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Madison Zoey Vettorino
Madison Zoey Vettorino


Building a website doesn't have to be time-consuming or costly. And, if you're considering building your site using a free provider like Content Hub, it's beneficial to look over some website examples to understand what the platform can do.

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We're sharing everything you need to know about Content Hub, how much it costs, and 17 of our favorite HubSpot Content website examples. The collection of sites we've rounded up ranges in terms of industry, audience, design, and functionality, so you have a peek into each site’s robust capabilities. Once you're inspired, you can begin building your site with Content Hub, too.

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What is Content Hub?

Content Hub is a powerful content management system for creating personalized, high-converting websites. It includes hosting, themes, dynamic content, drag-and-drop page editing, and memberships, among other features, and is powered by HubSpot's CRM platform. With the help of Content Hub, you'll provide visitors with a customized, secure experience.

It also has a reputation for its ease of use. These features make it a popular choice for marketers, developers, and IT professionals at small to enterprise companies.

How much does Content Hub Cost?

Content Hub grows with you, so begin with whatever level feels suitable for your organization. You can work with HubSpot's drag-and-drop builder equipped with robust capabilities for free. Alternatively, you may feel the starter level is a better fit ($23/month).

As your business grows, you may upgrade to professional ($360/month) or enterprise ($1200/month). No matter where your organization is on its website journey, a level of Content Hub is right for you.

Now that we've covered the particulars of what Content Hub does and how it ranges in price, let's share 17 of our favorite HubSpot CMS website examples. 

1. C2A

homepage for the HubSpot CMS Hub website example C2A

C2A is a small company that offers multiple cards for transportation professionals to make payments and manage their expenses more easily. Though C2A is a small business, it operates in eight countries, and the site has multi-language variations for customers in these different countries.

When you visit C2A's site, you notice multiple CTAs on the homepage inviting visitors to request a demo, learn more about C2A card advantages, and view the company's partner network. With just a click of a well-placed button, you can supply your contact information for a C2A expert to get in touch regarding what the company can do for you.

These conversion opportunities were part of a website redesign by Make the Grade, leading to three times more leads than it generated on its previous website.

What we like: The website features testimonials about the company's services, which could persuade potential customers to explore the possibility of getting a C2A card. The site presents these in a clean, sleek manner towards the bottom of the homepage.

2. Raison Home

homepage for the HubSpot CMS Hub website example raison-home

Raison Home is a mid-market interior design company specializing in kitchen design. To help it target different market segments, its website, created by the agency Markentive, is available in multiple languages. These languages include French, English, and Dutch, which customers can select by clicking on the flag icon in the primary navigation bar. Other strengths of this site include CTAs, forms, popups, and lead capture features in strategic places, like the navigation bar and hero section.

Thanks to the HubDB feature, Raison Home's portfolio page — labeled "Our Achievements" in the English variant — will dynamically present over 600 projects completed by different members of its network of interior designers.

What we like: This website offers a host of information and presents it strategically. There are also ample CTAs to inspire action.

3. The Room

homepage for the HubSpot CMS Hub website example the-room

The Room is an influencer marketing platform that connects individuals with brands they love. Its website, designed by Blend, is optimized for two distinct user journeys: one for brands and the other for influencers. The website and navigation split into two disparate sections, each with its landing pages, resources, color schemes, and calls to action.

For example, in the "Brands" section, the CTA in the hero section encourages users to book a demo. In contrast, the CTA in the hero section of the "Influencers" section enables users to apply.

What we like: The Room isn't only aware of the two user journeys on its site; it caters to each by presenting resources, unique color schemes, and CTAs, while remaining authentic to the brand.

4. Guest Suite

homepage for the hubspot cms hub website example the room

Guest Suite is a software company designed to help businesses manage and improve their online reputation by collecting, showcasing, and analyzing customer reviews. Its website is an essential tool for lead generation.

To successfully convert visitors into customers, the site features several CTAs encouraging customers to test the e-reputation tool, book an appointment, and submit their Google listing for an audit.

What we like: Guest Suite offers several conversion paths for visitors, including signing up for a free trial or scheduling a meeting with a sales rep.

5. BioStrata

homepage for the hubspot cms hub website example biostrata

BioStrata is a modern blue website that strategically uses color, animation, abstract imagery, and iconography to showcase its services and unique value proposition clearly and boldly. In addition to a tree diagram format for listing its services, these features enhance the scientific aspect of the agency's branding and establish its unique identity.

What we like: BioStrata lays out its services on its homepage in a comprehensive format. You can learn more about each service by navigating its dedicated website page and conversion path.

6. Caithness Construction

homepage for the hubspot cms hub website example caithness construction

Caithness Construction provides ample visual and social proof to incentivize website visitors to click on the multiple CTA buttons to schedule a consultation.

The homepage features high-quality images of the exterior and interior of homes the company designed. The site also features an animated number counter that shows the company has been in business for 25 years and has built over 400 homes in over 30 communities. Other parts of the site feature customer testimonials, award badges, an image gallery of custom homes, and four in-depth case studies. These elements emphasize Caithness Construction's quality of work, professionalism, and customer satisfaction.

What we like: Thanks to visual cues and text, Caithness Construction masterfully offers proof that it can deliver on its promise of building a beautiful home.

7. Friedrich

homepage for the hubspot cms hub website example friedrich

Friedrich manufactures high-performing air conditioning solutions and specialty cooling products for residential and light commercial use.

The website tailors itself to various buying groups. On the homepage, visitors can select one of the six personas in the drop-down menu. From there, the section of resources and products below dynamically changes based on self-selection to send the visitor on the correct buyer's journey.

