website easy to navigate, so any potential client can quickly find the cleaning services or contact information they need.

16. Graphictwister

Graphictwiter homepage - avada website example

Graphictwister offers graphic design services, so it is only right that it has a crisp, clean, attractive website. It makes the most of the Avada theme's grid layout options to display examples of its services.

17. RedBag Media

RedBag Media website with parallax scrolling - avada theme example

RedBag Media offers web graphics, brandings, and videos. This website features parallax scrolling to capture users' attention, then leads into a grid layout featuring examples of the company's work. The page then ends with Avada theme's contact form to encourage users to get in touch.

18. LittleBig Bikes

LittleBig Bikes homepage - avada theme example

Little Big Bikes uses the Avada theme to integrate its social media posts on the home page. Their site also includes an online shop, and a slider with testimonials. The footer includes award badges, a newsletter signup form, and three columns of navigation.

19. University of Hawaii Maui College

The University of Hawaii Maui College - avada theme example with video background

The University of Hawaii Maui College website features a video background with a call to action button in the center. Further down the page, the content is separated into columns. The Avada theme also provides a robust footer, which includes quick links, resources for students, contact information, and even a campus map.

20. Charter Bay Homes

Charter Bay Homes avada theme example with banner image

The Charter Bay Homes website uses the Avada theme to display an eye-catching banner image and easily direct site visitors to what they are looking for with an organized navigation bar.

21. RankPay

RankPay avada theme example with search bar in the center

RankPay, an SEO services website, features a front-and-center search bar and concise navigation right off the bat. As you scroll, there are various image effects that grab the users' attention and direct eyes toward the large call-to-action buttons.

22. Gabrielle Vermeij Design

Gabrielle Vermeij Design portfolio website - avada theme example

With any design and photography website, you want your work displayed clearly and beautifully. The Avada theme can do this as well, as evidenced by Gabrielle Vermeij's minimalist website that puts the focus on the designer's work. As you scroll down, the portfolio is segmented into different sections on the page, all leading to a footer with a contact button.

23. Pump Fitness

homepage for the pump fitness website

California-based Pump Fitness offers custom personal training regiments, massage therapy, and a pleasant browsing experience thanks to their Avada WordPress site. Its pages implement parallax scrolling combined with high-res images to clearly establish the gym's benefits and expertise.

Find Out If Avada Is Right For You

The Avada theme for WordPress functions well on just about any type of website. Whether you want to display a portfolio, offer services to clients, or sell unique products, Avada can be customized to fit your needs.

Plus, Avada's advanced features and design elements mean your website will stand out from the crowd, and its simple theme builder will make it easy for you to create the website of your dreams. Try Avada out for yourself to see just how this WordPress theme can work for you.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in February 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

Use HubSpot tools on your WordPress website and connect the two platforms  without dealing with code. Click here to learn more.

 Use HubSpot tools on your WordPress website and connect the two platforms  without dealing with code. Click here to learn more.

Originally published Oct 28, 2020 7:00:00 AM, updated November 13 2020


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