What we like: Because Friedrich allows users to identify with one of six personas, the result is a more streamlined user experience.

8. The Spicy Shark

homepage for the hubspot cms hub website example the spicy shark

The Spicy Shark is a start-up company determined to have the best-tasting spicy products on the market. Its site is easy to navigate, cohesively branded, informative, and fun.

Its product pages include pricing information, images, social share buttons, videos of customers trying the product, and a button to check out with Shop Pay. It supports other payment options, including PayPal, Google Pay, Facebook Pay, Apple Pay, and multiple credit cards.

What we like: Using Content Hub and Shopify, The Spicy Shark is a stylish ecommerce site that offers multiple payment options and other elements to make the buying experience easy and fun.

9. Avast Academy

homepage for the hubspot cms hub website example avast academy

Avast Academy is a digital library of original expert articles and guides about digital security, privacy, and device performance.

There are several navigation paths for readers to deep dive into one of these areas and its subtopics, including the primary navigation menu and sidebar. Once they click on an article, users can find answers to their questions and download related Avast products through one of several CTA buttons.

What we like: Avast Academy's homepage layout is organized around its main topics, allowing readers to find information and related products more efficiently.

10. Coca-Cola Beverages Northeast

homepage for the hubspot cms hub website example coca cola beverages northeast

Coca-Cola Beverages Northeast showcases life at Coca-Cola to attract new employees and enhance its relationships with local customers and resellers.

The site includes information about its local partnerships, career opportunities, and its commitment to sustainability. The site also features high-quality images that were shot on-site with actual Coke Northeast employees and their Instagram feed.

What we like: Coca-Cola Beverages Northeast features an embedded Instagram feed and social media icons to help showcase its relationship with the community.

11. Care New England

homepage for the hubspot cms hub website example care new england

Care New England is a Providence, RI-based organization that fuels medical research advances, attracts the country's top doctors, and lets people have crucial conversations about their health. The organization's mission is to provide exceptional care in addition to kindness and compassion.

Finding a doctor is overwhelming, and the Care New England site simplifies the process by allowing visitors to seek a healthcare provider by specialty, name, or zip code. Furthermore, the site specifies doctors who are accepting new patients and includes a straightforward menu that's easy to navigate.

What we like: The site features an interactive map visitors can interact with to source a doctor closest to their area.

12. Tocabe

homepage for the hubspot cms hub website example tocabe

Tocabe is a nationally renowned restaurant that has garnered press coverage on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, The New York Times, and The Travel Channel. It's currently the only American Indian-owned and operated restaurant in the metro Denver region specializing in Native American cuisine. The restaurant used Content Hub to redesign its site; the result was a 3x increase in online orders.

The website features a straightforward menu, showcases appealing graphics of the food, and allows people to save time scrolling with a button central to the homepage to order online.

What we like: This site features strategically placed CTAs, a solid visual hierarchy, and even harnesses the power of forms to offer newsletter signups.

13. Nationwide Companion Magazine

homepage for the hubspot cms hub website example nationwide companion magazine

Nationwide Pet Insurance used Content Hub to rebrand its digital magazine as a blog. The final result is this aesthetically pleasing site that allows pet owners to discover a wealth of information. When you navigate to the 'topics' tab on the menu, you can dive into articles regarding pet stories, safety, facts, goodies, and celebrations. These succinct labels make finding what you're looking for easier.

What we like: Nationwide Companion Magazine demonstrates the power of Content Hub's blog feature. For companies looking to build a blog quickly and effectively, the platform provides the tools necessary to succeed.

14. Sustainable Next Step

homepage for the hubspot cms hub website example sustainable next step

Sustainable Next Step needed to craft a site that showcases the company's sustainable and green efforts. It used Content Hub and the blog to create a website that grows.

The best part? This organization used Content Hub Starter to create this engaging, visually attractive site. The menu is minimalistic and features a few options: blog, video, or contact. If you click blog, various posts will populate. You can then explore based on their clearly defined tags.

What we like: Sustainable Next Step features a central CTA offering visitors an opportunity to get in touch.

15. Vye Agency

vye agency homepage designVye Agency needed a website to show its customers the value of using an agency to help enhance marketing efforts. Their beautiful design using Content Hub more than delivers. The white space places emphasis on a changing tagline with different deliverables that Vye Agency promises.

What We Like: This site uses its beautiful gradient design to encourage you to interact with its highly intuitive interface. Each click takes you to an example of a successful Vye Agency project.

16. Rivet Health

rivet health homepage designRivet's entire homepage design is built around showcasing a video that demos all of its services. And it works. The fantastic video details a step-by-step process from getting a cost estimate all the way to its intuitive interface. Prospective customers can visualize exactly what it would be like to use Rivet Health's service.

What We Like: The simple colors and minimalist design help Rivet Health emphasize its excellent service and customer-friendly interface.

17. Tillo

tilloTillo used Content Hub to create a stunning website that features the company's amazing products, customer success stories, and blog. The homepage highlights the 'Book a demo' button which helps direct customers to the most important part of the page.

What We Like: Trillo has created a great minimalist website design using Content Hub to show its value to customers and enhance the customer journey.


Feeling inspired by these HubSpot CMS website examples? Get started today.

The Content Hub website examples above showcase how powerful QR code functionality, multi-language variations, dynamic web pages, and other advanced features can be for your marketing, lead generation, and UX efforts. Consider how building or migrating your site to Content Hub can accelerate your growth. And yes, you can get started completely free.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in March 2022 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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